The Disconnect

For decades the main political parties have become disconnected from those that they purport to represent, and have not reflected the majority views of the British people. This situation has grown worse in the last few years, to the point where it is obvious that an entirely new political party is needed, with policies on a large number of issues, that accord with the wishes of ordinary citizens not merely the opinions of an arrogant elite.

One major scandal has been the refusal of so called liberals to allow a system of justice that actually protects the decent law abiding majority, rather than one which prioritises concerns about the well being of criminals. Those who live in high crime areas are all too aware that unless the police actually catch offenders, and the courts hand down sentences which fit the punishment to the crime, there will be no possibility of successfully preventing so many from suffering at the hands of the criminals. For example, sensible people know that a great deal of nonsense is spoken by those who claim that capital punishment is not a deterrent, or who aver that to execute murderers is somehow immoral. At a time when we have seen a little girl of nine shot dead in her own home by a drug dealer, and people in the area in which she lived resorting to homemade bulletproof vests when they go shopping, the only just punishment is execution, yet the liberal elite would have a fit of the vapours at the very thought. Our forefathers were not so squeamish, and although crime was not entirely banished, there was no doubt that justice was done when some foul killer of the innocent met their fate. Leaving the EU makes it possible that we could restore capital punishment, but our current political class will never do it, despite the mounting number of babies and little children killed by those who should be caring for them. The police have been burdened with acting as a Thought Police, so that, instead of chasing criminals, they spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in front of computers seeking people whom they can persecute for daring to voice thoughts contrary to the dogmas of the liberal left. Even if they do catch real offenders the courts just slap most of them on the wrists, while those actually imprisoned are allowed out when they have only served half their sentence, or less. Rather than time off for good behaviour it should be time added for bad.

A second disgraceful issue has been policy on immigration, as the country has been used, without the support of the population, in an experiment which has immensely damaged social cohesion. This has nothing to do with the colour of people's skin, as why on earth should cosmetic differences matter? It is to do with cultural differences, concerning partly religion, but mostly attitudes to social norms, so that a contempt for women is often found among large numbers of those coming from certain countries. How did our politicians dare to do this, without consulting the electorate, or ever listening to the complaints about the mess they have created? Now they refuse to take any effective action against the thousands of illegal immigrants invading our country, jumping the queue for assessment, and putting more pressure on our creaking NHS, our available housing, and jobs. In reality it is not the illegal immigrants who are most to blame, but those vociferous members of the liberal elite, who refuse to allow anything to be done to stop the flow across the Channel.

On the matter of Britain being in the EU, the politicians constantly lied to the electorate from the beginning. They knew full well that the architects of the European project intended that the journey was to be to a single European state, in which individual nations such as Britain would be no more than Kent was to the UK, yet they pretended that it was all only a trade pact, with those such as Edward Heath mendaciously claiming that national sovereignty would not be sacrificed. It was only because of the efforts of small groups such as the Campaign for an Independent Britain, and of course UKIP, that eventually the people obtained a referendum, and we left. Even now the elites want to rejoin, despite the clearly expressed will of the nation being confirmed by the 2016 vote, and the 2019 election result. The BBC is the chief cheerleader of the Remainers, as evidenced by their seizing upon the idiotic contention from the OBR that joining the Trans Pacific trade pact would only increase British GDP by 0.08% in ten years, when anyone with any brains can see that this is an absurd underestimate.

