Ignorance is not bliss

Over the years I have organised quizzes for my church, workplace, and various sports clubs of which I have been a member. I admit that I know next to nothing of contemporary culture, with its celebrities of whom I am unaware, soaps I never watch, and pop, which I abandoned for classical music fifty years ago. Therefore my questions tend to be more substantial, as I do not subscribe to fashionable nonsense, such as the idea that the drama shown in such programmes as Coronation Street is equivalent to that found in Shakespeare.

I am frequently amazed, and sometime horrified, by the level of ignorance displayed by some, though thankfully not all, of the answers I receive. That people can believe that the Sun is only a few thousand miles away, have never heard of Jane Austen, or the French Impressionists, and seem to think Rome is in France is almost unbelievable. Nevertheless this sort of ignorance is more a pity for them, as they miss out on such much. Regrettably the quality of answers had declined over time, and the worst offenders seem to be the youngsters.

However where the real problem lies, and it is one which threatens our entire way of life, is the lack of knowledge about history, and politics. Some seem to think that the latter concerns only personalities, but of course it is the ideologies which are the most potent. One finds people who know all there is to know about television programmes, such as Strictly Come Dancing but do not have even a cursory understanding of philosophy, or the kind of political regimes which have done so much harm to humanity.

George Santayana, a Spanish-born American author of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, is famous for the saying that "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it", and the truth of this is clearly shown by the resurgence, particularly among the young, of support for the ideas of the far left, whose attempted implementation of such resulted in enormous amounts of human misery. They cannot entirely be blamed for this, given that the cultural Marxists have been burrowing away in our education system for years, presenting a one sided version of history, and playing down the crimes perpetrated by their heroes.

A recent survey of 16 to 24 year olds revealed that forty percent had never heard of Stalin, nearly half had never heard of Lenin, and seventy percent had never heard of Mao Tse-tung, although ninety two percent had heard of Hitler. Before turning to the main point may I say that I find it incredible that approximately one in twelve of the respondents had never heard of a man who could have been a demon from hell, who launched a war which cost over sixty five million lives, who instigated the cold blooded murder of millions of innocents in his camps, and whom their grandparents' generation fought a great war to stop.

The fact that these youngsters know nothing of the crimes of the Marxists is incredibly dangerous, as many have been convinced that the later are benign egalitarians, who only wish for a fairer society rather than understanding that Marxism as a philosophy runs counter to human nature, and can only be implemented, as was admitted by Lenin and Trotsky, and put into practice by Stalin and Mao, by the use of repressive measures. The peoples of Eastern Europe can testify to the secret police, the labour camps, and the suppression of religion and democracy, which are inevitable consequences of trying to bend the real world to the unworkable schemes of these zealots. If these extremists reach Downing Street they will never willing give up power, and we shall see our democratic system subverted by changes to such things as the time between elections and the franchise, plus opponents will find their parties proscribed for specious reasons, and thus prevented from standing against the ruling group.

In reality we stand on the abyss whose existence was warned of by great minds of the past such as Orwell, Kafka and even Aldous Huxley, when they created the dystopias of 1984, The Trial, The Castle and Brave New World.

Our police have become thoroughly infected with the insanities of the left liberals, who now dominate our society. One force states that if a man is accused of rape, and claims to be a woman, he must be treated as such. The college of policing has persecuted someone for comments made about transgender issues and, while admitting that his actions are not criminal, nevertheless put an entry on CRB checks concerning them. Lunatics among the unions representing university lecturers say that, if a white person claims to be black, they must be treated as such, an insult to genuine black people, many of whom have been subjected to real discrimination. So we now have these deranged so called progressives stating that 'male is female', and 'black is white', propositions which could have been taken straight out of 1984, where two and two sometimes equals four, other times five, or perhaps three. The Inner Party interrogator of thought-criminals, O'Brien, says of such a mathematically false statement that control over physical reality is unimportant; so long as one controls one's own perceptions to what the Party wills, then any corporeal act is possible, in accordance with the principles of doublethink ("Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once").

