As a card carrying pessimist even I must admit to being astounded at how quickly the world order, for many years based on the primacy of the principles of liberal democracy is now collapsing. On so many fronts, both domestic and international, the truths we asserted are being derided, and those whose agendas are inimical to our whole way of life are advancing everywhere.

Anti Semites are apologists for murder

In their reaction to the attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel the hypocrisy  of the liberal left, and their supporters in the media, particularly the BBC, has been exposed, making clear their real nature, and the agenda that they follow.

Despite the determination by the government that the perpetrators of this foul assault on a democratic nation are terrorists the BBC has refused to refer to them as such, insisting that they are soldiers, and when forced to back track, have adopted a totally mealy mouthed formula in order that they may continue to prevaricate about referring to these scum as the scum they undoubtedly. While innocent civilians in Israel were reeling from seeing women raped, and children butchered in a sadistic and bestial manner, the talking heads of the BBC were far more focused on decrying any proposed military response from Israel, badgering spokespeople for the latter about how they were going to eliminate Hamas without causing casualties to Palestinians in Gaza. When severe damage to a hospital was reported the BBC, despite evidence to the contrary, just accepted the assertion by Hamas that Israel was to blame. Other broadcasters such as Sky have also displayed a bias against Israel.

The usual far left suspects, such as "Stop the War" who, while claiming that they are against war in principle, actually only ever protest in favour of the enemies of the democratic West, becoming animated beyond measure when the opportunity exists to attack actions taken by Israel, but ignoring countess other conflicts where they cannot identify one of the participants as being specifically pro Western. As far as the usual naive, so called celebrities, who sign petitions calling for a ceasefire are concerned, does it not occur to them that such a reaction would allow violent terrorists to inflict mayhem on the innocent, but then to hide behind a demand that no effective action should be taken in response.

These petitioners are just examples of, to use a phrase attributed to Lenin, useful idiots, but the real cause of the outcry from the Left that nothing should be done to destroy Hamas is that it is a manifestation of the oldest hatred of all, anti semitism. The vociferous, virtue signalling propagandists try to conceal their real motive behind concern for Palestinians, but are merely voicing the irrational ideology which has, over centuries, demonised Jewish people, despite the latter being so often the victims, not the cause of social problems.

Were it not so important it would be laughable to watch stupid females demonstrating in support of nations who would force them to become second class citizens, while the gay, lesbian and trans lobbies seem incapable of recognising that they would be in line for execution in some of the fundamentalist nations they appear to so admire. It is also noticeable that those lunatics who are trying to force net zero on us are also taking the side of Hamas.

The failure of multiculturalism

The recent demonstrations on our street in support of Hamas make clear how inopportune is the defence by the Left of the principle of multiculturalism. To be clear this has nothing to do with race, or the colour of one's skin, which are irrelevant, but everything to do with the cultural mores habitual within a community.

Over decades the political class has allowed, even encouraged, immigration from the Middle East, and the sub continent, which has resulted in substantial communities where the normally accepted parameters of social order differ hugely from those of the host community. Although not supported by all involved, many regard women as second class citizens, treat those of a different sexual orientation with hostility, have an antipathy to other groups, particularly those of the Jewish faith, and are out of sympathy with the democratic policies accepted by the majority of the population. Unfortunately some also react to anything they choose to regard as critical of their beliefs with a violence which cannot be tolerated within a democratic society.

None of this can be conducive to happiness within either the minority group, or the populace as a whole, and, contrary to the opinion expressed by many, indicates that the Home Secretary is correct, and that multiculturalism has been a failure.

March of the Morons

It is reported that a number of civil servants have joined many like minded activists in describing anyone who opposes the implementation of trans ideology as being Nazis. Clearly such bigots are lacking in any historical knowledge, as the Nazis were possibly the worst mass murderers in history, at least since the attempted genocide of the Gauls by Julius Caesar during the Gallic wars, while to oppose the medication, plus often irreversible surgery, of children, many of whom are just going through the normal angst of adolescence is to be applauded, not condemned.

