Education for the proles

The pigs gorging themselves at the EU trough have finally woken up to the fact that their easy life may be under threat, as the result of the promised referendum is not as cut and dried as they expected. Already the usual suspects are everywhere, attempting to frighten the electorate and producing the same tired and completely false arguments they have used for decades.

Unsurprisingly the political class are in the forefront, the Heathite Tories like Clarke claiming that to leave would be a disaster and three of the four contenders for the Labour leadership declaring their undying loyalty to Brussels. Jeremy Corbyn offers some hope as far as the EU is concerned but is by no means a committed opponent and anyway his views on such matters as the Middle East and defence are anathema to most Eurorealists. The squeaks from the Liberal Democrats in their phone box are of course irrelevant and the slavish devotion of the SNP to the concept of a federal Europe says all one needs to know about them.

Naturally the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation is doing all it can to support its paymasters in Europe. Anyone obtaining their news only from the BBC would believe that the shambles at Calais and the chaos in Kent caused by a combination of French strikers and economic migrants were nothing to do with the EU and its benighted Schengen agreement, while the blanket coverage given to President Obama's ill advised comments on the UK and Europe was positively obscene. It is deplorable that President Obama seeks to influence the referendum to be held on UK membership of the EU and it also illustrates how little he, and many of his fellow countrymen, understand of the true nature of the European Union. Not only would the lack of democracy in the latter be rejected outright by freedom loving Americans but it also possesses an anti American bias which, should the aim of creating a single European state be achieved, would split the West and lead to hostility between the two continents.

The fat cats of the CBI are vocal in their defence of their beloved EU but, in reality, over ninety percent of jobs in the UK are provided by small to medium businesses and these are not so keen on subservience to Brussels. While the big companies love to deal with easily corruptible apparatchiks smaller enterprises are subjected to endless regulation and interference which prevents them from operating efficiently and create costs which undermine their profitability.

A new voice has recently been raised in support of the EU, emanating from the UK universities, who are claiming that to leave would be disastrous for research funds and student exchanges etc. Anyone who knows anything about the modern education system, or any reader of Private Eye, can testify that the higher education establishments are now infested with highly paid but incompetent senior executives and managers, much as the case with the NHS, whose raison d'ĂȘtre is their own personal enrichment, rather than any commitment to the dissemination of knowledge, and, like most of the bureaucratic class, love the EU as it is the ultimate product of their mindset, and a guarantor that much of the resources of the nations involved will go towards perpetuating the managerial culture which provides their personal wealth.

By raising their heads above the parapet the educational establishment invites a scrutiny of how much they have contributed towards advancing the Europhile cause and it is not a pretty picture. Those of us who benefited from the education system bequeathed by the Act of 1944 know just how good it was and can now recognize how far it has declined since the days of the eleven plus followed by O levels and then A levels, based on examinations where only a pen might be taken into the exam room. A restricted availability of university places, financed by state grants and allowing students to leave at the end of their time with useful degrees and without vast debts was so much preferable to the nonsense of sending vast numbers to college, only to emerge with qualifications that do not even help them find decent jobs. That the successful system of the fifties has been replaced by inferior methods is evidenced by the current complaints by universities that so many arriving to study for degrees need remedial teaching to make up for the gaps in the essential knowledge required. Our youngsters are the victims of a gigantic confidence trick.

If it were not for the pressure exercised by the educational establishment to replace a conventional, and successful, system by the nonsense of progressive methods we would not have seen standards decline as they have over past decades, although, of course, such methods allow poor teachers to survive whereas in the past they would have been dismissed. Anyone who has interviewed youngsters for jobs or even just seen them on TV is aware that, through no fault of their own, their breadth of knowledge is very limited. They have been fed a diet of celebrity and vacuous pop music but how many, except those taking specific degrees know much of philosophy, politics or, most importantly, history.

In order for a democracy to function properly the electorate must have a least a basic knowledge of how it came into being, developed and what are its main characteristics. When people have only a vague understanding of the system of representative democracy, couldn't tell you when the Chartists or the Suffragettes were active, or even who they were, and probably think Napoleon and Richard III were contemporaries then they are highly unlikely to interest themselves in the arguments for and against the EU. I do not believe in conspiracy theories so doubt that the situation in which we now find ourselves is the result of a deliberate ploy but, as it is so much to the advantage of the Europhiles, I am sure that they are happy to see the general public more interested in the National Lottery, football and the personal lives of moronic celebrities than they are in the vital issues concerning the future of our democracy. For those few that are the courses on offer in our schools relating to such matters are now heavily biased in favour of the Brussels dictatorship.

Naturally the greatest political thinker since the war, George Orwell, identified this phenomenon in his works, most particularly in 1984, where the proles were fed with the trivial and inconsequential, ensuring that it did not even occur to them to question the political system under which they lived. We should be in no doubt that those in the universities extolling the so called virtues of the EU know only too well that they have succeeded in slanting the entire education system against any idea of criticising the concept of the UK becoming a part of a federal Europe. They must be regarded in the same way as the mouthpieces of the CBI, being nothing more than beneficiaries of the largesse distributed by the Brussels elite directed at those who seek to further the undemocratic aims of the latter.