Hate Year

Those who know George Orwell’s novel 1984 will be aware of his description of the daily two minute hate, and the annual Hate Week, when the populace is expected to express unreasoning hatred for the enemies of the ruling party. We, in the real Britain of 2017, have been experiencing what can only be described as Hate Year, although it seems likely to extend far beyond twelve months.

When the results of the EU referendum became clear the political establishment and their creatures in the media, and among so called opinion formers, were so shell shocked that they initially seemed to accept that the people had spoken, many saying that the wishes of the electorate must be respected. Of course, within a few months, they had regrouped, and we have now been subjected to an increasing volume of lies, ridiculous prophecies and downright hatred, directed at those who have dared to oppose their traitorous views.

Although I do not use so called social media, as it is totally dominated by those who are ignorant of facts, and who seem to consider that the right way to conduct a debate is to heap personal abuse upon others, I have attempted to answer some on the BBC forum, before realising that the same people also infest that outlet. Recently, when pointing out to one that his contention that supporters of the Leave campaign were inevitably rightwing was incorrect, as so many past and present Labour figures also opposed membership of the EU, I received a reply which ignored the names given and merely referred to me as a “mouth breathing elderly racist”. This illustrates the mental level of those whose support for the EU seems based on nothing more than an hysterical refusal to believe that the proud British nation can survive without direction from arrogant bureaucrats in Brussels.

Of course, those whose intelligence is somewhat greater than the swamp dwellers of social media (I can exchange insults with the best of them!), do not express their hatred in such terms, but use patronising language, implying that we of the Leave campaign are just poor misguided fools, who do not understand what is involved and should really listen to their betters. These include the organs of the liberal left such as the Guardian, the relics of the Independent, and the selfish, incompetent denizens of the City, who nearly destroyed the economies of the Western world in 2008, and whose mouthpiece is the Financial Times. Naturally one must not forget the overpaid, tax dodging, uninformed spokespeople of the BBC, an organisation which has betrayed its founding principles, and one which I am sure Lord Reith would reject as unworthy of his vision. The bias shown is so blatant and constant that it becomes almost laughable.

Among the froth of society we see a supposed satirical magazine such as Private Eye turn its back on years of criticising the EU in order to spew bile at those who have dared to point out that the Emperor has no clothes, revealing that they are what they have always been accused of being, a set of arrogant adolescents. Alternative comedians, the type who think it clever to attack the Queen, or Christianity, or the views of ordinary people, but who carefully avoid provoking the ire of the Islamist fundamentalists, are almost, although not quite, of one voice in applying their limited talents to attacking Brexit, and of course, that other target of the liberal left, Donald Trump. Football pundits, many of whom it turns out are avoiding tax on their already bloated salaries, and obscenely overpaid members of the luvvie profession, who managed this year to make a mess of their most prestigious awards ceremony, think themselves qualified to give their anti democratic opinions from the lofty heights of their celebrity.

Naturally the worse of the hate mongers can be found among the politicians, whose contempt for the electorate drips from every pore, and who are determined to protect their enhanced career structure, and well paid European sinecures, even if it means sacrificing the interests of their own fellow countrymen. Those who really stand for the interests of the people, such as Priti Patel and Boris Johnson are subjected to attacks far more virulent than is justified by their so called faults. Recently the Remainers have thrown up a smokescreen for their treasonous activities by promoting an overblown campaign concerning supposed sexual harassment, based largely on unsubstantiated allegations, not proven facts.

Finally, one should never forget that this sort of hate propaganda is not confined to the UK. Donald Trump, elected by the American people sick of the incompetence of the liberal elite, who have done so much damage to their country, is a target of the same set of anti democratic forces, while those in other European countries, putting forward Eurosceptic views, and thereby succeeding at the ballot box, are dismissed by the liberal chatterati as right wing, almost fascist, when in fact they are nothing of the kind, merely being people who are concerned that their nation not become a part of a federal state.

As always, Orwell knew the nature of the enemies of democracy, and those of us now facing them must never allow ourselves to be deterred or defeated by those whose motives are self serving, and who would betray everything this country has fought for over centuries.