Into the Darkness

For centuries the nations of Europe have largely dominated the globe, and in particular, first Britain, the hegemon of the 19th Century, and her child, the USA, the hegemon of the 20th.

At the time of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897 this small island in the North Atlantic ruled over a fifth of the world's land surface, and a quarter of its population, while the combined economic strength of France, Germany, and the United States, was less than that of Britain. The New York Times published on the day said that America was right to hold onto Britain's coat tails "We are a part, and a great part, of the greater Britain, which seems so plainly destined to dominate this planet".

In 1945, after expending much of her energy, financial resources, and irreplaceable people, on defeating first the feudal monarchy of the Kaiser, and then the unprecedented evil of the Nazis, Britain was exhausted, and the torch had passed to the USA, although we nevertheless retained massive potential in our industrial strength, our aircraft production, technological abilities, and in our, weakened, but still potent Armed Forces. Fortunately, America which ended World War II as the leading power, shared with us a belief in freedom and democracy, so the cause for which we had sacrificed so much lived on.

Even now, over a century after the Victorian Jubilee, Britain remains a member of the UN Permanent Security Council, one of the only approximately nine nations having nuclear weapons, the mother country of the Commonwealth, and the fountainhead of English, which is effectively the global language. However, thanks to several generations of basically useless politicians, and the undermining of our society by malevolent elements, we stand on the edge of the precipice, and may soon plunge over. Alas, America is following the same path, and the forces of darkness, which have always opposed those striving towards the light, are on the rise.

In this country we have allowed our heavy industry to decline to the point where we have become dependent on others for the production of so many of the things needed to enable survival in a hostile world, and The New York Times, now admittedly a shadow of its former self, takes pleasure in attacking Britain, deriding and belittling almost everything about our nation.The causes of this disastrous decline are many. The Nazis were overtly evil, and thankfully were crushed before they could achieve their global ambitions, but the long term threat remains the constant presence of the Communists who, despite all the evidence that their ideas are unworkable, and inevitably lead to misery for millions, persist in their determination to destroy Western society.

The Italian communist Antonio Gramsci devised a phrase "The Long March through the Institutions" which was turned into a mission statement by Marxist student activist Rudi Dutschke in the 1960s. It describes the intellectual takeover of a society, without need to resort to a military conflict. Instead, the strategy focuses on slowly winning over the chief institutions that determine the direction of a culture and thereby creating a soft revolution from within those institutions. So, the focus is on the universities, then the unions, the arts, the schools, the media, then corporations, and finally the society as a whole. The ideas that do not match Marxist frameworks are seen as the enemy. Despite denials about its reality made by the Left the Long March is a reality, and has now succeeded, perhaps beyond its wildest dreams.

The disgusting behaviour by students on university campuses in America, and now, as always, being emulated in the UK, clearly illustrate the manner in which our education systems have been undermined as a result of their infiltration by extreme left wing activists. When I was of an age to attend university in the 1960s students were frequently demonstrating about various political matters, but always on the side of genuinely liberal values,. However their descendants are now protesting on behalf of the very opposite, as they march in support of terrorists, who, among other atrocities, beheaded Israeli babies on October 7th. Obviously many of those involved are motivated by antisemitism, while interviews with others shows that in reality they have no idea of the facts of the Middle East, merely mouthing slogans devised by the former. Individual students have repeated the old canards about Jewish people controlling the world, or echoing the ancient blood libel beloved of those who hate the latter.

That the universities are now awash with ignorant bigots is largely due to the brainwashing to which they have been subjected at schools, where politically motivated extremists have been allowed to fill their minds with irrational absurdities, while objective historical facts are ignored. They are producing graduates with basically useless degrees, and distorted views of reality. While we need those such as future scientists, doctors, dentists, and engineers, we do not need massive numbers of arts graduates, whose belief that they are entitled to well paid positions is now further undermined by the warped ideology they have been taught to believe. The fact that this is the result of indoctrination at school demonstrates that many teachers, at both at secondary, and tertiary, institutions, have corrupted young minds with an essentially totalitarian creed.

We come to the position where this country which led the fight, and sacrificed so much, in order to defeat the Nazis, now watch members of the police force threaten a Jewish man, Gideon Falter, with arrest, for the crime of being "openly Jewish" in the streets of the capital. It is clear that many Jewish people feel they need to avoid central London, and that the Metropolitan Police have permitted antisemitism to thrive on the streets of London, while at the same time marches calling for the extirpation of Israel, are allowed to take place week after week. Many Jewish people now feel afraid of living in the UK. No belated apology is sufficient when corrective action is not taken, and we shall be confronted with a never ending continuation of these antisemitic events, as the police back down in the face of these clearly illegal incitements to attack our Jewish compatriots, and the Jewish state, which is a firm ally of the UK. The ancient anti Jewish ideology is taking root in our country. The deplorable antisemitic demonstrations in American universities show just how far this poison has infested academia there, and it will also become embedded in the UK. Hypocritical, virtue signalling, antisemitic, woke bigots, are now found everywhere in our public institutions.

Over the past twenty years my wife and I have watched the American police series Law and Order which until now now has always been enjoyable, and based on our normal expectation of such productions. Now however the latest incarnation is providing an horrific glimpse of what New York has become, since falling into the hands of the extreme left. Where once the crimes involved were usually standard frauds, murders etc., we are now presented with episodes centred on individuals who have dared to commit sins against the new ideology of woke, or based upon the fact that justice is no longer equal, but excuses minorities, and refuses to even arrest those guilty of crimes such as shoplifting, which imbecilic, politicians, judges and lawyers, have decided to treat as of no importance. Whereas in the past the police were recognisable as, while often cynical, nevertheless, dedicated to protecting the innocent from criminals., now they spout the sort of nonsense we have come to expect from the virtue signalling idiots of the liberal elite, while the district attorneys, previously seeking to enforce the laws of the republic, now either accept the same nonsense, or find themselves unable to obtain convictions in system weighted totally against normal people.

