Death Wish

For over a year we have been distracted by the Chinese virus, which has disrupted every facet of our society. However there is a growing threat from the totalitarian states, which is coming more and more into focus, endangering the entire democratic West, in particular the inhabitants of the Anglosphere, and which could end our way of life for good. The muted reaction to from the general population to this makes one think that we have some sort of Death Wish, as we argue over what are essentially nonsensical trivialities, while ignoring the potential disaster bearing down upon us.

The most obvious physical danger comes from a revanchist Russia, whose escape from seventy five years of totalitarian Communism has not led to a Western style democracy, but instead to an authoritarian regime, which is massively updating its military, while seeking to oppose the West at every turn.

It is one of the tragedies of history that a nation which, as Enoch Powell said, shared with the UK not only the fact of being an ancient and powerful state, but one which, like us, was on the periphery of Europe, as famously said by Churchill, interested, but not absorbed. Despite the times when we have been in direct conflict with her, such as the Crimean War, or in the political and diplomatic confrontation of the 19th Century Great Game, we also fought with her against Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler, albeit that it was the stupidity of the latter who provoked the final alliance. There can be no doubt that it was the valiant sacrifice of so many millions of her people that gave the Grand Alliance victory in the Second World War, but the nature of the Communist regime ensured that we should be opponents in the years of the Cold War.

After the fall of Communism it was possible that Russia could have become a normal democracy but, as we know, it is instead a state run by ex KGB men, where corruption is rife, and the leader has become both authoritarian, and determined to compete with, rather than co-operate with, the West. This is not the fault of Western policies but is now a fact which must be faced. P G Wodehouse said in Blandings Castle and Elsewhere "It is never difficult to distinguish between with a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine", and equally it is not difficult to distinguish Mr Putin from one of the Chuckles Brothers, but he is no Stalin, and is not attempting to conquer the world on behalf of a political ideology, although he is clearly a Russian nationalist. It is very unlikely that he would launch an attack on the West, but he would probably be quite happy to take advantage of us if we seem to back down, and certainly Russia is, at the moment, the only country which could destroy us overnight.

A secondary threat arises from the spread of the ideology of Islamism (not the religion Islam), which, as we see from the propaganda emanating from Iran and elsewhere, hates everything we stand for, regarding the US as the Great Satan, the UK as the Little Satan, and the Jewish people as a target for extermination. At present the nations of the Middle East do not possess nuclear weapons, although that may soon change, but the current danger is from those adherents of this ideology who actually live among us, as we have seen from the terrorist attacks made on innocent people. With determination, and the promise that any attack with nuclear material would be treated in the same way as a missile attack, with the consequent riposte on the country supplying the weapons, we can prevent them from achieving any of their aims, but it is that determination which is now in question.

However it is China which will present the greatest risk in the coming years. The ill advised policy of engaging with Beijing, as advocated by those who believed that greater the involvement with West would lead to China becoming more like us, has proved a disaster. The Chinese Communist Party has combined the totalitarian nature of the Communist regime with a capitalist economic model, thus massively increasing its economic strength, but also making it easier to spread its influence throughout the world.

This is a nation which has oppressed the Tibetan people for decades, now treating the Uyghurs in the same way, while breaking its word on Hong Kong, killing Indian troops, adopting a belligerent attitude to its neighbours, and to Australia, claiming international areas of the ocean as its own, and threatening Taiwan with military action, all the time tightening its grip on the Chinese people, suppressing free speech, and stamping on any who dare to dream of democracy. Its military strength is increasing day by day, and the rhetoric of its dictator is overtly menacing the West if it dares to question Chinese ambitions. One must question whether, in the event of an attack upon Taiwan, America under Biden might talk a lot, but do nothing concrete.

What is the reaction in the West to all these dangers? While our military leaders warn of the grave peril we are in the politicians, particularly those of the Left, refuse to recognize the reality, constantly using the language of co-operation, and pious hopes of improving relations, and the use of economic sanctions against those who care more about power than money. Iran will never cease to develop its nuclear capabilities unless forced to, but still gullible and unwary types like the Democrats in America, and the EU, persist in believing the assurances given by the Ayatollahs. The EU compounds this idiocy by its growing reliance on sourcing its energy from Russia, making it easy in the future for the Kremlin to turn off the taps should the former dare to defy its policies. It is also obvious that the bureaucrats of Brussels are more concerned with punishing the UK for defying them than they are in standing up to Russia.

The utter stupidity of allowing China to dominate the production of so many commercial goods, and to permit Chinese technology to insinuate itself into our systems is obvious. While steps have been taken to rein in Huawei, the British government seems prepared to allow one of our major producers of computer chips to fall into the hands of China. Businessmen, and many politicians, see only the bottom line, and ignore the risks to the nation if we cease to retain strategic industries. It may be old fashioned, but manufacturing, particularly heavy industry, such as steel making and ship building, would be vital if we once again faced a major conventional war.

Perhaps the most immediate danger are the changes, driven by the hysterics of social media, which are fragmenting our societies. Marxist organisations such as Black Lives Matter, Stop the War and Extinction Rebellion are creating hatreds where none existed, and diverting attention from the very real perils we face in an increasing dangerous world. In this they can now rely on the fact that we have allowed the Marxists to infiltrate the education system at all levels, brainwashing youngsters into supporting insanities such as critical race theory, attempting to justify attacks on everything we hold dear. In this they are joined by the extremists of the sexual minorities, trying to distort our society to fit their demands. These manifestations of political insanity seem to be largely confined to the Anglo Saxon nations, the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, while those such as the French are sensibly rejecting them.

While we fight mad culture wars, arguing over trivialities, our real enemies must be laughing. Those who appear to believe that, if you don’t like something you can just cancel its adherents on Twitter, may find out that the realists and cynics who do not subscribe to such nonsense may one day overwhelm us, after which they will have a lot more to worry about than whether the statue of a long dead person should remain in place. They are like children in a tree house, arguing over toys, while beneath them the tree is about to be sawn down.