Answer! Answer!

Those of us who watch broadcasts from Parliament will, from time to time during debates, have seen a mob of MPs chanting "Answer! Answer!" at some minister or other. It never seems to occur to these people that they are complete hypocrites, demanding that someone does something that they themselves avoid like the plague, as news bulletins, and programmes like Question Time, feature politicians avoiding questions, never seeming to have heard of the words 'No' or 'Yes'. I am aware that not every question can be answered so simply (have you stopped beating your wife yet?), but these people seem incapable of ever doing so. If asking during a downpour whether it was raining they would probably find some way of avoiding a straight answer.

That this is happens is a result of politicians being instructed by media consultants to dodge questions by answering with their own agenda. One MP actually revealed that on a course she had attended the lecturer said "If you, as politicians, ever find yourselves in a difficult situation where you realise you're in the wrong and you need to get through an interview, just start talking about what you want to talk about". How often have we heard some talking head giving us a lengthy response which was only distantly related to the question, and which certainly came nowhere near answering the latter. Of course sometimes, as when national security is concerned, this may be necessary, but such instances are few and far between, compared to the vast number of times obfuscation is being used to cover up policy failures.

I have, over the years, been fortunate enough to have had hundreds of letters to my local papers published, on a variety of subjects, although overwhelmingly on political issues. Until recently I have never had any reason to doubt the integrity of letter editors, but now the advocates of political correctness seem to be intimidating some of the former into declining to print correspondence which run contrary to the wishes of the 'woke', in particular when asking the latter to answer pertinent questions about their policies. Repeated attempts to elicit straight answers concerning fundamental aspects of the latter are not printed or, should they appear, are never answered by these fanatics. Due to a compliant, indeed complicit media, particularly the BBC, we endure the aggressive views of various activist groups, and so called experts, on a daily basis, while no effort seems to be made to obtain the answers to fundamental questions concerning their underlying campaigns.

In the last few months we have seen the experts forecasting massive increases in Covid infections, which did not materialise, while I have read supposedly authoritative articles stating that one could not catch the bug by touch, while another said it might not be airborne. How does it spread then? Teleportation? At what point would those who constantly demand a continuation of severe restrictions concerning Covid be prepared to see a return to normal life: this year, next year, sometime, never? Associated with this issue is the fact that a health service overrun with parasitical managers, and HR departments, desperately needs root and branch reform, but all we hear from politicians is the need to throw yet more money at it. This emergency has made clear just how important is the answer to the question ”Does the NHS exist to serve the nation, or does the nation exist to preserve the NHS?”.

There are many questions the extreme environmentalists should answer. If the science is so certain, and carbon dioxide is the villain, how is it that the fossil records show that during the several hundred million years of the Ordovician glaciation the level of CO2 was ten times what it is now? Can they explain the reason for the British people to wear hair shirts, giving up their cars and heated homes in order to reduce emissions, when China, and to a slightly lesser degree India, intend to increase theirs massively for the foreseeable future?

While we should, as we always have, offer sanctuary to those fleeing genuine persecution, any inspection of the boats crossing the Channel containing illegal migrants reveals that the vast majority are young men, making clear that it is economic, not political reasons, that have caused them to make the journey. As there must be hundreds of millions in the Third World who would wish to move to the First what final limit would those who support such immigration place on numbers. One million? five million? ten million? No limit? The supporters of "Black Lives Matter" include many who are anti Semites, as well as holding to an anti capitalist, anti family Marxist agenda. No sensible person would argue with their slogan 'Black Lives Matter', but do not Jewish lives, and indeed, all lives also matter?

Supporters of national independence, such as those of us who fought for Brexit clearly understand the desire of our Scottish compatriots to seek the same for their country, but what is the sense, as advocated by the SNP, in transferring full political control of their affairs from London to Edinburgh, in order immediately to hand it enthusiastically to the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels?

The cultural warriors who are trying to rewrite history to meet their warped political agenda constantly show their ignorance of the facts, as they claim that only white people are racists, while demonising the British role in world affairs. They shout about the evils of slavery, which is justified, but completely ignore the reality that it was not a uniquely Western phenomenon, being practised right across the world, from Asia, through Africa, and particularly by Arabs for millennia. Why is this history ignored? They also rant about British involvement, again justified, but then refuse to recognize that it was the Royal Navy, at the cost of many lives, which swept the seas clear of the slave ships? Why is this never mentioned by the activists? The ignorance of these people is immense. They attack historic figures such as Gladstone and Churchill, who actually did so much to oppose racists, the latter defeating the most racist regime in history, and call the Boer War a colonialist enterprise by Britain, when in fact we were fighting against the very people who wished to continue the subjugation of native Africans, and who later created Apartheid. Would they prefer that the Boers had won?

As far as the lunatics of the gender wars are concerned one is almost lost for words. They want to give gender distorting drugs to children who are probably only going through a phase; to allow self identified men to be treated in female hospital wards; allow such men, who may be sex offenders, to be placed in female prisons; and allow them to compete in female sporting competitions, where their superior strength can almost guarantee victory. It may not have happened in the Olympics weightlifting this time but watch this space. They attack feminist icons such as Germaine Greer, and J K Rowling, for daring to say that a man cannot become a woman just by claiming it to be so, thus undermining decades of progress by feminists. There are only two questions one can address to these maniacs. Apart from those youngsters persuaded into believing that they want to be the opposite sex, just how many genuine 'trans' people are there in this country, for whom we are supposed to make massive social changes? The second is more basic. Are you completely round the bend? This latter question can also be directed at those who seek to corrupt our language by 'cancelling' anyone who dares to use what they describe as inappropriate language. The latter would be at home in the world of Big Brother, with its aim of replacing English with Newspeak.

Many of these imbecilic policies have been adopted in the USA, which is now so far immersed in this nonsense that it looks as if they cannot be saved. We still have time to save ourselves, but perhaps the three most basic questions of all should be addressed to the population as a whole. Are you aware that all this is going on? Are you prepared to just accept this undermining of our society? If not what will you do about it? As far as I am concerned I have joined Toby Young's (Free Speech Union), which is doing sterling work countering the wokists, including setting up branches in a number of other countries (wearing the badge has elicited interest from a number of people); volunteered for Laurence Fox's party (Reclaim), which is, as it name implies, seeking to reclaim our freedoms, and which may in the future fulfil the roles that UKIP or the Brexit party, did when saving us from Brussels; continue to write to the media, in the hope that gradually the reality of what is happening will become clear to the general public; post pieces on the "Bruges Group" website, which is used by those conscious of the dangers we face; contact my MP whenever appropriate; and finally treat social media, dominated as it is by ignorant bigots with the contempt it deserves.

I am not holding my breath for valid answers to these questions from the proponents of the liberal Left, as the usual response is merely personal abuse, or perhaps just silence, as these people know that they have no justification for their extreme views beyond the need to shout the loudest.