This kind of campaign by self righteous ignoramuses is dominating public discourse, as small minorities of entitled militants are trying to force their usually ill informed opinions on the majority.

The environmental extremists who think it acceptable to block roads, and damage infrastructure in pursuit of the nonsense of net zero, make life difficult for the ordinary workers, while they attempt to stop the use of cars which are essential to everyday life, and demonise the means by which we keep warm in our homes.

The virtue signalling groups who appear at places like Dover to support illegal immigration via small boats have, in their middle class arrogance, no concern for the fact that the country lacks, inter alia, doctors, housing, and working class jobs, and therefore cannot accept the influx of unlimited numbers of those with no connection to this country.

The pathetic band of Remainers, who still refuse to accept the democratic wish of the British people to leave the EU, have mutated into Rejoiners, apparently unaware that the political culture of Europe is now moving steadily towards the far right, with the National Front in France, and the AFD in Germany looking likely to join the Italian Right in electoral success. It may be that in not too long a time the EU will in fact be dominated by those most Remainers would consider fascists.

Just recently another group of self absorbed blockheads have taken their anti monarchical campaign into Buckingham Palace. Those who claim to be republicans clearly do not understand that constitutional monarchy has proved to be one of the most successful systems of government yet devised, as separating the symbolic, and neutral, head of state from the elected executive is a major safeguard for democracy. This is evidenced by the manner in which King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy was able to dismiss the fascist leader Mussolini in 1943, and that King Juan Carlos I of Spain stopped a coup by army officers in 1981.

I suspect that those on the Left who claim to want an elected head of state would not be happy were they to be faced with a President Margaret Thatcher, while conservatives would not have welcomed a President Tony Blair. A genuine neutral figure, arrived at by hereditary means, and possessing only symbolic power, is by the far the best method, but of course the obsessives who like to shout their views from the roof tops are too slow witted to realise this.

Nearly 900 years ago Saint Bernard of Clairvaux said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that is where activists are leading us. It is certainly time for the silent majority to speak up, and oppose all these vociferous dimwits, rather than merely tolerating them with a sigh.

Exclusion from Parking

Our local borough council is considering charging for car parks on Sundays and bank holidays, adding two hours to the time liable for payment, and worst of all, introducing ANPR technology.

At a time when High Streets are in dire need of measures to revive their waning fortunes the proposal to make car parking more difficult, and expensive, would be an act of madness. Currently we have an advantage over many other councils in that the current system is easy to use, includes refunds from the main stores, and encourages shopping  on Sundays. To follow the anti car brigade into persecuting drivers, something for which they have no mandate, would be a democratic outrage.

If the idiotic system prevalent in many towns, of insisting that the only means of paying is to use one of the so called apps, this would discriminate against those, often elderly, and frequently lacking technical skills, who would be excluded from using the car parks at all.

Often a formal public consultation is promised, but as we saw with Sadiq Khan and the extension of ULEZ, if the answer given is contrary to the wishes of those advocating such measures, the result will just be ignored.

Censorship by the fascists of the Left

Although often wrongly attributed to Voltaire the quote "I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." sums up the philosophy underpinning free speech, yet the intentions of the political elite, whose illiberal mindset now dominates this country, are laid bare by the recent campaign to close down GB News. This has nothing to do with the storm in a teacup engendered by comments made by Laurence Fox, but is evidence of a much darker agenda, seeking to suppress free speech and democracy itself.

While the press is not of one mind on the major issues facing this country the broadcast media is totally biased on the side of those propagandists who are undermining society in pursuit of the goals of the far left. The presence of GB News is of course an affront to those who wish to close down debate, and only admit one view to be heard. They try to hide under the usual cloak of virtue signalling, but are in fact as much enemies of our society as those such as the Marxists have always been.

