Democrats they're not

In the weeks since the triumph of the 23rd June we have seen how most of the threats made by our opponents have proved to be lies, just how little they know of the true nature of the EU and the extent to which they lack any sort of understanding of the meaning of democracy. Many of the comments made illustrate both a refusal to accept a democratic decision, and a desire to perpetuate myths about the supposed benign aspects of the European project. For example claims that our schools failed to teach anything positive about the organisation are risible when those of us who sought to ensure that a balanced view was presented to children were rebuffed, while relentless pro EU propaganda was rife. Also ridiculous are statements that leaving the EU means that we shall be isolated, when in fact we have left a declining and doomed grouping of 28 countries to rejoin the 168 which are not members, including the Commonwealth and the Anglosphere.

Those unwilling to accept the will of the people prefer to constantly talk down the prospects for a free Britain. Despite all the lies from the Remain camp, declaring that companies would be rushing to depart, the actual results have proved very different. The pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline has announced a further £275 million expansion in the UK, AstraZeneca is to spend £330 million stating that 'it is hard to find a better place in the world to carry out scientific research', Vodafone says it has no plans to leave, the CEO stating that 'the UK is an attractive place to be', the FTSE 100 has, following a dip, hit an eleventh month high and the FTSE-250 has returned to the levels it enjoyed before the vote. The fall in the pound was well overdue and has helped British exporters, while leading to the steel giant Tata reconsidering its proposed withdrawal from Wales and the owners of Pinewood Studios declaring that Brexit is 'undoubtedly positive'. Nations are queuing up to sign trade deals with an independent Britain. Clearly, having failed to get their way, the political elite intend to emulate their hero Edward Heath and indulge in a massive sulk.

While no one can expect such a fundamental change to be accomplished without difficulties arising in some areas, these will prove to be only temporary and will soon be eclipsed by the benefits which will flow from being once more in control of our destiny and ability to make trade deals with other nations in our own interests, not as dictated by incompetent apparatchiks in Brussels. Even more significantly, the fundamental objections to EU membership were concerned with the ongoing and increasing suppression of our democracy, justice system and national identity in pursuit of that organisation's intended goal of creating a single European state, run by bureaucrats, not elected representatives. Many claim that the most important issues concerning the referendum were economic and that therefore considerations of democracy or freedom should have taken second place but, had this been our position in 1914, we would not have gone to war, as, apart from the potential human loss, the certain economic cost made it necessary to stand back and save our money. That we did not do so, but prioritised the need to prevent an autocratic regime from conquering Europe, illustrates how, in the end, it is not merely financial matters which determine the fate of a country.

It is a sad refection of how much our well of democracy has been poisoned by the relentless pro EU propaganda emanating from schools that some youngsters think it acceptable to just ignore the majority will of the people. I suspect that, after a few years of growing up in a free Britain, very many of those young people now decrying the result of the referendum will have changed their minds. The idea that we can change the EU from within is laughable given that, on the over fifty times we have tried, we have just been outvoted and ignored. Although the most important arguments against membership of the EU are political and democratic, rather than economic, it is obvious that the vanity project of the single currency is stretching the weak economies of Southern Europe on the rack, while the sclerotic nature of the EU, will ensure that there is no prospect of it prospering in the future. Indeed, just as the German General Staff during the First World War considered that their nation was 'shackled to a corpse' by its alliance with the dying Austro-Hungarian empire, so we would have been permanently damaged if we continued to tie ourselves to the doomed European project.

General de Gaulle was right and knew more about the real interests of our people than did those supposedly tasked with representing them. We should all be thankful that this time the lies told by the political establishment failed to mislead the British people, but they did succeed in deceiving the electorate during the referendum in 1975 and the country has paid dearly ever since. The politicians of that time, claimed that Britain was 'the sick man of Europe', and only handing over control to Brussels would save the nation. In reality we were a world leader in steel, nuclear power, jet aircraft and cars and has no need to turn away from our historic markets in the Commonwealth. All this, plus the fishing industry, and of course our democracy, were sacrificed merely in order that pygmy politicians might strut their little hour upon a wider stage. It is a tragedy that the real strengths of our economy in so many fields were sacrificed by self interested politicians but, now we are free of the EU, we can reverse the position by returning to the path we should never have left of being an independent, democratic and sovereign nation.

