A Different Agenda

I feel it only fair that I should give a trigger warning to any Left liberal snowflake who is inadvertently reading this article, as it contains words, and concepts, guaranteed to give them a fit of the vapours if they continue. These include, inter alia: conservative; law and order; responsibilities not rights; consequences; punishment to fit the crime; competition; common-sense; Judaeo-Christian civilisation; marriage between a man and a woman; social media morons; patriotism; monarchy; right-wing; Brexit; strong Armed Forces; grammar schools; empire. If you read on I assume that you are prepared to at least consider the idea that this country desperately requires a true party of the Right, with a different agenda, as the current Conservative party travels ever leftwards.

However I must be clear that I am not talking about a party of what is always described as the Right, but which actually has its roots in the Left, such as the Nazi swine. We should not forget that the name of the NSDAP was the National Socialist German Workers Party, and that many of its significant figures were originally more socialist than conservative. Gregor Strasser, an early Nazi leader, was very much an extreme socialist, while Ernst Rohm, leader of the Stormtroopers, also saw the Nazi revolution as an anti capitalist one. Nor does one want the sort of ideology which has inspired economic or religious elites to repress the majority of the people to preserve their own privileges, such as Franco's dictatorship.

The term 'Far Right' is used by media of the Left, such as the Guardian or the BBC, to encompass all those who disagree with their biased view of the world, yet so many of the values of a democratic, so called right wing, party are shared by the bulk of the population, as was evidenced by the results of the Brexit referendum, and the continued massive support for our system of constitutional monarchy. It is orderliness not oppression, responsibility not regimentation, security not suppression, and the obvious acceptance that, if the electorate do not agree with the policies proposed the, in a democracy, so be it.

The most fundamental concept for such a party must be patriotism, and the desire to put the interests of the people first, and its first duty, as is true of all governments, is the defence of the realm. We now face a world where Russia and China are hostile, Iran and associated Muslim states utterly opposed to our way of life, and, following the retreat from Afghanistan, America apparently revering to inter war isolationism. Obviously we are no longer the paramount military power in the world, as we were for over a century, but we are nevertheless, along with France, the only European nation which could, in the absence of American forces, resist an onslaught from the East. We must ensure that we are like a nest of hornets, sufficiently strong to make attacking us not worthwhile. To do this we need to double the size of the Army, and the RAF, while building a great many more Naval warships, including a large number of smaller frigates to guard our coasts, not least from the tide of illegal immigration crossing the Channel. In addition our military hardware should be built in the UK, necessitating reopening shipyards, and steelworks, while the insane policy of selling our most vital armament manufacturers to foreign owners must be stopped, and reversed. Importantly we must have a larger nuclear deterrent, which is fully independent of American control. All this would involve great expense, but that is the price of liberty.

On a less apocalyptic level, yet of great importance, is the crisis we face regarding law and order. I recall that, when capital punishment was abolished, we were promised that 'life will mean life' for murderers, yet this has proved to be a lie. On a daily basis we hear of fatal stabbing, and even shootings, in London and other urban centres, and while the liberals try and conceal the extent of the carnage by redefining murders as manslaughter whenever they can, the true scale is obvious to anyone who examines the daily reports. Additionally, so often when innocent children are killed by those who should be caring for them, or left to die of starvation by feckless adults, the perpetrators frequently get away with reduced charges, and pathetic sentences. When one adds to all this the fact that jail sentences are rarely completed in full, most criminals being released after only half has been served, it is certain that lawbreakers are being appeased, not punished. The principle to follow should be that advocated by Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado "make the punishment fit the crime", as deprivation of liberty is not the only sanction that can be applied. Of course much more severe punishments must also be applied to those whose actions aid the criminals, such as middle class cocaine users. We must also cease to indulge the illegal activities those from Marxist organisations such as Black Lives Matter, who demonise the British Empire, and indeed all of our history, attacking national heroes such as Drake, and seeking to pull down statues they dislike. Of course slavery was an evil, but no one in his right mind thinks otherwise. However it was not invented by the British, as it was the foundation of society in classical times, while it was swept from the seas by the Royal Navy in the 19th Century. The Empire was not the all encompassing evil that those who attack it claim.

In a similar manner to the anti semitic Marxists of BLM the extreme environmentalists of Extinction Rebellion have been allowed to undertake aggressive and illegal actions in pursuit of their largely totalitarian views, attempting to force us to accede to their demands. Given the fact that fossil fuels will not last forever it makes sense that we should follow a measured path to a greener future, but only when the technology is capable of providing workable alternatives. The absurd desire of our politicians to abolish petrol driven cars, and domestic gas boilers, will only make life much harder for ordinary people, and is anyway irrelevant in a world where China has plans to open hundreds of new coal driven power stations in the next few years.