That the BBC should feel itself virtuous enough to accuse others of unacceptable behaviour is risible, when one considers the scandal of Jimmy Savile, and the manner in which the hurtful mocking of Andrew Sachs was permitted without any action being taken. Their hypocrisy in particular is nauseating as their presenters accuse GB News of bias. This from the station with its egregious prejudice against Brexit, and which insists that the theory of global warming is to be unchallenged, plus the obvious bigotry of so many of its public voices, who are allowed to inflict their personal views on the rest of us, is a disgrace from an organisation which is supposed to be impartial. It has just been forced to apologise for a deplorable edition of Newsnight, which encouraged attacks on GB News by some of those attempting to close it down..

The rag tag groups of activists supporting such blatant censorship by the establishment failed in their attempts to prevent advertisers using the channel, and are now going further in their efforts to silence any voices opposed to the agenda of the so called liberal left. If GB News were to be closed down it would be a massive triumph for those who are determined to destroy our democratic society in the name of agendas which are supported by only a small minority of vociferous activists.

Protest Vote?

Whenever elections take place we are usually regaled with talk of protest votes, particularly in relation to the Liberal Democrats, as the media regards any vote, other than for the Conservatives or Labour, as nothing more than a protest. This might work if there were a real difference between any of the three main parties on issues of substance, but this is now clearly not the case on such major matters as, inter alia, net zero, immigration or sexual politics.

We hear a great deal from the Conservatives about how they are going to support the majority view on these things, yet in reality it is all talk and no action. Despite the best efforts of Suella Braverman the Tory high command are so sunk into the politics of 'don't rock the boat' they will never allow real progress to be made on any of these vital subjects.

If the ordinary, decent people of this country want to save it, they must decisively turn away from these old, failed parties and give support to those who wish to restore common-sense to our society. The net zero nonsense must be dumped, illegal immigration by small boats stopped completely, and the lunatics of the trans lobby, and other fringe activist groups be ignored.

However, as one with experience of campaigning, and standing for, UKIP I am very aware that the chances of people turning in large numbers to a sensible alternative are small, until it is really too late, and the only path to saving the our society will be via basically revolutionary means.

Those of us who still believe in democracy will continue to try but, in the end, the truth is encapsulated in the slogan we used years ago "the choice is yours".


Although I never use the idiotic features of social media such as Twitter I do occasionally add comments to those fora administered by some media outlets, such as the BBC, and GB News, plus the local internet 'NextDoor'.

However I have found that the same sort of bigoted snowflakes that infest the majority of social media are also used as so called mediators on these other sites. In one exchange with trans activists on 'NextDoor' I was called a Nazi for opposing the use of medical procedures on children, yet when I responded with indignation I was then suspended by the moderator. On GB News, which makes much of its support for free speech, a comment I added to an article about the cancellation of speakers due to the activities of those who attack opponents of trans ideology and racial stereotyping of white people, the comment was removed, with the excuse that it 'breached their guidelines'. On requesting an explanation of just how it did so no reply was forthcoming.

It is particularly disappointing that a news station, which many of us hoped would actually support free speech is prepared to censure those who dare to oppose the fashionable views of the metropolitan elites. Clearly GB News is not as advertised, but it is the best on offer.


The West faces the growing threats from hostile nation states such as Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, and are watching those whom we had hoped would support liberal democracy, such as India, moving closer to our adversaries.

At the same time we are being undermined at home by the cretins of woke, and by the different loyalties of large numbers of those we have allowed to come to our countries. The writing is on the wall, and in both the UK and the USA the political class is proving itself useless.

The polarisation of the main parties in America may prove disastrous, while the Conservative party in the UK has utterly failed to take advantage of the chance given to them by Brexit, and looks set to be annihilated at the next general election, to be replaced by a combination of even less competent parties. Time is short, and our societies may not survive in any recognisable form.