Hysteria and lies

While those of us who have fought the Europhiles over decades always knew just what they were like it must have come as a surprise to many Leave supporters, who no doubt thought that living in a democratic country meant that the result of a binding referendum would be honoured. To their claims that Leavers were unintelligent or ignorant the Remainers have recently added that they were either persuaded by the misuse of data by social media giants, or that the Leave campaign had spent money illegally, and therefore that the vote had been corrupted.

In answer to the first of these nonsensical charges, given that the supporters of the EU constantly claim, without any evidence, that the reason Brexit was approved was that the older generation voted for it, how do they explain that it is that generation which is by far the least likely to pay attention to the rubbish on Facebook or Twitter, or indeed to use such as the source of news or opinion. Even those Leavers of my acquaintance who do use social media say that their opinions are not based on any postings they may read, but on their experience and knowledge of the issues involved.

As far as the second charge is concerned this would be risible, if it were not so serious. We know how the Remainers were given a free propaganda gift of nine million pounds when the government of David Cameron sent their pro EU leaflet to every home, while the resources made available to the Remain side from self interested businessmen dwarfed anything given to the Leave campaign.

When considering this issue we are told that the Electoral Commission rejects any case against the Europhiles, yet constantly reopens those concerning the Leave side. However we now know, as if it were any surprise, that this body is not unbiased, but is a creature of the liberal establishment. Sir John Holmes, the chairman since January 2017, said that he "regretted the result of the referendum" and complained about the "panoply of Eurosceptic nonsense about the EU" heard during the campaign, Professor David Howarth, a commissioner since October 2014, has publicly asked whether it was "morally acceptable" to "press on with invoking article 50", Lord Horam, again a commissioner since October 2014, and once a member of the SDP, said "it will make sense not to leave the EU" while Bridget Prentice a commissioner since May 2014, was justice minister under Tony Blair. Anyone who believes that a body of ten, with it being clear that at least four members strongly support Remain, is impartial, obviously also believes in the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas.

Just recently we have a statement from what are described as spokesmen for British business, saying that they expect Brexit to be counterproductive, and, not for the first time, accusing British workers of being lazy. What these people really mean is that they don’t want to pay for British workers to be trained, and that they want to employ foreign workers who are prepared to accept lower wages, because they do not have the same overheads as the indigenous population, and are anyway desperate to work in the UK. These selfish, arrogant employers are in a direct line with those who always blamed British workers for the failures of industry in the past, when most of the time it was incompetent and idiotic managements that prevented their firms from competing with foreign enterprises. Our democracy is more important than the unearned bonuses enjoyed by these fat cats, who choose to insult their compatriots, rather than embrace the post Brexit future.

The Remain side are going into overdrive, the nearer the date of leaving the EU approaches. One of their latest fabrications is to say that food prices will rise, a complete falsehood. Those of us opposed to EU membership have been pointing out for decades that we are paying far more than we need to for food, thanks to the punitive taxes the EU imposes on such products from outside, thus keeping prices at unnecessarily high levels for consumers, while sending the money raised by these taxes direct to Brussels.

It is also worth noting that the tariffs the EU imposes on African agricultural products make it impossible for that continent to trade itself out of poverty, despite all the rhetoric we hear about the EU being in favour of helping the third world. Indeed, while for us in the UK the Common Agricultural Policy means higher food prices, the massive subsidies EU producers enjoy enable them to undercut African farmers and destroy the economies of the poorest nations in the world. The EU dumps sugar, for which their producers are guaranteed a price three times the world price, thus destroying thousands of jobs in countries such as Mozambique, while thousands of tonnes of surplus powdered milk from the EU are offloaded onto countries such as Mali at a cheaper price than local farmers can match, devastating their economy and driving them out of business. The same type of policies are reducing many African countries to poverty.

If the EU did not exist we would pay less for our food and third world countries would have a chance to develop working economies. Those whom like to regard themselves as liberal, and friends of the world’s poor, might care to reflect that their support for the EU achieves the opposite of that they claim to support.

That Remainers have a pathological desire to ignore all the faults of the EU is shown by the way in which they act as Ostriches, burying their heads in the sand, when confronted by inter alia, the failures of the Eurozone, the crisis in Catalonia, the rise of extremist parties throughout the EU, the failure to deal with migration, the crisis on youth employment in Southern Europe. They consistently fail to acknowledge that Brexit is not about trade and money but concerns the survival of our democracy and the right of the people to rule themselves. Even as I write we learn that the Brexit committee of MPs has voted, by ten to six, to recommend that the UK adopts the EEA as its preferred solution which, if accepted, would leave us subject to the whims of Brussels, and would be Brexit in name only. This is no more than one would expect from those desperate to safeguard their career prospects beyond Westminster.

Unbelievably Lord Adonis, a Blairites Blairite, has taken to calling the BBC the Brexit Broadcasting Corporation, as he asserts that it is showing a bias in favour of Brexit. Anyone who watches the output from the BBC knows that it slavishly follows the line laid down by the Remainers, as one only has to consider Question Time, Any Questions, HIGNFY, etc. to recognize that the bias is totally the other way. This man is talking rubbish.

We are in a situation where the liberal elite, like the patricians of Ancient Rome deriding the plebeians, self righteously arrogate for themselves the moral high ground, treating the ordinary people as little more than serfs. I have never really appreciated why the passions and hatreds of civil wars often exceed those of wars between states, but I certainly feel a detestation for the selfish politicians whose constantly refer to their opponents as stupid or worse, while themselves demonstrate that they have absolutely no real understanding of the realities of the EU. They wish to hand the governance of this country to an organisation run by unelected bureaucrats, and dominated by a nation that in the twentieth century showed an unequalled ability, in the Third Reich and the GDR, to create police states and oppress whole populations. Germany may now be a democracy, but they have a long way to go before proving themselves, and we are justified to pointing out to them that, as Clement Attlee said to Harold Laski, Chairman of the Labour Party in 1946, ”a period of silence on your part would be welcome”. The same stricture should apply to the bad losers of the EU referendum.