Last chance

That great cynic, Machiavelli is famed for his aphorisms regarding what we now call realpolitik, such as "He who becomes a Prince through the favour of the people should always keep on good terms with them; which it is easy for him to do, since all they ask is not to be oppressed." and "Therefore the best fortress is to be found in the love of the people, for although you may have fortresses they will not save you if you are hated by the people." However perhaps the most famous is one which sums up his understanding of political deceit, and deviousness, is "Put not your trust in princes", and unfortunately this has proved true once again.

When Boris Johnson was a columnist for the Daily Telegraph I found myself agreeing with almost everything he wrote. At the time when the British establishment was making every effort to negate the result of the EU referendum, and particularly when Teresa May was attempting to sign agreements with Brussels which would have rendered it meaningless, I was desperate for Boris to replace her, while I was elated by his crushing of the Corbynite Labour Party in 2019.

As one of the members of UKIP's first NEC I would have preferred to see a UKIP government, but given the nature of the British electoral system, it was obvious that our only real hope was that the Conservative party, led by genuine Brexiteers, would win an election, and indeed this was what happened. Boris first cabinet was full of genuine supporters of Brexit, and the establishment was in full retreat. Now however I find myself disappointed in Boris, and am indeed in direct opposition to a number of the policies he is actively pursuing. I realise that no-one could be expected to deal with the greatest health emergency to have arisen in a century, without needing to give a lower priority to other matters, but it is now clear that he is following policies which are in direct contradiction to those upon which he was elected.

On the positive side Boris has done well when faced with a medical emergency unprecedented for over one hundred years by his enabling of the vaccine rollout. Unfortunately he has not grasped the nettle concerning the NHS being overloaded with parasitical bureaucrats, and instead proposes to pump yet more money into the pockets of the latter, while making no significant reforms to the failing structure of the organisation.

He is also presiding over an economic policy which is the opposite of that which produced prosperity in the past, increasing taxes at a time when the standard of living is under greater threat than it has been for many years. He has also failed to take on the vested interests in the education system, the Civil Service, and the NHS who seek to preserve their privileges at the expense of the rest of us, and done very little to oppose the lunatics of 'woke', whose absurdities multiply daily. It is unbelievable that in the USA men are now self identifying as pregnant, while children are identifying as cats. Instead of telling the latter to stop being so stupid, some morons are actually providing them with litter trays.

When I think of the brave men and women of previous generations who rallied to the colours, or stoically endured massive privations to save us from foreign tyrannies I have only absolute contempt for the pathetic wimps who now infest our universities, with their demands to 'feel safe', as they are too feeble to tolerate the idea that their opinions might not be shared by everyone. Clearly there are limitations on what the government can do to deal with these inadequates, particularly as they are often supported by the useless university authorities but, if I were PM, I would be seeking to cut off all funding to any educational establishment which yielded to their demands, while introducing policies aimed at ridding the country of the hundreds of Mickey Mouse degrees on offer, and forcing jumped up polytechnics to cease to be described as universities. Boris is not alone in the political class in avoiding this subject, but it is a matter which a truly determined Conservative politician should be addressing.

The bias of the broadcast media, in particular the BBC has also been exposed, as everything the government has tried to do in the face of an unprecedented crisis has been derided, criticised, and ridiculed. Whatever course is followed the BBC will oppose, making the government damned if it does, and damned if it doesn't. These people, and I include those such as commentators on Sky News who choose to advise the Americans to transfer their support from the UK to the EU, think that they are there to make the news, not report it. The number of people who have stated that they will no longer watch the BBC makes clear that the latter has been rumbled, yet still the government talks a lot about taking action, but does nothing.

Despite a great deal of talk the invasion of our country continues, as thousands, enthusiastically spurred on by the French, arrive across the Channel, adding to the problems we already endure of a lack of a sufficient number of schools, jobs, houses, GPs etc. While one sympathises with those seeking to improve their life chances the potential numbers run into millions, and I think of those parents, particularly in the old industrial areas, who have seen their children unable to obtain decent employment, who must now watch those with no ties to this nation, undercut wages and obtain housing which is in such short supply.

Boris has signed up to the ludicrous Green agenda, which is set fair to totally undermine our economy, forcing people to abandon their cars, and to pay through the nose for energy, all to follow a theory based on the false premise that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere drives climate change, when an impartial examination of the scientific evidence, and the historical record, reveals that this is totally false. The privations that those in Scotland and the North have endured due to loss of power should act as a warning that we must cease to heed the nonsense emanating from the environmental lobby, else such misery will become commonplace throughout the nation, yet Boris seems to be doubling down on such rubbish, leaving us vulnerable to the whims of Mr Putin, and the prospect of massive blackouts.

The real elephant in the room is that Boris is not following through on Brexit, allowing the EU, and their fellow travellers in the UK, to maintain many of the rules and regulations which are among the very reasons we voted to leave in the first place.The bureaucrats, the so called progressive Left, the judiciary, large parts of the media, and almost all of the chattering classes are incandescent that the British people actually dared to defy them, and voted to leave the EU. They still do not accept that this is an accomplished fact, and continue to try and reverse the situation. That fanatical Remainer Lord Adonis made the game plan clear when he said "If Boris goes, Brexit goes". The Northern Ireland protocol is clearly incompatible with our status as a sovereign nation and must go. The tragedy is that the matter of 'cakegate', pursued by the Left, with the BBC acting as cheerleader, reveals the truth about the attitude of the British establishment to Boris, and the implacable hatred with which he is regarded by the Remainers, yet he is now pursuing a course which may yet give them what they most desire. The last straw is the revelation that a 'bonfire of EU regulations' is to be suspended in order to concentrate on the absurd goal of net zero carbon, as all the time these rules are in place it will be easy for a pro EU administration to effectively reverse Brexit.

Unless Boris dramatically changes course he will lose the next election, as why vote for a socialist Conservative party if the real thing is on offer. I fear that he will not do so, and the hopes we had for the future will be betrayed. Now is his last chance to return to the philosophy which made him popular, but will he take it?