Don't trust the Tories

One wonders how long some Eurorealists will deceive themselves into believing that the Conservative party has any intention reversing moves towards a single European state. Only recently a columnist in the Daily Telegraph described David Cameron as a convinced Eurosceptic but the evidence for such a claim is nowhere to be seen.

I have long believed that the race for worst ever British PM was between Neville Chamberlain, and his appeasement policies, and Heath, with his betrayal of the nation to the EU, the former winning by a short head because of the devastation wreaked by the Second World War. However now Cameron is coming up on the rails, as yet not in touch with the leaders, but showing potential which might yet take him into contention.

In a short period in office Cameron has reneged on all the promises he made regarding the EU but this is par for the course for most Prime Ministers. Where he is making a name for himself is in his emasculation of the Armed Forces, making it increasingly difficult for us to defend ourselves in a dangerous world. One can only consider his likely future deprivations with foreboding.

When looking at some of my old files the other day I came upon an article written by Andrew Alexander in the Daily Mail in April 2001 in which he told readers not to support UKIP as the Conservative party was 'moving inexorably towards withdrawal'. Nearly ten years later we have a Conservative party led by someone who seems more like a reincarnation of Edward Heath, and which continues to talk a good game, and then sign up for everything.

It is the Conservative party we have to thank for involving us in the EU in the first place, and for signing every federalist treaty presented to them. The current government has compounded these betrayals by its disgusting treatment of our armed forces, leaving this country less well defended than it was at the time of appeasement. They make even New Labour look patriotic.

How they can describe themselves as Conservatives is beyond me. They seek to conserve nothing of the things that once made this country great, instead giving away even our sovereign independence to an alien and undemocratic superstate.

In this situation I hope that UKIP will reconsider the limited ambitions it seems to have set for itself recently. In the early days we saw our task not as merely supplanting the Liberal Democrats, but as leading the country out of the morass of the European project, and not as seeking a referendum on the EU, but regarding a majority at Westminster as the justification for immediate withdrawal.

The tasks for a truly patriotic government must extend beyond ending membership of the EU, as the major parties have done so much damage to this country in so many areas that action is required across the board. I trust that UKIP will reassert its original ambition to replace the failed political class with people determined to see Britain restored to itself.