Beware of tired old politicians

The recent television programme 'Margaret' provides a salutary reminder of the despicable nature of the political class, something that has, if anything, deteriorated since 1990.

Although many reasons were put forward for the Conservative MPs deserting Mrs Thatcher it was obvious that that the underlying cause was her opposition to the European project, a stance that threatened their places on the Brussels gravy train. She came late to the cause, having advocated a Yes vote in 1975 and later signing the Single European Act but finally she had accepted reality and became a Eurorealist. However, with a few notable exceptions, the political class, then and now, were, and are, nothing more than a bunch of pusillanimous, incompetent, self serving careerists without a spark of patriotism. We can see how dreadfully New Labour has conducted the affairs of the nation but can we really expect much better from the Conservatives, when they see fit to bring back to the Shadow Cabinet Kenneth Clarke, one of the leading Europhiles in politics.

Of course it is not merely useless politicians who have brought this country to its present sorry pass but also their fellow members of the so called great and the good, selfish and incompetent bankers, unaccountable and politicised bureaucrats, a legal profession completely out of touch with the fears and hopes of the general populace and a media, particularly the BBC, which has lost sight of any higher aims of impartiality and guarding our democracy against corrupt politicians and which is instead both prurient and totally ignorant of the realities of the dangers this country faces from the Brussels dictatorship.

It is probable that, out of a nation of sixty million people, there are only about five thousand who constitute this arrogant, yet hopeless establishment. If Britain is to be saved these latter must be compulsorily retired and prevented from having any more to do with public life, while the direction of our affairs should be restored to the people, through those who are honest and patriotic, say what they mean and mean what they say, are guided by common sense and are prepared to put the good of the nation before their own ambitions. For this reason we should beware of those tired old politicians who, having failed to make their way in the main parties, seek to use the true populism of the Eurorealist cause to advance their own positions.

Only those who have a total and true commitment to the restoration of this country as an independent, self governing democracy, where the interests of the decent majority take precedence over the self serving agendas of the current establishment, should be allowed to join genuine Eurorealists in what is as much a struggle for the future of our people as was the Second World War.