Gloat, me?

Those of us raised correctly were taught manners at an early age. To say please and thank you, to hold doors open for ladies, to shake hands on being properly introduced etc. At our bowls club we all shake hands with both our team members, and the opponents, before and after the game, saying "Well played" even when that was clearly not the case. One of the values we were also taught was that, when one wins at anything, one should never gloat, and give due respect to the losers.

However, after decades of being described as ignorant, unintelligent, racist, part of the great unwashed etc. by those who lost so comprehensively in the general election I am defying the convention and indulging in the greatest gloat I can manage.

Before I begin I must record that my reaction on seeing the utter defeat of the Remainers and their friends was akin to that Churchill reports of the Americans he was with when the news of Pearl Harbour came to No 10, in that he said “one might almost have thought that they had been delivered from a long pain“. He also says that that night he slept the sleep of the saved and thankful. Although the situation is obviously not as dire as 1941 the fact that we would not be called upon to endure a Marxist regime, or continue under a Brussels dictatorship, is a blessed relief to all decent people.

The late, great Sid James, when one week Hancock had decided to become a philosopher, described Bertrand Russell, whose insane apologia for Soviet Communism, and his support for throwing away our weapons, negated all the good he had previously done, as ‘a bit of a steamer’. Although the denizens of North London drawing rooms would have a fit of the vapours at this description, ordinary, down to earth, people, know exactly what he meant. 'Steamers' is a perfect name for the alliance of moronic Marxists, rancid Remainers, lunatic left liberals, empty headed environmentalists, and weak minded 'woke' activists. They really seemed to think that the sensible, patriotic, and level headed British supported their stupid ideas, and are left reeling by the fact that they have been proved to be a small, cretinous minority.

The simple answer to all these people is “We won, you lost, just shut up”. That arrogant, idiotic halfwit Anna Soubrey used an American phrase ‘Suck it up’, basically proclaiming that the pro-EU establishment in this country feels perfectly free to veto the instructions of the ­British ­people, because we are pig-ignorant peasants whose opinions are irrelevant. However a more British response is that given often by Hancock when confronted by similar block heads “Get knotted“. This answer should be given to all those pathetic Europhile MPs who left their parties to stand as independents, as they all lost (Hooray!). Let us not forget the ignorant luvvies like Hugh Grant, who tweeted “there goes the neighbourhood”, and was answered by one person saying “Hugh, most of us could not afford to live on your street”. Of course the truly demented hysterics like Gina Miller are still talking of stopping Brexit, but only if Boris turned his coat like the Vicar of Bray, and proved to be a greater traitor than Benedict Arnold, could that happen. I for one do not believe that he would do such a thing so: “Get knotted, Gina”.

We have endured a plethora of so called Twitter storms every time we put forward the reasonable case for leaving the EU, and the dullards of the establishment thought that these cretins represented the views of the mass of the electorate. In fact these ill educated, know nothing, social media warriors are, for the most part, sitting in their bedrooms, waiting for their Mums to bring them a cup of tea, while they interrupt playing asinine computer games, and looking at pornography, to post comments which only display their complete inability to understand the simplest thing about politics, philosophy or history.

I recently saw an excellent quote from the 18th-Century Anglo-Irish philosopher Edmund Burke, which sums up these ignoramuses “Because half a dozen grasshoppers under a fern make the field ring with their importunate chink, whilst thousands of great cattle, reposed beneath the shadow of the British oak, chew the cud and are silent, pray do not imagine that those who make the noise are the only inhabitants of the field.” This is the intellectual response, but more rudimentary, but nevertheless accurate reactions would be “Empty vessels make the most noise”, or, as Del Boy would say “what a bunch of plonkers and dipsticks“.

The problem for the Labour party is that the Marxists have been trying for a century to infiltrate, and take it over. As they have succeeded they will never let it go, so any remaining moderates will be forced to create a new democratic socialist party, but without the name of ‘Labour’. The latter is what will still attract many tribal voters, regardless of the content of the manifesto presented by the lunatics of the far left. Of course, as politically aware people know, the Marxists themselves have no love for the EU, because its rules would prevent them implementing many of their policies. However they may have been forced to tip their hand earlier than they intended, and the people have seen the reality of the hard left, and rejected it. No doubt they hoped that the cultural Marxists burrowing away in our institutions, particularly education, would so subvert public discourse that they would be able to win elections, but perhaps they can now be dealt with, particularly as they have exposed for all to see their disgusting hatred of Jewish people.

The Remainers, as I have said before, have slavishly supported the EU and have spent three years trying to negate the greatest democratic decision taken in these islands. Having been decisively beaten once again, they still refuse to accept the fact, and now talk of setting up a ‘rejoin’ party. Well good luck with that! Apart from support for such an idea being non existent outside the enclaves of North London, there is every chance that the EU will have collapsed before our next general election.

The rest of the sorry crew, extreme environmentalists who worship at the feet of a sixteen year old obsessive, and would take us back to the caves rubbing sticks together for warmth, left liberals who are wrong on any issue one cares to name, and the whole politically correct crowd, who take offence at virtually everything, have been shown to be nothing more than paper tigers, worthy of being laughed at, not supported.

Now that this alliance has been routed at the ballot box the government has a golden opportunity to return our country to the path it should never have left, and restore sense to our political system.

Obviously implementation of a clean Brexit must be the first priority, but there are other constitutional changes which should be made as soon as possible. The Fixed Term Parliament Act, which allowed the opposition parties to place Parliament in deadlock should be abolished, while the recommendations regarding constituency boundaries must be put into effect, to prevent an unfair advantage being given to the opposition parties. In view of the success of the SNP Scotland a referendum on Scottish independence should be granted, on the clear understanding that if the Scots vote Leave, then they become a separate country, which we will not supply with funds. The only thing we need to do as a matter of urgency is move the nuclear submarine base to England.

The defences of the nation are in dire need of strengthening, in particular the Royal Navy requiring a significant number of new warships, and there must be enough coastal defence craft to ensure that we take back control of our fishing grounds. We should build them in the North, reopening steel works, and shipyards, and bring prosperity to those areas.

The cultural Marxists, whose pernicious influence in our education system has led to youngsters being uninformed as to the realities of Communist rule, must be removed, while the BBC stables need cleansing, as the unbridled bias shown by the organisation is a national disgrace. Funding for Channel 4 should also be removed, as the bias shown thereon is often even worse than the BBC.

The use of Health and Safety zealots to interfere as they wish must be stopped, and the ridiculous targets demanded by the environmental lobby regarding energy supplies must be labelled as such, any necessary changes managed over a reasonable time, while the humourless bigots on social media, who take offence at every turn, moaning and nagging, should be completely ignored.

For the sake of those youngsters being stabbed in London on a daily basis, and for the safety of us all in the face of terrorist outrages, an end to soft penal policies is essential, and the police directed to fight crime, not investigate peoples' thoughts.

Finally I would encourage Eurorealists not to apologise for their beliefs, or to seek to compromise with the arrogant idiots, who have insulted them for years. Point out to the latter that they lost, gloat as much as possible, and glory in the fact that we won, and they lost. In Dick Tuck's 1966 concession speech, following his loss in a race for the California State Senate, his response was “the people have spoken, the bastards”. No doubt this is how the defeated this time feel, but that's democracy folks - just grow up and accept it.