How much more?

How much longer are Europhiles to be allowed to practice their doublethink on the public. They constantly tell us that the EU is good for the nations involved and speak of the undoubted economic benefits, not merely of membership of the organisation but of the single currency, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Today we learnt that, at a time when people all over Europe are being subjected to falls in their living standards and cuts to their national budgets, the arrogant dictators of the European Commission are demanding a 4.9% increase in their budget which, if implemented, will cost the hard pressed British taxpayers another £680 million per annum. For this vast sum we would get nothing, beyond yet more interference from these jumped up bureaucrats and even more laws to be imposed upon us without even the pretence of democratic control by the cowardly politicians of Westminster. Our current Prime Minister will no doubt huff and puff and then give in, as is his wont.

That the Euro is doomed is obvious to all but the most blinked and yet still the supposedly all knowing markets continue to treat it as if it really were a valid currency. When finally investors wake up to the truth the exchange rate against the pound and the dollar will fall faster than a stone dropped from an aeroplane. It is now only a matter of time before one of the countries suffering the most finally cracks and defaults and it is just a question of whether it is Greece, Portugal, Ireland or perhaps another.

It is no surprise that the politicians stick their head under the covers and claim that black is white for it is they who have the most to lose when the EU topples but it is a disgrace that the media have allowed them to get away with their lies and evasions for so long. The days when the press, or even more laughably the BBC, could claim to be the guardians of the national good are long gone.

It is becoming obvious that the corruption endemic within the European Union has poisoned the well of our democracy within our country.

The only reason this country remains within that undemocratic organisation is that it is to the personal advantage of the political class and their acolytes, and to them only. When the legislators of a nation scorn such concepts as duty, honour, loyalty and public service is it any surprise that the poison spreads everywhere, for a fish rots from the head. The scene today is reminiscent of that described by John of Gaunt in Richard II, "this dear dear land, Dear for her reputation through the world, Is now leased out".

The establishment of this country is rotten to the core, involving among others not merely a vast number of MEPs and MPs but also large sections of the media, local and national government apparatchiks, senior and not so senior figures in the financial sector.

It cannot be long now before we will be able to say to all these benighted idiots 'I told you so' but unfortunately the fallout from the collapse of the Euro and the EU means that we still have much to endure until the whole European project is finally consigned to the dustbin of history.

The task for those of us who still believe in the Britain we love is therefore far greater than just achieving withdrawal from the European Union. We need nothing less than a cleansing of the Augean stables of the cynical, corrupt and immoral parasites who are destroying everything for which this nation once stood.