A Plan for the UK

Those old enough to remember Harold Wilson's Labour governments may recall that, in 1965, George Brown produced a booklet entitled "A National Plan". The proposals for economic development contained therein were not successful, and the whole plan disappeared into a black hole.

However the concept of an over arching, strategic plan is not necessarily risible, and now, as we thankfully face our future once more a free country, there are a number of areas where the government should be making preparations to transform the nation. I have my own list, which clearly may not accord with others, or the priority I give may not be acceptable to them. However I feel that patriotic Eurorealists will at least agree with some of the suggestions.

Obviously the most important matter is to ensure that there is no backsliding, or compromising on Brexit. We have fought long and hard to escape the EU, and now is not the time to yield to the latter's arrogant demands. If they are unwilling to negotiate an equitable trade agreement then we must revert to a No Deal situation, and leave on WTO terms, something that some of us wish had been done back in June 2016. Boris has spoken quite firmly about this, ruling out sacrificing our fishing industry, and refusing to extend the talks beyond the end of 2020. However there are some disquieting signs that he may be wavering on certain issues, and Eurorealists must hold him to his promises. In addition the recently replaced Chancellor of the Exchequer had said that a deal with the EU was more important than one with the US, a clear error, as our future lies with the Anglosphere, not the declining European Union.

Although the government can do little to convince the more idiotic Remainers that their cause is lost it is interesting to see just how far these people are in denial. Lord Greaves, a Lib Dem peer says that people cry themselves to sleep over Brexit, and compared a post Brexit Britain to Nazi Germany. As Del Boy would say “What a plonker!”. One delusional Remainer, writing in my local paper, makes clear just what the attitude of the EU apologists is to be over the next few years. He laughably claims that the British people do not wish to leave the EU, and that Boris has no mandate to take us out. This is major league insanity, but shows that the Remainers are clearly determined to indulge in a Heath like sulk, akin to Achilles in his tent before the walls of Troy. As Boris says of the knee jerk anti Americans in this country, “grow up and get a grip”. Another of these morons quoted Kipling's 'If' in the context of Brexiteers celebrating their triumph, a breathtakingly hypocritical comment, given that, far from those such as himself accepting defeat in the EU referendum, they spent over three years attempting to negate it. The release of this country from the grip of arrogant, unelected Brussels apparatchiks is absolutely a matter for celebration, and has nothing to do with gloating over the minority who still support seeing the UK as a province, not a nation.

Although a minor matter in the great scheme of things the issue of Big Ben being sounded to celebrate the UK's departure from the EU illustrated the nature of those irreconcilable Remainers who sought to prevent such an event. They have proved themselves to be lacking in any understanding of the importance of such an historical moment for our country, very childish in stamping their feet at not getting their way, and totally undemocratic in their refusal to accept the decision taken by the British people. It is not surprising that such people support the EU, as that organisation's lack of respect for democracy mirrors their own.

The BBC displayed its continued bias on the glorious night of the 31st January, largely ignoring the patriots cheering in Parliament Square, while concentrating on those know nothing idiots crying in their beer over our departure. I experienced the usual disgusting BBC prejudice when attempting to post on their forum in answer to Remainers insulting Leave voters. Comments on Big Ben issue contain endless attacks on Leavers as unwashed, stupid, racist etc. In response I posted “The morons of the Remain side are out in force today. They clearly understand nothing about the EU, or why the people voted to leave. Their attacks on those who believe in democracy show just what sort of people they are. How much longer must we put up with Lammy's sour comments. His side lost, ours won. Grow up and accept the will of the people. Long live freedom”. The Europhiles at the BBC removed my comment, yet left the insults directed at Leavers. The organisation needs a complete clear out.

Of course we now see the lies that have been perpetrated by the Europhiles being exposed. The IMF, which previously predicted that the results of Brexit would be “very, very bad“, now say that the UK is set to do well, and certainly better than the EU. Nissan, one of those companies which issued repeated threats to leave the UK if we dared to break with the EU, is now rumoured to be considering closing European factories and switching production to the UK.

In order that we should never again see the sort of shambles in Parliament which preceded the last general election there are constitutional changes which should be put through as a matter of urgency. Repeal the fixed term parliament act, implement the changes to constituency boundaries previously blocked by the Lib Dems, abolish the Supreme Court, and revert to the Law Lords, remove the right of over mighty, and biased judges, to impose their political views on the majority of voters.

A vital matter is of course the future direction of our foreign policy. Now we have broken with the EU we must turn to to where we have our greatest strengths, the Anglosphere and the Commonwealth. Here Boris is already making a great mistake, in that he is prepared to allow the Chinese company Huawei access to some of our most significant computer systems, against the wishes of many Conservatives, and against the clearly expressed views of our greatest, and most indispensable ally, the US. Our partners in the five eyes security agreement, the Americans, the Australians, the New Zealanders and the Canadians have made clear their opposition, yet still he seems prepared to go ahead. This is madness, and inexplicable, unless he is being influenced by the those in the Civil Service and the Treasury, who always put money before principle. If he does not change his mind we shall lose the confidence of our most trustworthy allies.

