Campaigning for freedom

Eurorealists, and particularly supporters of UKIP, have good reason to be pleased with the results of the European elections, as the combined vote for parties opposed to UK membership of the EU shows that the majority of the British people are in favour of withdrawal.

However we know that translating that vote into success at Westminster will be very difficult, even allowing for the justified disgust the electorate now feel for the political class, as so many run back to the main parties at general elections. Yet it is only by winning a majority in the House of Commons that we can escape from the EU as even if every British MEP were a Eurorealist they would not have the power to achieve that end.

In order to counter the usual calumny that UKIP is a one issue party and, as the main parties in theory, although not in practice, represent a more general political philosophy, would it not be possible to stand on a philosophy of Freedom. Freedom not merely from the dead hand of the EU, but from the hectoring of the current political elite and their politically correct mouthpieces, from the diktats of the health and safety fascists, from the constant nagging of so called equality monitors, from those who seek to create a surveillance society, from a fear of violent crime currently allowed to run rampant, from every nagging, self righteous busybody who have turned this country into a risk adverse, apologetic society.

Together with freedom the watchword could be common-sense, something that is so lacking at the moment. The lack of proportion now prevalent everywhere can only lead to a situation where every car needs a red flag in front, every citizen will require a policeman constantly observing them in case they are terrorists, every child will be wrapped in cotton wool and every adult will be treated as guilty of evil intentions towards minors until proven otherwise. We need to lift this fog of oppression and go back to the hopes we had for the future before we allowed interfering bureaucrats and their political allies to impose their wishes upon us.

If people were offered a basically optimistic future, where a sovereign parliament will be repealing unnecessary laws, not creating more, where bureaucrats would be put firmly in their place, where the politically correct would be prevented from undermining free speech and where we could once again enjoy the freedoms that once we enjoyed before arrogant politicians undermined them, then this would surely be better than merely depressing the voters with the fate that awaits them if the current main parties continue to dominate.