Recent events are proving how dangerous it is to appease the green fanatics. The arrogance of the morons blocking the M25, and the pathetic response of those charged with defending us against criminals is a disgrace. Instead of an instant, and effective, response, we see the police colluding with these scum, and taking their part against understandably angry motorists. That the police actually escorted some of these imbeciles onto the road would be unbelievable, were it not for the previous behaviour of other officers taking the knee in sympathy with anti semitic Black Lives Matter demonstrators, and refusing to actively confront the troublemakers of Extinction Rebellion. In their so called movement these middle class imbeciles number a convicted dealer in heroin, and a holocaust denier, but incredibly they seem to believe that they are morally superior to the decent people to whom they are causing such problems. Added to this we now face a crisis in energy supplies which may led to an industrial catastrophe, when instead we should be turning to fracking, coal and nuclear power to augment gas supplies.

Another field where common-sense has been lacking for many years is that of education. Following the recent results arising from teacher assessments, for the teachers' unions, and the Labour Party, to complain about the gap in attainment between private and state schools is the height of hypocrisy. It was they, supported by politicians of the left of the Conservative party, who deliberately undermined the system bestowed to us by the genuine social radicals of the post war years, closing grammar schools which provided a comparable education to that available at fee paying establishments. It was the grammar school system that enabled many working class children, such as myself, to obtain an excellent education. I still remember my shock when, on my first day at a 1950s grammar, I was told that I would be expected to do three hours of homework every night for a least the next five years. Our teachers wore their mortar boars and gowns to the morning assembly, discipline was tight, with the ever present threat of being expelled for academic failure to a lower grade of school, while we were required to show respect, wear our uniforms, and pass class exams at the end of every term. Although economic necessity made it impossible for me to continue with tertiary education the standards learnt at the grammar school enabled me to do well at evening classes, which led on to a decent working career.

The arrogant elitists such as Richard Crossman, and Shirley Williams, with their supposed egalitarianism, ensured that the ladder of excellence which they had ascended was pulled up behind them, the comprehensive system failing both bright pupils, and those who would have benefited from a more vocational education at the technical colleges. Those on the Left who seek the culprits for the educational gap should look in the mirror. A full return to selective education, with competitive exams providing the means by which those suitable for university can be identified, should be reinstated, while the ludicrous changes to the university system implemented by Blair must be reversed, with only a minority being sent to a much reduced number of institutions, with the whole system of fee paying and student loans abolished. The latter is unfair to the youngsters, and wasteful of taxpayer funded resources. It has also led to the ridiculous idea that policemen and nurse must have degrees, thus excluding those who have a genuine vocation, but lack formal qualifications in often irrelevant subjects.

The NHS, rather than being the envy of the world, is lagging far behind those of such countries as France and Switzerland, largely because the politicians have allowed it to be taken over by armies of useless managers, who eat up the resources which could be used for front line care. It needs root and branch reform. This does not mean refusing treatment to those unable to pay, but would make much better use of available funds.

There are many other policies which could be discussed, but among the most significant is the need to change the attitudes which are gradually destroying Western society. The Internet has proved to be a curse, as social media has permitted those morons, who once would have had no recourse but to stand shouting their nonsense on street corners, access to a forum which is given far too much attention by the authorities, who seem afraid just to tell these idiots to shut up. Far from being a means of encouraging debate on subjects, it is being used by vociferous bigots to undermine free speech, as the lunatics of 'woke' seek to dictate what we may be permitted to say, or think. In addition is has allowed groups of social misfits to find each other, creating evil sub cultures such as the 'Involuntary Celibates', who have already caused numerous deaths, terrorists who use it to plan their attacks, and criminals who are defrauding decent people by the million. The strictly commercial use of the Internet by legitimate companies is acceptable but all the rest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. should be banned, as they constitute a disgusting cesspit, not an avenue for enlightenment.

We need to return to a society based upon our Judaeo-Christian heritage, where people accept that they have responsibilities, not just rights, where nonsensical gender and culture wars are ended, where religious groups are not condemned for believing that marriage is between a man and a women, that unrestricted abortion is wrong, and that actions have consequences. We should seek to revive those organisations, such as the Scouts, Guides, Boy's Brigade and cadet training groups, which instilled a sense of discipline, and pride in our nation, rather than the arrant nonsense youngsters are now subjected to on a regular basis by rappers etc. However, if any Guardian reader has got this far without fainting they need not worry. Despite the efforts of the Free Speech Union, and the Reclaim Party, the chances of such practical and realistic policies being implemented are vanishingly small. Instead I suspect we shall follow the ancient civilisations in proving that decadence eventually leads to destruction.