Carpe Diem

It is always said that the Greeks had a word for it and it is interesting how much one can derive from their mythology which is appropriate to the dire situation in which the EU now finds itself, particularly given the fact that Greece itself has been in the front line of this disaster.

Procrustes was a thief who lived near the city of Eleusis. He invited travellers to spend the night, offering them his hospitality. However, as soon as they were in his house, Procrustes would tie them to an iron bed. If they were shorter than the bed, he would stretch them on a rack while, if they were taller than the bed, Procrustes would cut off their legs. In either case, his victims died. It is clear that the unfortunate nations of Europe are being subjected to a similar treatment, in that their economic and political systems are being distorted in order to fit the only model deemed correct by Brussels, and largely to the benefit of Germany, whose wishes appear paramount, and whose economy is closest to the ideal demanded by the Eurocrats.

Cassandra was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, and a princess of Troy, being both beautiful and considered insane, but her perceived insanity was the result of being cursed by the god Apollo. She incurred the god's wrath by refusing him sex, after first promising herself in exchange for the power of prophecy. Her punishment was the curse of never being believed so that her warnings about the Trojan War and the dangers of the Trojan Horse were ignored, leading to the utter destruction of the city. For many Eurorealists the feeling of being dismissed as mad or just deluded will be a familiar one, yet in every instance, the warnings we have given about the iniquities and certain failures of the single currency and the EU as a whole have come true, or will soon do so.

The sense of frustration this engenders is only exacerbated by the constant refrain one hears from some parts of the electorate, either asserting that no one ever warned them what might happen, or else that they are not being provided with the facts upon which to decide the way to vote in the forthcoming referendum. Of course we have done nothing else for years but, as they say, one can lead a horse to water, but can't force it to drink, and how often are our pamphlets discarded unread or our public meetings attended by one man and his dog? Already we see the BBC leading the way in trying to undermine the anti EU cause with the disgusting bias it has displayed for decades.

Nevertheless we now have a duty to make every effort to counter the misrepresentations of the pro EU camp, from David Cameron, that arch disciple of Edward Heath, and the morons of the metropolitan liberal elite to the self interested politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats desperate to defend their places on the Brussels gravy train.

As within the next couple of years the British people will make a decision that will determine the fate of our nation for generations, perhaps forever, we must make the real choice absolutely clear.

Do we want Britain to be an independent, sovereign country governed by our elected representatives in Westminster, who are democratically accountable to the electorate, or will we be content to live in a province of a single European state, effectively ruled by appointed bureaucrats, who will not be vulnerable to the wishes of the people?

The issues to be put to the electorate are many but there are major ones, which must be emphasized, inter alia:

A Yes vote would mean that Britain would be forced to adopt the single currency, the inflexibility of which has led to the disaster unfolding in Southern Europe where it is creating mass unemployment, particularly among the young. We would be obliged to join the Schengen agreement, opening our borders to all those within the EU, including those economic migrants pouring into nations such as Italy and Greece and who are responsible for the chaos we have seen in Calais and the Channel tunnel. We will no longer be represented on international bodies such as the UN, our place being taken by EU representatives. (Already we are unable to make bilateral trade agreements with non EU countries which would benefit our economy). EU ambitions for the harmonisation of every facet of our lives will see our system of common law replaced by that applied on the continent, based upon the inquisitorial Napoleonic code. Our armed forces will be absorbed into those of the EU, under the control of Brussels

We must make clear to voters that they must not be deceived by talk of a reformed EU. There is not, and will not be, such an organisation. None of Cameron's so called red lines would change the underlying nature of the undemocratic and declining EU. This referendum represents our best opportunity in generations to take back our country and we must seize it.