Groundhog Day

In the past few months every time I sit down to write an article I feel like the main character in the 1993 film 'Groundhog Day', who was doomed to repeat the same day time and time again, as I must keep returning to the same issues, not because I wish to, but because nothing has changed, and not to take up the cudgels would be to grant victory to our enemies. I am sure that those intelligent enough to read the Realist are already convinced by the arguments put forward, but we must continue to make them.

The most significant matters upon which the future of this country depends remain: the necessity to turn back the tide of political correctness which is allowing the Thought Police to become a reality; the objective to stop the lunatics of the Green movement from destroying our way of life in the name of an unproven theory; the defeat of the Marxists who seek to subvert a genuine desire to end racial inequality through their use of a undemocratic, and anti Semitic, political movement; the removal of the liberal elite whose loyalties lie with our enemies; the need to honour the result of the EU referendum.

To take these in turn. The political correct, or, as they are known, 'woke', imbeciles seem to become more deranged every day, and unfortunately many of our major institutions have fallen to these obsessives. Following the ridiculous behaviour of the National Trust, which I am pleased to say has already cost them many supporters, a BBC presenter declared that "UK gardening culture has racism baked into its DNA", a statement which even a fellow panellist on Gardeners' Question Time described as 'bonkers'. Officials at the Cartoon Museum have declared that they will reduce displays of the work of some of our best known satirists because "the galleries over-represent "white, cisgender men". For those who live in the real world cisgender is defined as "denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex". In other words about 95% of people. Satirists aren't in it.

Incidentally the National Trust continues on its merry, insane way, despite the reaction to its previous nonsense. One of its officials, tasked with working on Churchill, and Chartwell, tweeted that Margaret and Denis Thatcher loved one another because "two of the vilest human beings had so much in common", while he also attacked the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their train tour to thank key workers. We should ask how much longer must we tolerate vile persons such as this to be part of public life?

One of the most prolific of offenders is of course the BBC, and a recent study revealed that 74 per cent of slots provided to so called comedians were occupied by those who openly supported 'woke' views, as well as treating the seventeen million who voted to leave the EU as morons, in one case describing them as "headbangers, zealots, and quislings". Clearly this latter bigot has no idea who Quisling was, as it is the Remainers who are the traitors, supporting a foreign power's take over of our country. It is not as if there were not many comedians available who hold different views, but of course the BBC is controlled by those who would never allow them to appear.

Undergraduates at the University of Manchester want the word 'black' to be banned from lectures and textbooks, councillors in London have urged that railway stations such as 'Maryland', 'East India' and 'Canning Town' be renamed because of imaginary links with slavery, while in Brent the council is considering renaming Gladstone Park.

Even Barnardos is promulgating the theories of white privilege, but they should remember the travails endured by the white working class of this country, both in the past, and now. My parent's generation lived through the Great Depression, when, in some deprived areas, people even died of malnutrition, while the poverty still to be found in post industrial areas makes claims of privilege absurd. Middle class metropolitan elitists may feel guilty about their own privilege, but it is a myth that the vast majority of people enjoy such, merely because they are white.

A former Miss New Jersey attacked Gal Gadot, because she claimed that an Arab, rather than an Israeli, should play Cleopatra, not knowing in her ignorance the fact that the latter had actually Greek and Persian, not Arab heritage. The British Library's chief librarian claimed "racism is a creation of white people", clearly never having encountered the millions of Chinese and Japanese whose racism holds comparison with the Klan, or the black militants whose hatred of the Jews is as intense as that shown by the Nazis.

There was a small glimmer of hope in that Cambridge University academics voted down a proposal from its establishment, which would have denied free speech to many, although how long this reversal will be tolerated by the zealots involved is open to question. It does prove that 'woke' extremists can be defeated if only decent people are prepared to standup to them. Of course a move in the opposite direction has been taken at Eton College, where its appeals panel has upheld the suppression of free speech in the case of master Will Knowland. I trust that Harrow will benefit.

I could go on and on, but the facts are evident. The media chooses to support these idiots, talking of 'warnings', 'claims', and 'Twitter storms', all blown out of proportion. Those detailed above, and the vociferous psychopaths who infest social media, claim that people are 'offended' by those they decry, but actually only a small minority of obsessed snowflakes are concerned about such rubbish. We should tell these people that we don't care if they are offended, that they offend us, and that they should just shut up.

Turning to the absurd, but dangerous, extremists of the environmental movement, they are being allowed far too much influence, thanks to the unaccountable desire of the government to appease Green fanatics. We must cease to indulge the ridiculous, but fashionable, agendas of the Green lobby, which are largely supported by uninformed youngsters, and middle class eco warriors, not ordinary people. The farce of cycle lanes appearing and disappearing within days in Tonbridge, and other Kent towns, is now to be eclipsed by the proposal to phase out petrol and diesel cars by 2030, while the impossible target of removing all gas fired boilers from homes in a similar time span has also been set. When one considers the fact that these changes will be completely irrelevant in a world where China has more coal fired power being developed than the entire coal capacity of the US, these idiotic proposals show how necessary it is for us to cease listening to know nothings such as Greta Thunberg, and to put the interests of ordinary people before the obsessions of the environmental fanatics.

While these people indulge in virtue signalling concerning problems which might, or indeed might not, arise in the future, those of us living now will not welcome losing access to affordable cars, nor be happy to endure freezing homes. By all means we should seek to adopt better methods of generating, and using, energy, but it is not necessary to throw the baby out with the bath water. The planet has been around for four billion years, and is good for a few billion yet, whatever we may do. Extinction Rebellion is a Marxist front, intent on destroying our economic system, and our democracy, and they must be rejected entirely.