As far as the main thrust of foreign policy is concerned we must, as we seek to reestablish ourselves as a global power, negotiate trade deals with the major countries outside the EU, in particular the US. Now is the time as, should Donald Trump lose the November 2020 election, we can be sure that the Democrat who takes his place will not look upon the UK in the same friendly light. Certainly we must try for a deal with the EU but, if that is not possible, we can manage without one. How much more damaging would it be to allow any sort of breach with our true allies in the English speaking world. We must also aim to adopt a much more assertive position in the world, prepared to be friends where possible, but never backing down before those who hate us, and our way of life. We must never allow the disgusting anti Semitism which raised its ugly head in the last election to undermine our support for Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East.

We all know that any government's primary responsibility is the defence of the realm. Some halfwits are already suggesting that our two new aircraft carriers should be mothballed, or even sold off, yet the Royal Navy has been the shield for our country for centuries, and we need a significant expansion in the fleet, with dozens of new warships being built, accompanied by a large number of coastal defence ships to protect our fishing grounds. To do this would not only restore our military presence in the world but, if the work were to be carried out in this country, the steel works and shipyards would revive, thus aiding the workers in the North, as promised by Boris. Naturally the RAF must be brought up to strength, and the Army expanded beyond its current risible size.

The environmental lobby must be confronted, as these fanatics are seeking to totally undermine our way of life in the name of unproven theories, while other nations such as China continue to adhere to tried and tested policies for generating power. The idea that all gas boilers must be replaced, with what is not clear, while cars must all be electric by 2035, are totally unrealistic, and almost certainly irrelevant. The supposed scientific consensus about global warming is a red herring, as there have been many times in the past when such groupthink has proved to be completely wrong. This is particularly true of the present time, when frequently research grants are based on concurring with the received wisdom, and many are reluctant to break with their peers for fear of being ostracised.

The police must once again focus on real crimes, not on pursuing the thought crimes as defined by the liberal elite, which have resulted in those pointing out simple truths about the mad sexual politics now swamping the country being persecuted. Rural crime is out of control and there are not enough police officers. This is compounded by the soft penal policies created by decades of out of touch liberals. Punishments, as advocated by the Mikado, should fit the crimes, and the ideas of early release abandoned. If prisoners misbehave increase their sentences, not let them out if they appear not to do so.

Perhaps the most intractable problem of all would be to end the domination of our country by the so called 'woke' elite, whose insanities grow more absurd every day. These elitists, and their allies, the cultural Marxists, are everywhere, particularly in the education system. They have completely undermined further education, turning mediocre polytechnics into universities, misleading youngsters into taking on huge debts to obtain Mickey Mouse degrees and, worst of all, destroying the very point of a university education by preventing free speech and honest debate, supporting such nonsense as no platforming and trigger warnings, while passing off blatant anti British propaganda as so called history.

We should close down a vast number of the useless degree courses, and greatly reduce the number of universities. We should turn to the successful policy which obtains in Switzerland, where the majority of youngsters go into vocational apprenticeships, not indulge in fake academic studies. We need electricians, plumbers and other useful trades, not even more unemployable graduates. The ridiculous insistence that police officers and nurses need academic degrees should be disposed of, as the previous system of learning through experience on the job was far superior.

There is no doubt that the actor Laurence Fox spoke for the silent majority when, on Question Time, he defied the politically correct views espoused by the BBC, and put forward common-sense views. The totalitarians who seek to distort our language and our society, creating a version of Orwell's Newspeak, and piling absurdity upon absurdity, which even militant feminists now perceive as contrary to the interests of women, are the enemies of all decent people, many bureaucrats showing that they are straight of Kafka's nightmares. For people in the workplace the pernicious presence of HR departments has destroyed the the old values of promotion by merit, and of co-operating with their colleagues, replacing them with an atmosphere of suspicion poisoned by a willingness to take offence where none was intended. Of course nowhere is this attitude more prevalent that in the sewers of social media, which allow total ignoramuses to shout down normal, intelligent citizens.

To sum up a national plan would involve a full Brexit, constitutional changes, stronger defences, reorienting foreign policy to the world, not giving undue importance to geographical proximity, ignoring the green lunatics, making the police and courts support decent people, not the rights of criminals, and fighting against the politically correct metropolitan elite, particularly by cleaning out the Augean stables of the BBC.

This above proposals constitutes a plan which would take more than one parliament to achieve but, as the Chinese proverb says "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". The Europhiles are very fond of the words remain and now rejoin. In answer I suggest repudiate the liberal paradigm which has done so much damage to the country, return to the path we should never have left several generations ago of being a country proud of its past, and hopeful for its future, and restore the society in which decent, hard working, patriotic people once again feel that it is their wishes, not those of self hating liberals, which will determine the future. Carpe Diem!