Defy them

In all my adult years I do not think that I have ever known such a pervading sense of madness in our country as now exists. It puts me in mind of the early twentieth century Dada movement which consisted of artists who rejected the logic, reason, and aestheticism of modern capitalist society, instead expressing nonsense, irrationality, and anti-bourgeois protest in their works, while maintaining political affinities with the radical far-left, only this time it applies to far more than artists.

Everywhere one looks the refrain of that 17th Century protest song "The world turned upside down" seems relevant "Yet let's be content, and the times lament, you see the world turn'd upside down", as all the old certainties are attacked.

It is difficult to find a name which encompasses all those responsible, as they have many different obsessions, although they all share the same lunatic view of the world. I am sure that sensible people can think of a few choice pejorative labels, but, if we try to keep it civil, the only one I can think of, as they all think that they are so liberal, is NewLib. They actually bear as much resemblance to the old Liberals of previous centuries, than did New Labour to those who supported the party of Clement Attlee, but it will do as for now. Perhaps anyone reading this could suggest something more appropriate!

I realise that I am in danger of repeating myself when discussing these matters but unfortunately things are not getting better, rather they are getting worse. Before turning to strictly political issues I will mention some of the other insanities afflicting us.

On sexual questions, the acceptance that all a person has to do is self identify as a different gender in order to act as such has, as mentioned before, led to women being put at risk by predatory males, who see an opportunity to gain access to them, including those within female only prisons. Just this week a lad was suspended from school for stating that he believed there are only two genders, which brings into question the existence of free speech. How long before Jews, Muslims and Christians are pilloried, and indeed have sanctions applied to them, for daring to say that their religious beliefs include stating that only a man and a women can form a valid marriage. One ironic, and somewhat amusing, consequence of all this is that feminists and devout Muslims now find themselves being criticised by those who they normally regard as allies, but who allow for no disagreement with their opinions, however extreme.

In education we have long watched standards falling, as excuses are made for anyone who is unable to succeed academically, while youngsters are subjected to the confidence trick of accumulating vast debts in order to gain Micky Mouse degrees, which are of no use in the workplace, rather than receiving education via apprenticeships, which is a means to gain worthwhile qualifications. The universities sink lower and lower, not merely in academic terms, but by allowing radicals to impose trigger warnings, no platforming and other similar asinine absurdities, thus undermining the concept of free speech, and ending the idea of open debate, which once was a cornerstone of the whole concept of education. One hardly needs mention those universities such as Cambridge, which are now seeking to be so 'right on' they are becoming a laughing stock.

One ever present feature is the use of accusations of racism directed at anyone who disagrees with the NewLibs on almost any subject. This is particularly sickening when they come from who have infiltrated the Labour party, and have corrupted that proud organisation with anti Semitism. Who would have believed that a party, founded upon a belief that all peoples were equal, would now provide a home for this most ancient, and virulent of hatreds. For those who feel any sympathy for these views I recommend that they read 'The Plot against America' by Philip Roth, which envisages what might have been had Charles Lindbergh stood against Roosevelt and won in 1940. Written from the perspective of an American Jewish family, patriotic, hard working and decent, who suffer the gradual destruction of their lives, by those who hate them for no other reason than their race, and who are given free reign to do so by a President who is a friend of Hitler. Those these days who claim that they are not anti Semites, but pro Palestinians, are merely using the latter, about whom they would care nothing, were it not for the chance to use them as a stick in order to beat Jews. If Israel did not exist they would find some other reason to attack the Jewish people. The manner in which these people attack Leave supporters as racists is beneath contempt.

One group of the NewLibs of whom we should be extremely wary are the environmentalists. Those tempted to support the Green party, either because they believe that the claims made by the latter are indisputable facts, or feel that it represents the superior moral position, should be careful. While Green policies, such as caring for animals, or reducing plastic waste, are good causes, we should be very careful of regarding the theories of the environmentalists as proven beyond doubt, and therefore we should certainly consider whether we really wish to make the sort of fundamental changes to our societies which they demand.

As I raised in my last article, and which has been supported by others who know more about the science than myself, the theory of anthropological global warming is just that, a theory, and may very well be wrong. Of course this does not suit the Green fanatics. These people are authoritarian, verging on fascists, who will brook no opposition to their ideas, or their insane demands that we abandon the sources of energy which keep our economies functioning. One wonders just how many potential Green voters realise that their use of cars, air travel, or even their beloved mobile phones and computers, would be under threat if these zealots have their way. Those children who shout about 'save the planet' would soon change their tune if they had to walk to school.

Turning to politics, and particularly Brexit, I feel that the well of reasoned argument has been so poisoned that it is pointless to attempt to engage with the NewLibs, as they are incapable of seeing beyond their maniacal love for the EU. One story which achieved headlines only today was a claim that BBC bosses had deliberately set out to promote Brexit by showing Dad's Army repeats. This is risible on many levels. First it assumes that Leavers are so moronic that they are incapable of forming their own opinions without guidance from a comedy programme, while the idea that the BBC, an organisation which is completely biased in favour of the Remainers, would do anything to support Brexit is preposterous. This shows the level to which the pro EU fanatics will stoop in their efforts to undermine a democratic decision.

The farce of what has gone on in Parliament, and within the Conservative party, illustrates the state to which the traitors have reduced this country. They can never be forgiven.

One must never forget that, among the gullible NewLibs there are those who know exactly what they are doing. Despite the repeated failures of Marxism wherever it has been tried there are still those who seek to impose it on this country, and, thanks to political correctness, and apathy, coupled with a lack of knowledge, among many decent people, they are nearer to that goal than they have ever been. If one wonders why one should never forget that such people have seen how the leading ideologues of such regimes have been the only ones to enjoy material benefits, while some are, like the leaders of Orwell's IngSoc, ambitious to revel in the exercise of power over others.

Finally anyone who refuses to recognize the reality of what it would be like to live in a state run by the bureaucrats of the EU should read Kafka's The Trial, and The Castle, whose protagonists exist in a nightmare world, where they can be oppressed, and even killed, by a faceless bureaucracy, for unexplained crimes. Those who are angered by dealing with some of our current officials would find such a state familiar, but far, far worse.

If we are to defeat the NewLibs then the ordinary people must recognize the latter for what they are, defy them, and cast them from the positions they have achieved, and which they so dishonour.