Now we face attacks on our way of life by other despicable groups: the woke, who are using cancel culture to undermine free speech, and to denigrate our history, while seeking to emulate Orwell's Inner Party, by insisting that men are women, and are damaging youngsters, sometimes beyond repair; and the lunatics of the environmental movement, who would have us all back in the caves if they could;

Cancel culture is the modern name for George Orwell's unpersoning, perfected in the real world by Stalin, although currently not yet involving the actual physical elimination of those involved. The disgusting attacks on J K Rowling for defending the rights of women against the demands of a vanishingly small sexual minority show just how pernicious this practice has become. Despite the claims of the trans lobby there are in fact only two human sexes, male and female, with a tiny number of unfortunate individuals who are born as hermaphrodites. The rest are those, usually youngsters undergoing the confusions of adolescence, who, instead of being told that their worries are unfounded, and will pass, are encouraged by those who have usually political agendas, to undergo unnecessary procedures. Unfortunately the USA, a great and generous nation, lacks the phlegm of the British, whose attitude to mental health is summed up by the wartime slogan Keep Calm and Carry On, and is infested with psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts, who invent mental afflictions, which are then used to distort society. In reality biological sex and gender are identical, yet these cretins have managed to convince the western world otherwise. Only this week we learnt of the activities of those behind the Relationship and Sex Education lessons being inflicted on children as young as nine. Not only do these contain materials on sexual matters, they are also pushing propaganda concerning gender identity, which one MP decries as unscientific ideological education being taught in our schools. Gender only appeared as a problem in the journals of the American Physiological Society, in a title published in 1982, and our government should return to the common-sense position which all normal people support.

There can be no more revealing fact about the state of academia in the West than that a defector from North Korea states that the American education system is insanely demonising capitalism, and Western civilisation as a whole, and is overtly racist in its condemnation of Caucasians. Yeonmi Park says that debates on gender have become crazier than in her home country, with professors claiming that genders were a social construct made up by the majority population to oppress minorities, and that they accused her of being brainwashed when she opposed such ideas. She believes that freedom should mean the right to practice your own religion, and to enjoy free speech, yet these supposed intellectuals obsess about so called safe spaces, and seek to restrict both freedom of speech, and of thought, on campuses.

We in the UK have not yet reached such levels of absurdity, but there can be no doubt that the direction of travel is in that direction, as student activists, with the connivance of academic staff,  prevent any point of view other than that of the woke being allowed to be heard, by their enforcement of no platforming, and the disgusting attacks on anyone, student or teacher, who dares to hold a different opinion to these fanatics.

Unless this essentially fascistic movement is repelled our universities will follow the Americans in becoming no more than centres of extreme left wing propaganda, which will poison the minds of the younger generation. Do we really want to end up with a more repressive regime that that run by the Kim family in North Korea.

In addition individuals who should not be allowed to lecture children are being invited to speak. One case concerns a drag queen who told a class that there were seventy three genders, and was opposed by an eleven year old who said that there were only two. This resulted in the speaker saying "You have upset me", and ordering the child to leave. The arrogance is breathtaking, and the fact that he was ever allowed to take part in a lesson disgusting. Parents, particularly those with religious convictions, who object to these kind of actions are either ignored, or abused for wishing to protect their offspring.

The one hopeful sign is that children themselves are fighting back, holding protest meetings to condemn rules that girls are not to wear skirts, or that toilets should be converted to multi sex only. The kind of people who are pushing this agenda clearly do not realise that young people usually react against being told what to do, so perhaps in the future, when they are adults, we may see the victims of these campaigns lead the opposition to the idiotic lemmings who chose to support such nonsensical ideas.

More organisations seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of those determined to demonise our history, in particular that of the British Empire, removing anything which they claim is supportive of slavery, or oppression. It doesn't matter to them that this is based upon a total misreading of the past, and they pretend that somehow the Empire was uniquely evil, ignoring both the good it did, and the comparable history of other empires which have come and gone throughout time.

Of course slavery was, and is, an unqualified evil, but this has been a feature of most nations over centuries, the Greek and Roman empires in antiquity, the ubiquitous slave trading in Arab nations for centuries, and the treatment of enslaved people by the Nazi and Soviet empires in living memory being examples. What is constantly ignored by those attacking our record is that we actually took action, losing thousands of men in the fight to drive the slave traders from the seas, and liberating many of the peoples they were exploiting.

