Domestic appeasement

The lessons of appeasing foreign enemies, learnt so dearly in the 1930s and the 1940s, although still attractive to a minority of imbeciles, seem to have be taken to heart, yet now we face the possibility of destruction from within, as the appeasement of retarded half wits at home is placing our way of life once more in peril. Every generation appears to produce movements of blockheads who, while attempting to lay claim to the moral high ground, most believing that they are idealists, are in fact are spouting half baked theories, which undermine our nation.

For many years after the last war we were subjected to the fellow travelling propaganda of CND, who sought to convince us to throw away our nuclear weapons, despite facing a tyranny which wished to subject us to a Marxist nightmare. Only recently a supporter of such lunacy in our local paper tried to justify unilateral disarmament, asking if if nuclear weapons would have protected us from 9/11. Of course they would not, but that is not why we have them. We hold them for the same reason that prudent people have house and car insurance. We hope that we will never have to actually use them, but possession ensures that hostile nuclear armed nations will be deterred from using them on us, either to destroy us, or to blackmail us into acceding to their demands.

Had those monsters Hitler or Stalin had sole ownership of such weapons they would have used them instantly to achieve their vile ends, while, if the West were to renounce them, it would then be possible for a fanatical nuclear armed Islamic regime to demand that we submit to Sharia law, mutilating criminals, stoning homosexuals, and reducing women to third class citizens, on pain of seeing our cities destroyed one by one unless we submitted. Even worse they could demand that we surrender our Jewish compatriots to their tender mercies, although I do not believe that we would do so, whatever the consequences.

If it was even achievable to remove them from the world it would only have the effect of ensuring that large scale conventional warfare would return, the overwhelming advantage going to the vast armies of China and Russia. If we are to remain free we need to deter enemies from even contemplating attacking us, and nuclear weapons are the only way in which to do that, yet still the dinosaurs of CND refuse to recognize the fact. How many remember the harridans of the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp established to protest against nuclear weapons being placed at RAF Greenham Common in Berkshire, claiming that their aims were the removal of cruise missiles, the end of use of nuclear weapons and world peace. Quite apart from the fact such weapons have not actually been used since 1945, when they were necessary to save the lives of perhaps a million Allied troops, facing a vile and implacable enemy, demands for world peace fly in the face of the reality that human nature is such that only the threat of a forceful response will prevent evil regimes from attacking others. I remember even now, when the Soviet Empire had fallen, a commentator on, where else but the BBC, thanking some CND activists for achieving peace, a complete nonsense, given that it was the determined resistance of Reagan and Thatcher to the siren voices of appeasement that finally brought the downfall of Communism. Those nuclear weapons at Greenham Common helped save the free world, not destroy it.

For the moment the cretins of CND have been relegated to being no more than a minor irritant, although the danger of them springing back to life under a left wing government cannot be entirely discounted. Now however the sort of numbskulls who made up their ranks have been replaced by equally deluded dunces who have seized upon dubious claims made about anthropological climate change to seek to undermine our society, and once again, we see the establishment, and much of the media, at best appeasing them, and at worst actually agreeing with them.

One would have thought that the contrary, and frequently incorrect assertions made by so called scientific experts concerning the Coronavirus epidemic would have made clear that to 'rely on the science' means little when the science is itself questionable, but this is the mantra of those convinced that, in order to 'save the planet', we must sacrifice our way of life. A few years ago the scientific consensus was that we should fear the end of the current interglacial, but now the most vociferous claim that the opposite is true.

In all the propaganda from climate change obsessives how often do we hear about the medieval warming period from 950 AD to 1250 AD, when average global mean temperatures have been calculated to be similar to the early-mid-20th-century warming. Possible causes included increased solar activity, decreased volcanic activity, and changes in ocean circulation. Nothing to do with Man's activities! This period was then followed by global cooling from about 1300 to 1850, and it should also be noted that we are actually still living in an Ice Age. About 50 million years ago, the planet was too warm for polar ice caps, but Earth has mostly been cooling ever since. The planet does not need saving, as it has been in existence for approximately four billion years, and will likely survive another four billion, until the Sun leaves the main sequence, and becomes a red giant.

Do the idiots shouting about climate change even know this? It seems unlikely, as we have learnt that one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion, when taxed with why she drives a diesel car, said that she couldn't afford an electric car, but that she needed to take her children to sports fixtures. At the same time one of the volunteers said that he could not afford solar panels, as the average cost was six thousand pounds, and anyway he didn’t care that his own house was not insulated. Are these people so steeped in their self righteous, holier-than-thou mindset that they cannot understand that it is precisely because ordinary people cannot afford to be deprived of their cars, or gas boilers, that they oppose the demands of these extremists? They are either not very bright, or blatant hypocrites, when they demand that we should sacrifice our standard of living at a time when China is intending to build hundreds of new coal fired power stations, their emissions already dwarfing ours.

