Let’s be honest. The Remainers are winning, thanks to a poisonous combination of selfishness, ignorance and arrogance, combined with a massive democratic deficit in this country. As we knew would happen Mrs May, and the Quislings that surround her, have surrendered. Watching them approach Brussels on bended knee it was obvious that the Conservative party is now led by the direct heirs of the appeasers of the 1930s, such as Chamberlain, Halifax and Hoare.

What is particularly sickening is that, while newspapers which always support anyone but their own country, such as the Guardian and the Independent, are crowing about the deal, those which have backed the Leave campaign such as the Express and the Mail have also greeted this Munich style agreement with approbation for, when push comes to shove, these Tory papers decide to put party first. If they were to join the rest of us in demanding May’s head it would have some effect, but instead they pretend that this Vichy government is working for the interests of the UK. The same goes for all the supposed Brexiteers, who have gone along with this betrayal, and that Johnson and Gove can agree to this deal is beyond belief. MPs refer to each other as ‘Honourable’ when most have all the honour owing to traitors such as Benedict Arnold, Kim Philby, Pierre Laval or Petain.

The action taken by the so called Tory rebels is utterly disgusting. Despite being elected at the last general election on a platform which purported to honour the result of the referendum, they are now intent on reversing it. They claim to be defending the sovereignty of parliament but they did nothing when laws created by Brussels were being applied to the UK without parliament having a word to say on them.

Will the Tory party’s tribal voters, who would vote for a donkey if it was wearing a blue rosette, ever wake up to the fact that they, and the country, are being betrayed by these pusillanimous incompetents. Even a Corbyn government, as it would be led by those who loathe the EU, would be better than this bunch of selfish, and downright stupid, time servers who have no respect either for democracy or for their country. One hopes that those who deserted UKIP at the last general election, believing that Brexit had been achieved, now realise just how badly they have been deceived.

The selfishness responsible for this state of affairs is not hard to identify. The politicians are determined to retain their access to an enhanced career ladder, where failure at Westminster may nevertheless see them obtaining obscenely well paid sinecures in Brussels, where they can strut their little hour upon a wider stage, feeling important as they sit on committees of like minded traitors from the other EU states, not realising, or just not caring, that they are nothing more than puppets, being manipulated by the European Commission. The bureaucrats are delighted that they need no longer concern themselves with parliamentary oversight, as all the measures they desire can be introduced as EU regulations, and rubber stamped by our cowardly so called legislators. The bankers know that their frankly disgusting bonuses are safe, being protected by their fellow elitists, and big business love being able to lobby easily corruptible apparatchiks, without fearing any interference by democratically elected representatives.

The underlying ignorance is everywhere, never greater than on social media, where those whose knowledge of history seems to extend no further than knowing who won the last series of Strictly Come Dancing, and whose idea of democratic debate is to ignore every point made by their opponents, instead resorting to personal abuse, make the most ridiculous assertions about the workings of the EU, and clearly having no understanding of the reality. In this many are the victims of an education system which has been systematically undermined by the left liberals for decades, the type who pay each other hundreds of thousands of pounds per year to be vice Chancellors etc. They ensure that an objective consideration of the issues is replaced by slanted information, and is used primarily to further their agenda, often presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response. Taken together with a media which prefers to report prurient rumours rather than concern itself with matters of national importance, dominated by a national broadcaster which long ago abandoned even a pretence of being unbiased, whose ignorant commentators do not even seem to understand that when Gove says no parliament can bind its successors he is speaking no more than the truth, pumping out a constant flow of propaganda in support of the opinions of the Guardian reading elite they represent, it is not surprising that so many people have no real appreciation of the effects of EU membership on this nation. Nevertheless the failure of the electorate to make the effort to acquaint themselves with the truth is deplorable, and may lead to them losing the democracy for which their predecessors fought and so often died.

The arrogance is almost beyond belief, not merely from those mentioned above, but also from know nothing celebrities giving their opinion on Brexit, without ever realising that the privileged lifestyle they enjoy, as part of the froth of our civilisation, has no relation to the lives of those whose hard work is the only reason that such essentially irrelevant activities can be sustained. We are supposed to give credence to the views of the luvvies, who can’t even organise their own most major awards ceremony without messing it up, the sports pundits, many of whom clearly headed too many footballs in their youth, and think that their uninformed prejudices are the equivalent of serious thought, and to brainless pop singers who even admit that they don’t understand the issues, but nevertheless support the EU. Thank God for Ringo.

What is unbelievably tragic is that we are throwing away one of the greatest opportunities in decades we have had to change direction and to restore Britain to the place of greatness it deserves. The new President of the United States is an Anglophile, who, as a patriot, understands and supports Brexit, while the President of Russia is a man who knows what it means to put your country first, and is leader of a great nation with whom we have no real quarrel. Why do our so called leaders constantly attack Russia, a country with whom we fought against Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler in order to cosy up to the Germans who, twice in living memory, have done immense damage to us in their lust for conquest. When one thinks that the UK, with its historic markets and friends around the world, particularly in the Commonwealth and the Anglosphere, could sacrifice all these possible alliances in order to remain part of a declining, inward looking and undemocratic European Union, one can only despair.

There are a few ways in which we might yet prevail. The EU could make such unreasonable demands upon us that even the parliamentary traitors might fear the wrath of the people if they acceded to them, although one can put nothing beyond these people. Alternatively the recent comments by Martin Schulz about a superstate could finally convince other nations to leave, as indeed could the arrogance of the European Commission in threatening Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic with the ECJ over their refusal to accept vast numbers of immigrants from the third world.

For us in the UK the best hope would be that UKIP could win enough parliamentary seats in a general election to force one of the larger parties into a coalition with us, the price of which would be a full and hard Brexit. Whether the British people will, as they have done so often in the past, wake up at the eleventh hour, and vote for the party in sufficient numbers to achieve this, will decide the future of our country for generations.