Alia Iacta Est

Any normal person, if presented with a mountain of evidence proving that something they had believed was actually untrue would admit they were mistaken, or at least follow Clement Attlee's sage advice to indulge in a period of silence. Of course such rational behaviour does not occur to the parasites of our political class, their supporters in the media and the armies of bureaucrats and lawyers who are facing the fact that their ride on the EU gravy train, which they thought would go on forever, is about to end.

The number of good news stories being generated by Brexit Britain is almost embarrassing for those of us who have always advocated breaking with Brussels, as even we did not expect the avalanche of positive results which have followed so quickly upon the decision of the British people to reject membership of the EU, although we always knew that in the end it would prove to be a roaring success.

In the last few days we have seen the International Monetary Fund, whose leader Christine Lagarde said that our prospects outside the EU would be 'pretty bad to very, very bad' has been forced to admit that Britain now has the fastest growing major economy in the developed world, beating the USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, France and Italy, while it has upgraded our growth forecast for 2017 to 1.5 per cent, a 0.4 per cent increase on their previous assessment, the largest upgrade for any nation it covers. Despite these admissions the IMF director of research, Maury Obstfeld, took it upon himself to warn that the long term effects of Brexit were likely to be negative! Do these idiots never learn?

The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, an enthusiastic supporter of 'Project Fear' in the run up to the referendum, now says that the flexibility and dynamism of the British economy will lead to new opportunities for trading with the rest of the world. The Bank raised its growth forecasts for 2017 from 0.8 per cent to 1.4 per cent and Carney conceded that the immediate risks around Brexit have gone. Of course any truly patriotic government would have sacked this public servant for his egregious interventions on the side of the Remainers but neither of the two main parties, nor the pipsqueaks of the Liberal Democrats or the SNP can be so described and he survives in his post for now.

The writer and Journalist Robert Harris, author of excellent books, such as the trilogy concerning Cicero, has said "Everything I liked about my country - tolerance, moderation, courtesy, sensibleness, pragmatism, irony - seems to have disappeared", thus insulting all those who disagree with his pro EU views. A Professor of German at Cambridge university wrote the following in that pro EU rag "New European": "The referendum vote does not deserve to be respected because, as an outgrowth of English narcissism, it is itself disrespectful of others, of our allies, partners, neighbours, friends and, in many cases, even relatives. Like resentful ruffians uprooting the new trees in the park and trashing the new play area, 17 million English, the lager louts of Europe, voted for Brexit in an act of geopolitical vandalism". This arrogant supporter of the EU speaks with such contempt about those whose only wish is to regain control of their country, describing them as "lager louts", while no doubt admiring the Germans, who, in view of their behaviour in the first half of the 20th Century, might equally be considered the murderous thugs of Europe.

The first woman to be appointed to run the Tate galleries, Maria Balshaw, said on social media "For the record, Nigel Farage is a fascist c**t", while forwarding a rank piece of stupidity from an art critic, Waldemar Januszczak, that "The people have spoken. Just as the Germans did in 1933 when they voted in Hitler". One would have thought that a child of Polish parents might have had a better grasp of history, but of course anyone who has written for The Guardian is likely to be ignorant of such matters. The mindlessness of the comment from Balshaw is just a reflection of the rubbish she and her fellow modern art devotees think is worthy of space in art galleries.

One of the know nothing celebrities of the pop music world, Lily Allen said "A global Britain could be good, but the world still hates us, cause, Slavery". Such ignoramuses are hardly worth bothering with but Miss Allen might like to consider that slavery existed from Classical Times and, although Britain did have a period when it took part, it was the Royal Navy which stamped it out throughout much of the world in the nineteenth century.

As one might expect following the pro Article 50 vote in the Commons that publication of the selfish liberal left The Independent stated, "Britain takes a step into the unknown". Do these idiots not realise that we existed outside the EU for a thousand years so there is nothing unknown about returning to that happy situation.

On the business front a survey of CEOs taken in Davos showed that they are more upbeat about the future than almost every major advanced economy, sixty three per cent saying they expected to hire more staff this year. Rolls-Royce have confirmed that they have absolutely no intention of leaving the UK, while the Malaysian company aiming to build one of the tallest residential towers in London says Brexit does not deter them. The UK is now third in the world table of competitive countries, only beaten by Switzerland and Singapore and the purchase managers index is at its highest for 18 months.

One could go on and on showing how the claims of the Remain camp have proved to be lies but any reasonable person must be able, as Beatrice says in Much Ado About Nothing'to see a church by daylight', and need no further evidence of the obvious truth that Brexit Britain is now heading for Churchill's 'broad, sunlit uplands'.

And yet. The Remainers just refuse to accept they were wrong because of course they are not interested in the truth, or in any sort of reasonable debate, but only in protecting their own self interest. Emily Thornberry, that Labour luminary, now shadow Foreign Secretary, who thought it acceptable to mock a patriotic working class voter at the time of the Rochester by-election, now declares that Britain was too small a player to make trade deals with countries such as the USA, a truly stupid comment given that we are the fifth largest economy in the world. When Peter Mandelson was interviewed on Radio 4's Today programme this man, a long term personal beneficiary of the EU, denounced the idea of leaving the single market, even though he knows only too well that not to do so would negate the result of the referendum, which the working class supported in vast numbers. One wonders what his grandfather, Herbert Morrison, the Labour Deputy Prime Minister in Attlee's administration, who famously responded to questions about taking part in the European project with "'The Durham miners won't wear it', would have thought of his grandson. Of course when Paul Nuttall, leader of UKIP was also interviewed on the same programme, he was treated to the usual rottweiler aggression the BBC reserves for anyone who disagrees with their left liberal agenda.

Nick Clegg, the erstwhile leader of the failed Liberal Democrats, claimed that British shoppers would be forced by the Americans to accept chlorine washed chickens, a true red herring if ever there was one, while his silly little successor Tim Farron, bleated that Brexit was 'a theft of democracy' , claiming that nobody voted for leaving the single market. Well I have news for this pathetic twerp, I did and so did almost everyone I know. The Scottish harridan Sturgeon leapt in with her two halfpenny worth, repeating her empty threat about a second Scottish referendum on independence. We all know she would lose again but, even if she didn't five million Scots are not going to dictate to fifty million English when it comes to the survival of British democracy.

We must not allow ourselves to be distracted by these defeated voices from the past. The politically correct left liberal lobbies have had their way in this country for decades. Thanks to them we have seen, inter alia, the police force becoming more like the Thought Police, the education system undermined in pursuit of equality of outcome, not opportunity, and the future energy resources of this country put at risk in the name of unproven climate theories. Worst of all they have sought to hand our democracy over to the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels. They still refuse to accept the will of the people but on the 23rd June 2016 the worm turned and their day is done. as Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon, alia iacta est (the die is cast).