While it is sensible that incremental steps be taken to replace finite resources these should not be undertaken at a precipitate rate, endangering our energy supplies, and undermining our economy, particularly when the contribution of this country to CO2 emissions represents less than one per cent of the global total. To reduce our gas storage capacity to an absolute minimum, to rely on the wind, which doesn't always blow, and to make cars, and warm homes, too expensive for the working class, in order to appease the green obsessed chattering classes, are policies which will result in misery for millions in pursuit of a chimera. If the Conservatives wish to be reelected they should abandon this fixation on a dubious theory, and cease to listen to the environmental fanatics.

Those arrogant, and self righteous, green activists blocking motor ways are putting innocent people at risk, and disrupting the lives of many thousands, while in their so called movement they number a convicted dealer in heroin, and a holocaust denier, but incredibly seem to believe that they are morally superior to the decent people to whom they are causing such problems. Unsurprisingly we are now seeing the result of the appeasement by the political and cultural elite of politically correct agitators, as those charged with defending us against criminals become instead their accomplices, as which watch in disbelief the police actually escorting these scum (thank you Angela Rayner for adding to the number of acceptable political epithets) onto the roads, and then prevent enraged motorists from removing them. The police claim, probably with some justification that weak laws, and gutless prosecutors in the CPS, make it impossible deal with the green morons, but, if this is so, then it is up to our elected politicians to take action now.

The real cost of our political elite having accepted without question the specious arguments of the environmental lobby, and its appeasement of these extremists who seek to disrupt our society, is now becoming clear, as millions struggle to find petrol for their cars, and we face enormous rises in energy prices, both impacting domestic users, and putting industrial output at risk. While we are told that we must increase our reliance on so called green sources, the reality is that this country is blessed with enough fossil fuels to maintain our society for decades, yet the green fascists are preventing their use. There is still a large amount of gas available in the North Sea, the extent of shale gas underground is enormous, as an island we can develop tidal power, while nuclear power, so deplorably neglected thanks to the environmental lobby, could secure centuries of power. Of course, whisper it quietly, we also still have huge coal stocks which could be used.

We should immediately approve new gas fields in the North Sea, restart fracking, launch a programme to develop nuclear power, both via main stations, and through the UK SMR technology envisaged by the Rolls-Royce-led UK consortium, while massively increasing our gas storage capacity, and ensuring that our coal stocks are rebuilt to the sort of level achieved by Mrs Thatcher, coal fired power stations being made available once again. Money should also be made available to develop tidal power, something which we, as an island, are in a perfect position to do. Incidentally the recent petrol crisis has been blamed by irreconcilable Remainers on Brexit, but the reality is very different. Neglect and exploitation of HGV drivers has reduced the number in the profession, while the mere mention of petrol shortages caused the problem. It seems likely that this can be traced back to anti Brexit figures within the Road Haulage Association, who are so anxious to kiss the backsides of Brussels bureaucrats that they don't care about the trouble they are causing. There is no mystery as to why we are experiencing an HGV crisis. If commentators were to listen to the workers themselves they would learn that there are very good reasons why truckers have been leaving the profession. One, who has since resigned, says that on the Continent parking places, rest areas, and adequate food outlets are provided, whereas in this country truckers are treated as a nuisance to be moved on, ignored and disparaged. They will not be attracted to the UK merely by three month visas, and inadequate pay rises. Obviously to provide proper compensation, and good working conditions, for a difficult, and often dangerous job, would mean that costs will rise, but as anyone who has studied basic economics knows, in a free market economy, if the supply of something does not meet demand the cost of the former must rise to meet the latter, and this applies to labour as much as to goods.

Unfortunately, thanks to the need to provide employment for the large number of surplus graduates generated by the ridiculous policy of sending so many to university, the country has created a vast number of useless jobs, and then overpaid those recruited. We do not need diversity consultants, HR managers or armies of NHS directors, but we do need truckers, electricians, plumbers etc., yet the former are paid large salaries, while the latter, being regarded as just working class, are not. We need to follow the example of nations such as Switzerland, where useful professions are valued, but as usual, the class system in this country prevents the necessary rebalancing away from middle class concerns. Perhaps the current crisis will force us to face up to the manner in which this is undermining our economy, thanks to decades of political incompetence, and entrenched attitudes to employment. However the main parties seem more concerned with absurd theories on climate, while the Labour party in particular now only cares about sexual and ethnic minorities, not the working class which it once represented.

Successive governments have stupidly allowed us to become more and more reliant on foreign sources of power, despite the fact that we have the potential to supply all of our needs ourselves. Now we see France in a position to cut off electricity supplies via the inter-connectors merely to support a group of fishermen, while even more worrying we are vulnerable to hostile action by Russia, unless we back down to Mr Putin over so many issues. The arrogance of green activists in believing that they can just avoid using the democratic systems we have developed over centuries in order to achieve change, and merely force us to succumb to their demands is imperilling democracy. The politicians must drop this insane fixation with climate change, and puts the interests of the British people first, or the appeasement of the environmentalists will do what Neville Chamberlain and his supporters only just failed to do, and destroy this country.