A Complete Farce

Over the years I have often been amazed, at times incredulous, at the nonsense spouted by politicians about the EU and the seriousness with which our moronic media takes their musings. However this imbecility has now reached a new level with the so called negotiations being conducted by Cameron over what are ludicrous, and trivial, demands for reform within the organisation.

Recently the BBC wheeled out Sir John Major, that great sage who took us into the ERM, and would have adopted the Euro had he had a chance. He stated that, even if we left the EU, we would be obliged to pay the fees we do now, otherwise we would not be able to trade with the remaining members and he then compounded this stupidity by claiming that we would also have to sign up to all the regulations produced by Brussels, for the same reason. The Rottweilers of Today, who savage anyone who dares to suggest that the EU is not the most wonderful idea ever conceived, allowed these blatantly idiotic assertions to pass without comment, when any reasonable person would have asked whether the USA, Russia and China, all of whom trade massively with the EU, themselves pay these fees, and agree to the regulations, which of course they do not. On the Andrew Marr show, Major listed all the reasons why the other states in the EU would obviously be so desperate to reach a compromise with Cameron's demands, completely ignoring the fact that, firstly the latter are not worth bothering with, and secondly that, even given their insignificance, Merkel and the others have refused to give way. The man is so in thrall to the European elite that he will ignore any considerations other than appeasing them.

Another BBC favourite, Alan Milburn, a leading Blairite Europhile, was on the radio programme Broadcasting House, stating that, as each person in the UK would only be paying a trifling amount towards EU membership it was clearly well worth every penny. This idiot seemed to think that the objection to belonging was the monetary cost, something any Eurorealist could tell him shrank into insignificance compared with the real price we pay in sacrificing our sovereignty and the right to determine our own fate. Unsurprisingly prominence was then given to that other great idiot Heseltine who proclaimed that all ministers must be obliged to support the EU, or else resign. What a great democrat he is!

Some years at a Conservative party fringe meeting of those dedicated to leaving the EU one of the guest speakers was William Hague, who made clear his sympathy for our position. When leader of the party he attempted to gain the votes of opponents to the EU by his position on such matters as the single currency yet he has now written a piece for the Daily Telegraph in which he opposes voting to leave. This cynical manoeuvring shows how little trust can be placed in the professional, mainstream politicians who claim to be Eurosceptic as they will ultimately put the self interest of the political elite before any consideration of the best interests of the British people.

All Eurorealists, together with those Europhiles and media commentators who happen to have any brains (obviously not guaranteed) know that the bogus dispute between David Cameron and the other leaders of the EU has about as much substance as one of those TV wrestling contests, where the final outcome was predetermined, and the contestants merely pretended to enjoy successes or suffer reverses until the inevitable finale. This counterfeit debate about Brexit is ignoring the fundamental issue concerning membership of the EU, namely that the founders of the European project, Monnet and Schuman, were so disturbed by what they had seen of popular support for Hitler that they decided electorates were not to be trusted to chose their rulers and so devised a system whereby an appointed bureaucracy would take precedence over any elected representatives. The fact that this central concept conflicts directly with our  democratic method of government, painfully evolved over centuries, makes it clear that no minor adjustments to peripheral matters can ever be sufficient to justify the UK remaining within the EU. The so called negotiations being conducted by the Prime Minister are nothing more than an attempt to use smoke and mirrors to deceive the British electorate into supporting continued British membership of the latter, an undemocratic shambles heading for the dustbin of history.

The Prime Minister's supposed opponents among the European elite are in fact his accomplices, obviously ready to make all the right noises about difficult negotiations, to stand firm, then back down in the face of his great powers of persuasion and to allow him to return to the UK like some ancient general returning to Rome claiming a triumph, after which the BBC, the newspapers of the liberal left and the self interested captains of industry will all do everything they can to scare the British people into voting to stay.  The ordinary, hard working, decent person in the UK must wake up to the fact that the EU is the best mechanism the selfish members of the elite in each of the member states have found to entrench their own power at the expense of democracy. It is essential that the electorate recognize that, at bottom, Cameron is just a PR spiv, who holds them in contempt, and expects that he will be able to pull off one of the greatest confidence tricks in history before retiring and no doubt going on to enjoy all the rewards a grateful Brussels bureaucracy can give him.

As one who worked for the No campaign during the 1975 referendum on the EU I remember the enormous bias shown by the establishment in favour of remaining as a member. In particular, despite the result of the vote, the action of the Labour government in issuing its own propaganda leaflet came to be seen as undermining the legitimacy of the poll and contributed to the fact that the issue was not regarded as settled by opponents of the EU. Should, as now seems likely, the current government repeat that action and win then the vote, whenever it comes, will be seen as equally tainted, and will, in the long term, fail to decide the matter.

One of the greatest problems for Eurorealists is that the whole issue seems remote from ordinary people and is deliberately designed to be so boring that many turn away, unwilling to make the effort to see the truth. However, for many of us, who have been in the fight for decades, this referendum is the last chance to see Britain restored to herself. If we lose the struggle will continue and, eventually, like all the previous empires of history, the EU will collapse, but it might take many more decades. It will be a disgrace if this most important matter of all is decided by the sham shadow boxing we are witnessing at the current European summits being allowed to obfuscate the real issues at stake. The only way the nation can be saved is by ignoring Cameron's attempted tricks and rejecting membership of the EU outright, whatever claims of success he makes concerning his pathetic demands for change.