Another production concerning the US as it is now is the new film Civil War. Some fifty odd years ago, in the wake of the Civil Rights movement, some commentators predicated an eventual civil war in the US between the white population, and the African-Americans. To me this never seemed very likely as, although the latter did indeed have many valid reasons for resenting the former, they knew that they would be hopelessly outnumbered, and instead opted for steady change, which, although not yet complete, has seen an African-American Barack Obama elected, and reelected, President, and the old Jim Crow days relegated to history.

It always seemed much more possible that, given the structure of America, where the states, although subservient to the federal government, were also separate political entities, which could result, given sufficient provocation, in a renewed division similar to that of the 19th Century Civil War. In his famous peroration of the Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln concluded this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth, an ambition which was achieved, but perhaps not for ever. There has been a massive influx of people from South America, coming from countries which, as proven by their continual descents into totalitarian, or failed states, do not possess the kind of understanding of democracy practised by the majority of the North American population. The result is that some states now have very large Hispanic communities (as a percentage of the population, New Mexico (49.20%), Texas (39.44%), California (39.09%), Arizona (31.51%), and Nevada (28.90%). Although they are not yet in a position to take control the demographics point to that happening in the next fifty years. Therefore one could envisage a potential breakup of the US in the future, but this is not imminent.

However what we have seen in the past ten years is a polarisation taking place, between the increasingly left wing so called intellectual class, particularly in the universities, and the traditional population of blue collar, working class Americans, shown in the move to the left of the Democrats, and a response of a move to the right of the Republicans, which has now become a threat to the stability of the whole polity, and which could perhaps lead to actual conflict.

This film is obviously reflecting the possibility of such a civil war, although not defining just what is animating the two sides. It postulates a grouping called the Western Forces at war with the largely Eastern federal establishment, the President being portrayed as the villain of the piece. It does not attempt to extrapolate from the current situation, in that, for instance, the Western element is said to include California and Texas, an alliance which, as anyone who knows the political reality would reject as risible. It also does not bring any existing personalities into the story, although one might regard the President as having a certain resemblance to Donald Trump. It follows a small group of journalists trying to make their way to Washington across a nation torn by battle, and recounts their encounters with a number of the combatants. There is a viciousness about many they meet, who are quite happy to ignore any ideas of the rules of war, shooting dead unarmed opponents, including women, without compunction. This is a warning about the dystopian future which threatens the US, and, in consequence, the entire Western world.

In the UK we see everywhere the continual failure by those supposed to provide vital services, in roads pockmarked by potholes, rivers polluted by greedy water companies, a civil service which refuses to even turn up for work, and multiple organisations hiding behind websites, and moronic chat bots, to avoid dealing with problems afflicting their customers. That the former managing director of Post Office Limited has admitted he did not know the organisation he led had the power to prosecute people says much about the managerial system which is undermining this country, and the malaise which now distorts the workplace in Britain, which is a consequence of ill informed decisions taken by those who have dominated our public life for generations.

We watch a magic circle of CEOs in charge of major organisations stumble from one crisis to the next, despite being paid obscene salaries, completely out of line with the vast majority of their staff, receiving massive golden handshakes, and golden goodbyes, and enjoying payoffs even when they have failed, and who appoint each other to these lucrative positions, with no thought for the damage this has caused to the country. Most have no knowledge of the organisations they infest, but merely bring a supposed 'managerial ability' to them, causing endless problems and destroying the very expertise which once distinguished such bodies. We need, but will not get, inter alia, those with railway engineering experience in charge of the railways, engineers who know what they are doing in control of the major utilities, clinicians running the NHS, and experienced streetwise coppers in charge of the police force. Effective administration requires experience of the organisation involved, not membership of a self perpetuating elite. Everywhere one looks there are hard working people making every effort to do their jobs, while being hamstrung by these incompetent managers, aided and abetted by the interfering bureaucrats of HR departments. Unless the current system is changed things will only get worse.

It is the wider field of foreign relations that the most danger lies. Russia has shown in the Ukraine that she is willing to risk global. war in order ton rebuild the old Soviet empire. China is intent of achieving global domination, as it threatens Taiwan, and claims large parts of the South China Sea, while using its new economic might to undermine the West. In this she has been assisted by idiots in the West who have allowed themselves to become dependent on a totalitarian state. North Korea is an unpredictable menace, run by a family of psychopaths, which could spark a war at anytime, while the Islamic states, not content with advocating genocide of the Jewish people, are a danger to the values of Europe and the US. Iran is proving itself to be a real and present danger, as it builds its military, and approaches the point where it will have nuclear weapons.

Iraq's parliament has passed a bill criminalising same-sex relations, who will receive a sentence of up to fifteen years in prison, transgender people will be sentenced to three years' jail, a minimum seven-year prison term will be imposed for promoting same-sex relations, and a sentence ranging from one to three years given to men who intentionally act like women. In Iran women are being sexually assaulted, tasered, and beaten in a crackdown on those refusing to observe strict dress codes, including such things as wearing a coat that is too short, or too colourful. Many of those demonstrating in favour of such nations, despite their clash with Western values, are ignoring the realities. We remain accustomed to being called bigots by the left, but now we are being totally vindicated by the facts.

Our youth, quite apart from having been corrupted by the Left wing educational institutions, are, thanks to the curses of social media, and mobile phones, the most solipsistic and narcissistic generation ever to have existed, and the future in their hands does not bear thinking about.

It appears that, despite the years of striving for Churchill's broad, sunlit uplands, the darkness is going to overwhelm us after all.