A Time for Unity

Far from diminishing the tidal wave of nonsense from the radical left is growing in strength, threatening to totally undermine our society. We have seen the vital concept of innocent until proven guilty being reversed by the manner in which pusillanimous organisations take action against the innocent merely on the strength of unsubstantiated allegations, while individuals are being condemned on the basis of the group to which they belong, irrespective of their actual culpability. It is sickening to see so many charities, and commercial organisations, jumping on this bandwagon, even attempting to dictate what language their employees must use.

Various so called protest movements, relying on gullible, naive, ignorant, and just plain stupid, dupes are seeking achieve that which they cannot achieve at the ballot box. They are coming for us, and, if they are to be driven back the sane must unite to defeat them.

There is no doubt that behind those who support the fellow travellers of 'Stop the War', the anti Semites of 'Black Lives Matter', the anarchists of 'Extinction Rebellion', and the warriors of the gender wars, one will find the same sinister Marxists who have spent decades burrowing away at the foundations of Western democracies, as they seek to replace rule by the people with rule by the party. The idealists among them believe in a creed which, despite the fact that it has has enslaved and killed more people than perhaps any other, still attracts followers who think they are virtuous, while the cynical among them just want power for themselves.

It is time that those who believe in our values join together to fight back. The excesses of the so called 'woke' have alerted the politically aware, but too many of the ordinary people have not yet realised the menace represented by the extremists. However, we now have the 'Free Speech Union', the Reclaim party led by Laurence Fox, the sensible supporters of Reform, the successor to the Brexit party, and those who have persevered with UKIP, all recognizing the peril we are in, and each in their own way trying to respond. There are also many within the Conservative party, and even some within Labour, who are aware of the danger, although the intellectually feeble Liberal Democrats, and the obsessive Greens are a lost cause. Those genuinely virtuous people who support the latter two parties would, should the worst happen, neither understand why, nor accept the fact that their own stupidity was massively to blame.

We have reached a point in the cultural wars afflicting us where mob mentality, given new life by the curse of social media, is creating a situation in which no rational debate can take place, as those involved in the various so called protest movements will admit of no possibility that their opponents might have a point, and they will never be satisfied unless every jot and tittle of their demands are met. The fanatical environmentalists worship their child saint Greta, while their violent followers in Extinction Rebellion make clear that their belief in their self proclaimed sincerity, and their absolute certainty that they are right, justifies any outrage.

The extremists of Black Lives Matter declare that they have the right to rewrite history, destroying artefacts, books, and the reputations of every one they can tar with the brush of supposed racism, while at the same time harbouring the virus of anti Semitism in their midst. The historic wrong of slavery cannot be expunged by refusing to accept that the past is the past, or that only a lunatic would support it in today's world. The reaction to the report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities proves, if proof was needed, that those who have dominated debate on race in this country for many years are not driven by morality, as they pretend, but by a left wing ideology which hates our society, and by the desire to ensure that their access to lucrative consultative fees, book deals, and profits from running absurd training courses continues unabated. The membership of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities is approximately ninety per cent non white, yet the political activists who have responded treat the report as if it were some sort of statement by the Ku Klux Klan. The usual suspects, when interviewed by their fellow travellers in the BBC spoke as if the people who produced the report were merely government dupes, whose efforts could just be dismissed. The reality is that of course racism exists in the UK, as it does in Japan, China, Russia, the USA, and indeed around the world. However it is neither institutionalised, nor structural, but rather the result of individual prejudices. To judge anyone by the colour of their skin is unkind, deplorable and just plain wrong. Indeed, as those of us who follow Christ know, he said "Judge not, that ye be not judged", a principle which everyone might consider following. The point is that in this country it is not acceptable to allow personal prejudice to affect employment, housing, or the manner in which one is treated by the organs of government, such as the police.

