For God's sake stop it!

We cannot open a newspaper, or turn on a news programme, without immediately being lectured, nagged, and accused by the lunatics now dominating this country. According to them, if we are white we are guilty of racism, if male of misogyny, if heterosexual, of homophobia, and its little brother, transphobia. We should get down on our knees and apologise for being British, as we obviously are responsible for every ill in the world, our history is something of which we should be ashamed, our greatest historical and literary figures should be condemned for being complicit in all this evil, and we must make amends by paying vast sums to other nations, even when our own people are suffering economic hardship. If there are millions of people wanting to invade our country, as so called refugees, they should all be allowed in, and those indigenous people requiring homes, doctors and teachers should be pushed to the back of the queue. The wishes of the majority to escape from the dictatorship centred in Brussels must be reversed, our most cherished liberties concerning freedom of speech, and even thought, should be ended, and the police force tasked with becoming a Thought Police, ignoring actual crimes in order to persecute anyone daring to question the maniacal obsessives now determining what it is acceptable to say.

Franz Kafka was renowned for his pessimistic beliefs, as he said that "the human condition is well beyond tragic or depressed. It is absurd. The whole human race is the product of one of God's bad days. There is no meaning to make sense of our lives." Most of us would reject that, but, with every day that passes, we seem to be sinking into an insane dystopia. The Ancient Greeks understood humanity better than most and the expression "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad" is derived from their writings. They would have recognised how much this applies to our society today, as the political, bureaucratic and cultural elites have all lost their minds.

The Labour and Liberal Democratic parties abandoned ordinary citizens some years ago, preferring to put the interests of almost anyone before those of the majority, whether by elevating the claims of sexual minorities to be the only acceptable view, or favouring those who have no connection to this country over the indigenous population. In this they have been joined by the Conservative party, which, in an insane pursuit of the dubious theory of man-made climate change, is leaving millions in dire fuel poverty, while ignoring our domestic resources. Any generation before this would have totally rejected the lunacy of the so called 'trans' lobby, and the criminal activities of Extinction Rebellion, and others, would have been stopped, by firm and decisive action, yet supposed conservatives seemed to have forgotten that the majority of the population are heterosexual, of European background, and quietly patriotic, proud of their country, and its past.

The bureaucrats are ruining the NHS, and large numbers of civil servants are declining to be persuaded to return to work. In all the years I worked for the Civil Service a refusal to come in the office would have resulted in dismissal, but this weak minded government just wrings its hands.

Nothing is done about the takeover of our universities by the woke, who are turning them into centres for brainwashing youngsters into hating their own country, deriding its past and believing rubbish such as "Men are Women". The manner in which bureaucrats now undermine policies espoused by democratically elected representatives is a scandal, and the apparently orchestrated attempts to eject ministers with unproven accusations concerning their behaviour is a disgrace.

Culturally the humourless obsessives, not content with attacking Shakespeare, Milton and other literary greats, have now turned their attention to the great works of Puccini, Verdi and even Mozart. The cancellation of anyone who does not accept their moronic views is destroying free speech.

As a young man working in London I frequently attended performances at the ENO, while my wife and I have also patronised the Donmar theatre on many occasions. Now, after the takeover of the National Trust by the woke, the same thing has happened within the Arts Council, which has decided to cut off money to these venues, thus ensuring their demise, while transferring funding to organisations which meet with the approval of the left liberals now dominating our society. Over two million pounds is to go to the Headlong Theatre, whose artistic director has described Henry V as the pinnacle of white supremacy, and toxic masculinity, saying that "I felt like I'd discovered the dirty, murky roots of English nationalism" Clearly this woman has, in Churchill's words, been "very loosely educated" as the play is about two nations  which were both overwhelmingly white, at a time when males were the governing class. Nearly one and a half million pounds is to go the Artichoke Theatre whose recent projects included a billboard saying "Hey Straight White Men, Pass the Power", while the Discover Children's Story Centre staging a Drag Story Time for children aged three to seven is to receive nearly two hundred thousand pounds. Music Action International is getting a third of a million pounds, yet this is an organisation which has criticised immigration policy, and described the Rwanda plan as brutal.

How dare these people, receiving money from the National Lottery, take such biased positions on political matters. One can imagine the reaction from the liberal establishment if the money were directed to the Conservative party. How much longer are we going to tolerate these people burrowing away in every public and charitable body, undermining this country, and insulting all of us who do not subscribe to their narrow, bigoted philosophy? It is obviously time for root and branch reform of the Arts Council, as well as of the National Trust, and indeed of any organisation now infested by such ideas.

It is now obvious that Conservative MPs are increasingly likely, just as in the case with irreconcilable Remainers, to refuse to accept the results of a democratic vote, and to undermine whoever attempts to lead. Michael Gove is a serial plotter, while social liberals such as Penny Mordaunt would be better suited to be members of the Liberal Democratic party, but it is those backbenchers, seemingly constantly itching to submit letters calling for a leadership contest, who are destroying the party. Indeed, those who are not motivated by personal ambition are Social Democrats, not Conservatives. Thanks to them, we are on a course to return to the dead end policies beloved of the left wing consensus, as it looks almost certain that the Labour party will win the next general election with a large majority.

We will face a government whose economic policies, based on a magic money tree, will ensure continued decline. Hunt and Sunak have already undermined any claim by the new government to be resolute in the face of opposition, and doomed the country to continue its decline into irrelevancy. Undoubtedly women will discover that so much which they have gained over the past hundred years will be negated by the liberal left's insane desire to put the welfare of a vanishing small sexual minority over the interests of the former, as we endure a Prime Minister who cannot even define what constitutes a woman. Defence will be further cut back, at a time when the totalitarians are a growing menace, and a pursuit of a woke agenda will undermine our society in the name of so called egalitarianism.

The Remainers will insist that we once more place ourselves at the mercy of the unelected and corrupt bureaucrats of Brussels, thus negating the greatest expression of democratic will in our history, and we may also expect almost unlimited illegal immigration, which the Labour party will not even try to prevent. The blame for this betrayal of the interests of the majority of the ordinary people should be laid at the door of those pygmies on the Tory backbenches, who will no doubt find themselves deservedly unemployed following the election.

Over three quarters of a century I have seen this country go through many crises, even wars, and have never felt such despair as I do now. The BBC is a disgrace, the mainstream media is more concerned with an idiot prancing about in the jungle, than in the imminent demise of our democracy, and those supposedly in charge are just concerned with feathering their own nests. When I talk to friends and acquaintances about all this I find that ninety nine per sent are in agreement that it needs to be stopped, but the omens are not good, as far too many just shrug their shoulders, and have given up hoping that it can be. They are like those who in the Weimar Republic, ignored the political activities of the Nazis, and were then surprised when their front doors were kicked down in the 1930s.

Clearly, as the Conservatives become more and more like the Liberal Democrats, there is a desperate need for a democratic party of the centre Right to represent the interests of the ordinary people by restoring economic stability, and eschewing the increasingly hysterical policies of those who seem to think that men are women, Britain is responsible for all of the ills of the world, and that our history should be treated as something of which to be ashamed, not proud.

The answer to all these lunatics should be to tell them to shut up, to refuse them the oxygen of publicity, and to eject them from positions which they are using to advance their foul opinions. These failed elites must be replaced by those who believe in the ordinary people, and in the country. The real British people should be given the chance to vote for a party which would seek to achieve this, and they must then ignore previous allegiances and actually do so.

Edmund Burke said "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.".

Decent people must wake up before it is too late.