Fight the Hydra

There are lines from Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner which I find particularly evocative, especially when on a solitary walk in the country Like one, that on a lonesome road, Doth walk in fear and dread, And having once turned round walks on, And turns no more his head; Because he knows, a frightful fiend, Doth close behind him tread..

Of course we know that such things do not really exist, so the thrill of fear is merely an emotional reaction to a poet's genius. However we now face a situation where, if we just concentrate on our normal lives, ignoring the growing chorus of lunacy which is getting every closer, we are in as grave a danger as Coleridge's walker, for close behind us walks, not a fiend, but a many headed Hydra. In the Greek myths the Hydra had many heads, and if you cut off one head, two more would grow back in its place. It was no easy task to defeat it as even Hercules had to call on his nephew Iolaus for help.

The first of the heads, which is also one of the most venerable, is our old friend Health and Safety. My father worked in the danger buildings in the Woolwich Arsenal during the war, while my father-in-law operated a crane in a Northern steelworks for forty years, so I am well aware of the need for rules and regulations to limit where possible the dangers encountered in such places. However we are also well aware of the manner in which endless businesses, and public bodies, have used false health and safety claims to impose limits whenever it suits them, usually to the despair of the actual Health and Safety executive. This may seem a relatively benign annoyance, but it is a stage on the slippery slope of allowing unaccountable bureaucrats and general busybodies to interfere with our lives.

A second head is Health and Safety's little friend Risk Assessment. Again there are very many situations where is is sensible, indeed essential for a genuine, and thorough assessment to be made, such as when developing a new nuclear power station. However the whole process has, as is the way with such things, generated a new bureaucratic industry, where what should be no more than an intelligent person's common-sense interpretation of matters, results in endless form filling etc. The object of this is firstly to enable blame for any untoward event to be heaped on individuals, when in fact the world is by its very nature an uncertain place, while once again giving petty bureaucrats the chance to stick their noses into every nook and cranny of our lives.

One more of this type of head is the exponential growth of that non profession Human Resources. As one who worked in an office for over forty years, and was the Chairman of our union branch for twenty years, I am only too aware of how the old Personnel departments, which existed to administer staff matters in a neutral fashion, were replaced by HR, an arm of management, a very different creature. Staff are constantly harassed by nonsensical policies emanating from these departments, while measures have been introduced which in effect discount the value of workers, by their insistence on treating staff as objects, rather than people. Not only do these departments allow inept managements to hide behind them, but they acted as part of that bureaucracy which was enthusiastically implementing the mountain of rules and regulations churned out by Brussels. Now that we are free of the latter we should also abolish the former.

Public bodies could be allocated a number of heads of their own. The proliferation of quangos are lovely job creation schemes for that section of society which are paid obscene salaries for the scolding and carping that they do so well, while failing to perform any effective discharging of their responsibilities. The biased Electoral Commission and OFCOM both come to mind. The latter is of course hopeless at dealing with that broadcasting organisation which probably deserves a dozen heads, the misnamed British Broadcasting Corporation. The bias of the latter is so obvious, in such matters as climate change, Brexit and the nightmare the LGBT crowd are trying to impose upon us, that the fact is hardly worth repeating. It needs a complete clear out from top to bottom.

However it is the remaining heads where the true danger to our way of life is to be found, among the so called 'woke' movements which have arisen, and now threaten every facet of our culture, and our very freedoms.

The killing of George Floyd was utterly deplorable, and it is unsurprising that so many people are incensed by it. However this event has given birth to the Black Lives Matter movement, which many support as they believe that it is espousing a moral position with which few could disagree. Unfortunately the truth is that it is anti capitalist, anti nuclear family, and, worst of all blatantly anti Semitic, so those footballers taking the knee, are, while well intentioned, are nevertheless giving support to an organisation whose leaders have expressed anti Jewish opinions comparable to those of the Nazis.

Another head represents an organisation, drawn from the same group of Marxist agitators which have been behind so many of the supposed benevolent movements, who have attempted to use protests to undermine our society for decades, is Extinction Rebellion. In recent months we have seen these climate change activists block roads, interfere with the journeys of rail commuters, attack commercial buildings, and even attempt to censor our daily newspapers. Ostensibly they do this in the name of a theory that the planet is undergoing a dangerous episode of warming, brought about by the emissions emanating from human activity. They claim that they are either drawing attention to the problem, something hardly required, given that we have all been exposed to their views ad nauseam, or that they are taking direct action aimed at stopping those activities which they deem unacceptable. However it is noticeable that these gestures are all directed at Western enterprises.

It has just been announced that the number of coal-fired power stations granted approval globally has risen for the first time since 2015, with China making up two thirds of all plans for such plants, as the Chinese regime approved a 45pc increase on 2019 levels. In contrast the UK has largely phased out such power plants, in 2019 coal accounting for 2.8pc of total UK energy, including power generation and blast-furnaces for steel making. It is not difficult to identify the reasons for Extinction Rebellion failing to, for instance, demonstrate outside the Chinese Embassy, or organise a boycott of Chinese goods. While many of their supporters are gullible idealists, who think that they are responding to a higher moral imperative, the driving force behind this organisation, just as it is behind other such protest groups such as Black Lives Matter, and Stop the War, is an ingrained hatred of Western civilisation, arising from the anarchistic and nihilistic philosophies which have always inspired such people.

I regret to say that, while I am a supporter of animal rights, and refuse to eat meat for ethical reasons, Extinction Rebellion now has a little sister, Animal Rebellion, using civil disobedience methods that include graffiti, trespassing onto livestock industry premises, and street blockades. The movement states on its website that it is nonviolent and focuses its actions on systems, not individuals, but it often marches in protests together with Extinction Rebellion, and once again consists of the same sort of agitators whose aims go far beyond what they claim them to be.

For my final head I nominate the warriors of the gender wars who are totally distorting our society, with their ridiculous demands that we change our thinking to accord with their view of the world. These people are rather like the ouroboros, the mythical snake which eats its own tail, or perhaps remind one of the famous saying by 18th Century propagandist Jacques Mallet du Pan that like Saturn, the Revolution devours its children. Those feminists who have lectured us on our shortcomings for decades now find themselves at the receiving end from the trans activists, who actually represent a vanishingly small sexual minority, but now demand that we accept absurdities such as changing pronouns, allowing their acolytes to use toilets intended for the opposite sex, and permit convicted male thugs to self identify as women, and spend their prison sentences in female jails. Rather amusingly the homosexual pressure group Stonewall has overreached itself, and is now losing sponsorship from government departments, not that our taxes should ever have been used for such things anyway.

Following on from the government ending the insulting courses aimed at white people who are accused of unconscious racial bias, this is a good sign that the worm may be turning. However the fact that attempts are being made to force, under the threat of loss of privileges, the members of the House of Lords to attend courses about sexual harassment is a worrying development. Most prefer their cocoa!

As one can see from the above the Hydra headed monster is a threat to all ordinary, decent people. A fightback is taking place via the Free Speech Union, and Laurence Fox's Reclaim party, plus the current government is taking some steps to rectify matters, but it is a mammoth task, for which we will require all the strength of Hercules. It must be won if our society is ever to return to what is was before the lunatics took over the asylum.