Politicised HR departments, and pusillanimous managers afraid of 'giving offence' have been responsible for countless blameless employees being obliged to attend classes where they are expected to offer mea culpas for opinions and actions of which they are entirely innocent. These courses are nothing more than the product of left wing propaganda, sowing discord when none previously existed. The underlying assumptions that only white people are racist, and that all white people are racist, albeit many subconsciously, is itself racist, and an insult to the vast majority of people in these islands, many of whom have been cowed by political correctness into granting credence to these false beliefs. Of course the people who run these courses claim that to say one is innocent is proof of unconscious guilt, a proposition that the Stalinist and Maoist self criticism meetings used to condemn innocent people, and is worthy of Orwell's 1984. The government has concluded that these courses have cost taxpayers thousands of pounds when used on civil servants, for no useful purpose, and have accordingly banned them in bodies under their control.

The utterly absurd gender wars are so imbecilic that any objective observer must conclude that the radical Left has gone completely mad. Even the radicals of the feminist movement are in the firing line, for objecting to great hairy men being allowed to compete with women in sporting contests, or to be sent to female prisons, where the other inmates are then subjected to sexual assault by these "self identified" women. The deranged intellectuals of the liberal left are attempting to outdo Orwell's worst nightmares as they try to corrupt and distort our language to reflect the supposed truths of which they claim to be the guardians, a lie which the universities, and too many major institutions, are only too willing to support. If these lunatics had lived before the Enlightenment they would have been the religious fundamentalists who tortured and burned others in the name of a religion of love, and they are now comparable to those who promote terrorism in the name of a different faith.

The manner in which our universities have largely been taken over by hard left academics ensures that the only acceptable view is a parody of Orwell's sheep in Animal Farm, chanting 'White bad, non white good', so students who do not subscribe to this philosophy are marginalised, and treated as guilty of racism. Unfortunately our young people have been so brainwashed by the Marxists who have infiltrated our educational institutions, aided and abetted by those such as the disgrace which still calls itself the 'British' Broadcasting Corporation, that they accept these lies. We have come a long way since the dark days when minorities were indeed discriminated against as a matter of course, and it would be a tragedy if we allow the politically motivated divisiveness promulgated by the hypocrisy of the acolytes of extremism to win.

There is no doubt that when activists of any sort demand public enquiries, or government reports, on any subject, they have already determined what result they expect, so, if those involved dare to find against them, woe betide them, as they may expect to be subjected to abuse. It is utterly pointless to ask experts to give of their time if they are to be bullied into agreeing with whatever the extremists desire. Undoubtedly, if at some stage an enquiry is held into the handling of the Covid pandemic the loudest voices will be demanding that the government be condemned for failures, whatever the truth may be, and however much hindsight is allowed to take precedence over reason.

Although there are ignorant bigots around who hate people merely because of the category into which they fall, the majority of Britons are mostly easy going, and consider fairness to be a virtue. If however perfectly innocent people find themselves constantly demonised on the basis of their being white they will react with anger. The result will not be better race relations, but a polarisation in society. Of course this is precisely what the Marxists want, as they continue to believe that causing social upheaval will give them the opportunity to gain power, before instituting their socialist nirvana. It seems to pass them by that this never works, and that all they end up with are regimes which crush them, but that's what you get when you insist on following the ideas of foolishly idealistic nineteenth century intellectuals, instead of genuinely seeking a better world.

Recently, in local elections in my own area, Labour, Lib Dem and Green parties have stood only one candidate against the Conservatives, as they know they cannot win as separate parties, thus proving that they share essentially the same position on the political spectrum. We who believe in the principles upon which our freedoms are based must do likewise if we are to win, while a concerted campaign of propaganda is needed to arouse the people to the crisis we face. If these pseudo fascists are not stopped we shall see the real end of enlightenment thought, and of the return of the mentality which inspired Matthew Hopkins and his witch-finders, while free speech and democratic government will become a distant, and ultimately suppressed, memory.

The Free Speech Union is making strides, offering legal assistance to those persecuted for expressing their opinions, while Laurence Fox is talking common-sense, and offering a real choice at the ballot box. Nigel Farage is speaking against this politically correct madness, and many commentators in the conservative press are raising their voices. Nevertheless we need a very visible coalition of the sane to counter the lunatics of the radical left. Unite or die!