While the Roman and Nazi Empires were overtly intent on conquering other nations it is well known that Sir John Seeley, the Regis Professor of Modern History at the University of Cambridge from 1869 to 1895, once remarked We seem, as it were, to have conquered and peopled half the world in a fit of absence of mind. In fact the absorption of several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, was partly due to the need to put an end to inland slave trading, and not a lust for territory. Indeed, when the Ottoman Empire offered Gladstone the exclusive control and administration of Egypt, he refused, as the British did not wish to take on the burden of administering another large territory, although circumstances eventually did result in the country coming under British control. The fact is that India became part was initially driven by trade, and the East India Company, not some unworthy desire for power over others.

If the Empire was so bad, why did a large numbers of previous colonies choose to become part of the Commonwealth, an organisation now joined by some countries, such as Rwanda, Mozambique, Gabon and Togo, who were never part of the Empire. Those who think that they are virtue signalling are in fact merely displaying their ignorance, and distorting the past in a way that George Orwell recognised as being an essential feature of authoritarians everywhere.

As far as fanatics of the Green movement are concerned it is clear that there is a significant section of humanity which possesses an apocalyptic frame of mind, and is always seeking extreme solutions to problems which are frequently unreal. In the 1950s, in reaction to fears of a global holocaust, naive and gullible people joined Communist fellow travellers in calling for us to throw away our nuclear weapons, or else we would all die. We did not, won the Cold War, and are still here.

Since the fall of communism a similar irrational reaction to variations in climate has created a situation where we are constantly told that we must distort our entire way of life to counter what the doomsayers claim to be an imminent threat to the human race. The latest such was in the New York Times on 20th March which claimed that the Earth is likely to cross a critical global warming threshold within the next decade unless drastic changes are made, based on a study by the consistently alarmist Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which recommends that, among other things, developed nations deindustrialise, an insane policy which would plunge hundreds of millions into poverty. However this is only the latest in a long line of similar warnings, which have proved to be incorrect.

In 2004 the Guardian warned that by 2020 major European cities would be sunk beneath rising seas and Britain would be plunged into a Siberian climate. Did not happen. In 2006, Al Gore claimed that unless world leaders took drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Earth would pass the point of no return in ten years, yet 2016 came and went, and now we're being told the early 2030s are the real point of no return. Later in 2009, he declared that, during some of the summer months, there is a 75% chance that the entire north polar ice cap could be completely ice free within the next five to seven years and, in 2013 the Guardian stated that the US Navy said that the Arctic would be ice free in summer by 2016. The ice is still there, all year round.

In 2009, Gordon Brown, the U.K.'s prime minister, said we had fewer than fifty days to save our planet from catastrophe, while, nearly four years ago a now defunct think tank ThinkProgress claimed that we don't have 12 years to save the climate, we only have 14 months, and nearly ten years ago former French prime minister Laurent Fabius warned that the international community had only 500 days to avoid climate chaos.  

All these wild prophecies are reminiscent of those given by religious groups that the world will end on a given date, but, when it fails to do so, they just move the date further into the future. The reality is that, in the four billion years of the planet's existence, climate has always changed, and that this is nothing to do with human activity. We would be mad indeed to totally undermine our society in order to counter what is no more than a chimera. By all means make changes, but at a sensible timescale, and based on working technology, not the panicked demands of extreme activists. yet our government has given in entirely to the false claims of the environmental activists.

Clearly we need a party which will have the courage to stand up to he morons who are supporting these insane ideologies, yet none of the three main ones do so. Laurence Fox's Reclaim is right about free speech, while Reform UK, and UKIP, have some good ideas, but neither goes far enough. If this county is not to be plunged into the sort of dystopia that Orwell, and Kafka, foresaw, it is vital that someone speaks for the majority of the decent British people. If no democratic means is presented by which we may reverse the insanities now afflicting us, then eventually it will lead to undemocratic means, with all that entails.