Next, although racism is an evil which is spurned by decent people, once again a just cause has been hijacked by an extreme left wing front, namely 'Black Lives Matter'. When the fans at Millwall boo footballers 'taking a knee', some are no doubt animated by racial animus, but it is also true that it is not the wish of those seeking only an afternoon's entertainment to signify support for a blatantly anti Semitic movement, which aims at the overthrow of our democracy, and whose spokespeople openly talk about ending the 'nuclear family'. As I pointed out before a key leader of the anti Semitic BLM movement has stated that "Capitalism is terrorism", and that Churchill was an evil man, thus proving how the far left is now the inspiration for such organisations. These militants are doing more harm to race relations in the UK and the US than doing anything to help those enduring genuine injustice because of their race.

That so many of the matters discussed above exist at all is the fault of the domination of the UK by a selfish, arrogant, and unaccountable strata of society, whose influence far exceeds their numbers, or their merit. They are so convinced of their own righteousness, and so confident that they have a divine right to rule, they are impervious to reasoned argument. They infest the BBC, Sky, many public bodies, and local and central government bureaucracies, and the only solution is for them to be removed from their positions, otherwise they will undermine the nation, like termites undermine a tree. Of course they receive support from the halfwits of social media, but these latter are the modern equivalent of those who used to write moronic letters in green ink to organisations, or stand shouting nonsense on street corners.

Finally the continued saga of Brexit. The Psalm of David contains the heartfelt cry "How Long, O Lord?", and, although in a very different context, this is how Eurorealists have felt about the Brexit negotiations which seem, at last, to have reached a conclusion. Boris appears to have pulled a rabbit out of the hat by agreeing a deal at the last possible moment. However it is too soon to be certain of its true value for, as Nietzsche said in a different context, the devil is in the details. Compared to the attempted surrender by Theresa May's government it certainly seems a major improvement, but it is still some way from being the clean break so many of us desired when voting to leave the EU in 2016. Perhaps the grudging, and inaccurate comments by those such as the BBC, which confuses the need for additional red tape with an increase in tariffs, indicates that the Remainers are clutching at straws, now that their fox of No Deal has been shot.

The supporters of Brexit were animated by a desire to regain control of our own affairs, and not to see our democracy subverted by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, who are effectively accountable to no one, and whose diktats were imposed upon us without any sort of meaningful input from our elected representatives in Westminster. The European Parliament is merely a talking shop, and a fig-leaf created to cover the essentially dictatorial nature of the EU.

One correspondent in my local paper claimed that "Nobody voted for the toxic combination of Corona crisis plus Brexit disaster, which equals a 'Britastrophe", a statement which is absurd on many levels. The coronavirus was not even a cloud on the horizon when the vote took place, while Brexit is not a disaster, but is the salvation of this country, allowing us to turn back to the path we should never have left of being a sovereign, independent and democratic nation, not a province of a European single state. The vote was not about economics, but about who governs Britain. One wonders whether Remainers will ever accept the will of the electorate, or if we must wait until the inevitable collapse of the EU to be free of their constant harping.

The previous commitment to pay 39 billion pounds to Brussels has been tempered by the fact that it will spread over the next 37 years, by which time the EU may very well have collapsed, due to its own internal contradictions. Unfortunately the interests of British fishermen have been, at best, put on a back-burner, but, if the promises made are fulfilled, they will satisfied within a moderately short period, provided of course that any change in government does not see power pass to those whose loyalty is still to Brussels, not to their own people.

However the essential, and central, requirement that we have control of our own affairs, with no interference from any EU body, such as the ECJ seems to have been achieved, but one must be suspicious of the supposed independent arbitration, when Eurofanatics, such as Guy Verhofstadt, welcome it. The mechanism for deciding such matters will require a degree of impartiality which one must doubt can ever be shown by representatives of Brussels.

Over many decades we have traded at a loss with the EU, in contrast with the positive balances we enjoy with the rest of the world. The importance of our trade with the EU has gradually shrunk, and as this process continues, while we expand that with the rest of the world, the significance of disputes concerning the so called level playing field will also diminish to the point where they will become effectively irrelevant.

The negotiations have proved once and for all that the members of the EU are not our friends or partners, as many politicians describe them, but are actually our opponents, while the Remainers are selfish, and disloyal. How dare those who opposed using the Royal Navy to protect our fishing grounds have cavalierly advocated the sacrifice of the livelihoods of the fishermen of such places as Hastings, Grimsby, and Whitby because they were too pusillanimous to stand up to the bullies of the EU. If the homes of these people were in the process of being burgled, would they not want the police to intervene?

At the end of the day the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so we must watch how matters develop. If Boris is correct in his optimistic views, this deal this may be the end of a decades long nightmare, while, if he is wrong, then the fight for true sovereignty will need to be resumed. For the moment Boris deserves praise for achieving what generations of our Europhile politicians deemed impossible, so, to paraphrase the words of his own personal hero "we may be free and our life may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands".

Maybe one day this country will regain its sanity and we can go back to writing about mundane matters such as the maintenance of footpaths, or whether the local scout hut needs renovation, but for now we must continue to oppose our enemies wherever they are to be found, otherwise we shall lose all that makes our country the finest in the world.