Candles and lamps

Although the primary target of the Eurorealist is the insanity of UK membership of the EU it is true that many who support its aims also have severe doubts about that other fashionable cause, manmade global warming so may find the following of interest.

One of my friends in our bowling club spent many years as an engineer in the electricity supply industry, including a long period in a senior position at Battersea Power Station. Now retired he has a wood burning stove in his lounge, an electrical generator and a plentiful supply of candles and hurricane lamps, as he is certain that, without a sea change in attitude by the political establishment, this country will see frequent and prolonged power blackouts before this decade is over. This is not an hysterical reaction by some sort of conspiracy theorist but a hard headed judgement based on long experience of the power industry.

Changes in prevailing wind patterns are rendering the newly created wind farms even less useable than the most pessimistic of us believed that they would be. Already they only operate at about 25% efficiency and often deliver nothing when calm conditions exist.

The success of the green lobby in Germany in ending their use of nuclear power may yet be duplicated here, despite the fact that there is a world of difference between power plants and nuclear bombs. Properly run modern stations are very safe, unless built on earthquake fault lines, while the difficulties of storing nuclear waste are much exaggerated, as, combined with molten glass, it could go into underground caverns and be perfectly useless to terrorists. Reports earlier this week indicate that Germany may face blackouts in the near future if this foolish decision is not reversed.

The European Commission is demanding that many of our coal fired plants be closed, based on unproven climate change theories, which have been further undermined by the news that the sun is going into hibernation, yet we are still seeking to cripple ourselves by succumbing to this alarmist nonsense. If the whole of British industry shut down it would only reduce world emissions by two per cent, nothing compared to those pumped out by China.

Those who believe the climate change theorists should be aware that the Antarctic, containing nearly ninety per cent of all the ice in the world, has been cooling, not warming, over the past thirty years; that in the last three years the world has been through two of its coldest winters for decades; that there are four times more polar bears now than there were forty years ago; that almost every single claim in Al Gore's infamous film "An Inconvenient Truth" was either wildly exaggerated or wrong; that the 'Hockey Stick' graph which is constantly referred to by warmists has become one of the most comprehensively discredited artifacts in the history of science; that real climate scientists, not the fashionable activists who claim to be such, are largely agreed that the whole thing is nonsense and that changes in climate are driven by activity of the sun and variations in the ocean currents.

It is no surprise that the political class, who only think two or three years into the future, are prepared to ignore these facts but this has been compounded by the privatisation of the power supply companies, which are now run by those only interested in immediate profits and have dropped the sort of research projects which the old CEGB and other public utilities financed in order to develop truly sustainable alternatives to the current sources of power. Experiments with such things as tidal power and energy from differentials in temperature at different depths have been dropped.

For the very young, the old and the sick the consequences of power failures will be disastrous, as hospitals and other services will be seriously affected. Anyone who can take the sort of precautions taken by my friend should consider doing so. As the French say "Sauve qui peut".