Those who voted to leave the EU are being asked if they are happy with the consequences and I can confirm that we are very happy. These consequences include the restoration of democratic control of government to this country, the functions of the executive being removed from unelected, and immovable, bureaucratic appointees in Brussels and returned to elected representatives in Westminster, whom the people can replace at elections. They also mean that the steady erosion of British Common Law, in favour of the Napoleonic system used on the continent can now be terminated, that we can regain control of our fishing grounds, that we once again can take our seat at trade negotiations with the rest of the world, rather than relying on EU apparatchiks and that we are saved from proposals to transfer our armed forces to some sort of pan EU organisation. The ending of our participation in the free movement of people offers hope to the working class, who have seen their pay, conditions and indeed hopes of employment undermined, and the pressure on the NHS, schools and available housing will be relieved.

Some complain that the implementation of the result of the EU referendum would not be democratic because the result was too close, as the issue is a binary one, yet not to implement it would be to allow the minority of 48% to dictate to the 52% who voted to leave. Do these people not realise that democracy means that the wishes of the majority should prevail? The whole European project was conceived to create a United States of Europe, run by unelected bureaucrats, and those in charge have never, and will not ever, deviate from this aim. The EU is doomed, by its economic failings, its lack of democratic credentials and above all by the fact that the peoples of Europe are increasingly opposed to the fundamental, authoritarian concepts upon which it is based. Whether the fall of Merkel or the rise of Marine Le Pen deals it the final blow it is hard to say but I doubt it will still be in existence in ten years time.

he magazine Private Eye has for many years pretended they were on the side of the ordinary people against the arrogant and corrupt political class and their supporters among vacuous celebrities, pampered luvvies and self interested, overpaid denizens of boardrooms. However, after the two issues following the referendum, which could have been written by Jean Claude Juncker, it is clear that they are in fact sneering adolescents whose allegiance lies with the metropolitan liberals, it having escaped their notice notice that the most principled opposition to the EU has come from the left whose major figures such as Attlee, Gaitskill, Foot, Benn, and Peter Shore rejected membership because of their love for the democracy which so many died to create and defend.

The conceit of Tony Blair knows no bounds. How dare he claim that the minority who voted against leaving the EU feel disenfranchised when he seeks to disenfranchise the majority who do want to leave? It is precisely this sort of attitude displayed by the political elite which makes the people despise the politicians. While most Britons have little time for some of Jeremy Corbyn's policies his challenger for the Labour leadership, Owen Smith, has made clear that, were he to be Prime Minister, he would call a second referendum. What arrogance!

Obviously all decent people oppose racially motivated hate crime but to connect such deplorable actions with the EU referendum, as some Remain supporters have sought to do, is a slur on those who voted to leave, a decision not based on any animus to our European neighbours, but because of a desire to see control of our country returned from the hands of unelected bureaucrats to our own people, acting through their democratically elected representatives. Britain will remain a multi cultural society, even though it will no longer be part of the European union. In fact its greatly increased global role will ensure that it will be open to the world, unlike the inward looking EU. Contrary to the image portrayed by the media, of the main parties now in existence, the one which most represents the ordinary working person is undoubtedly UKIP and it is clear that there is now a great opportunity for the party to fill the void left both by the warring factions of Labour and the large pro EU section of the Conservatives.

In response to those who have unjustly called us ignorant, unintelligent, uneducated, racist or xenophobic for daring to support a free Britain I say the following. You are stupid as you cannot recognize the realities of the EU, arrogant in your refusal to accept the will of the people, undemocratic, bordering on fascist, in your demands to rerun, or ignore the clear result and totally lacking in patriotism as you continue to denigrate our nation merely in an attempt to prove your insane predictions about certain disaster resulting from leaving correct. We shall flourish, once more true to ourselves, and I suspect that in a few years time we shall be amazed that we ever doubted the need to reclaim our nation from the dead hand of Brussels. I have no doubt that within a short time we shall see such an improvement in all aspects of our national life and economic well being that only those bemoaning the loss of their places on the EU gravy train will question that the the decision to leave was absolutely right. The British people should ignore them and instead look forward to the better future which is now in prospect. We now have the opportunity to put the interests of our people first, provided that the will of the people prevails and that the decision taken on the 23rd of June is fully implemented.