No one who has endured the trials of trying to get some sense out of call centres, and other bureaucratic monstrosities, where hanging on the telephone for hours is a given, only to meet with incomprehension, can doubt that Kafka's vision is coming true, while Huxley's Brave New World describes a future world where where citizens are engineered through artificial wombs and childhood indoctrination programmes into predetermined classes (or castes) based on intelligence and labour, no longer treated as individuals, something we can see happening before our eyes.

Turning to this election it is disgraceful that one of the major parties has been corrupted by an ancient hatred which belongs to the Middle Ages. The Jewish people have suffered centuries of unjustified and irrational persecution, culminating in the crime of the Holocaust, yet many potential Labour MPs have been revealed as anti Semites, to the extent where lifelong activists, and even MPs of the party are turning away in disgust. Did our parent's generation endure the Blitz, and nearly six years of war against the fascists, merely to see the zealots of the far left bring the evil ideology they were fighting against to the centre of our national life? Should such people win it will be to the eternal shame of a once great country. Elsewhere the Liberal Democrats, under a middle class termagant, make a mockery of their name, being quite open about treating the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU with contempt. Even the Conservatives still harbour among their number apologists for Brussels, but for now the party represents the only realistic way out of the absolute mess in which the country find itself.

The obsessives of the environmental movement would commit the UK to impossible efforts to "de-carbonise" the economy within a ridiculous timeframe, despite the fact that their climate change theories are unproven, and it may very well be that any global warming is not anthropological in origin, while also ignoring the fact that China and India will, by their building of coal fired stations, negate any gains made by the British people, as the latter are forced don unnecessary hair shirts.

What is especially sickening about all the virtue signalling, middle class elitists, backed by the morons of social media, is the way in which they will swallow a camel, while straining at a gnat. They are constantly consumed about the rights of small sexual minorities, or fixated on unintended supposed offences given by those they oppose, but they resolutely ignore the real injustices in the world, because these run contrary to their warped conceptions of the truth. Where the people of Hong Kong, or of Iran, protest, and are then subjected to repression, these hypocrites ignore it. They rant about the rights of Palestinians, but ignore those of the Israeli people, as the latter struggle to survive in a world which wishes to deny them their own homeland, yet persecute them if they dare to live within the bounds of other nations, while also ignoring the suffering of the Kurds, as the latter is something they can't blame on the West, which they hate so much. They have no understanding of the authoritarian nature of the EU, and worship at its feet, leading to them ignoring the very real demands from the Catalonian people for independence, because to do so would be to criticise their beloved bureaucrats, and corrupt politicians of Brussels. They have no self knowledge, believing themselves to be so moral, but in reality they are self righteous, arrogant, whited sepulchres, loathsome, selfish liars, whose only concern is to protect their privileged positions, while pretending that all they do is for the good of the oppressed. They treat normal people, who dared to vote to leave the EU, with contempt, but they are the ones who are beneath contempt for their foul distortions of the truth.

I have recently had some arguments with humanists, and, while I no objection to them wishing to believe what they want, and would not seek to pressure unduly them to change their minds. However they frequently are quite militant in their attempts to prevent Christians in particular, but also other religious groups, seeking to proselytise, rather than recognizing that others do not agree with them.

We should be in no doubt that the Marxists who now control the Labour party are effectively Orwell's Inner Party, the mass of unthinking bureaucrats who support then are a combination of the Outer Party and Kafka's faceless apparatchiks, while the ordinary people would find themselves treated as proles. Unless sense prevails, and the maniacs of the liberal left are decisively beaten, then there will be no future for the great majority of people who are decent, hard working, patriotic, have a pride in our history and democratic system, and wish to live in a sane society.

This article will appear before the election. Upon the result of the latter depends whether or not future articles will be suppressed by the totalitarians.