March of the Morons

I apologise if my comments are somewhat more intemperate than usual, but I am incandescent with rage about the betrayal we see taking place.

For decades the Western world, the USA and UK in particular, has been constantly undermined by the activities of the left liberals. Now that at last the ordinary people have rebelled against them, with Brexit, and the election of President Trump, these traitors are calling into aid an army of morons, who belong in the old American party of 'Know Nothings', yet who are given support and publicity by the fellow travellers of the mass media and the political class.

For reasons of space I will not attempt to cover all those areas where their pernicious influence has been so damaging, such as education, penal policy, health and safety, and political correctness but, before turning to Brexit, the most important issue for the UK, I must mention the global warming farrago, albeit in very general terms.

As belief in religion has declined the intelligentsia, who treat believers in God as some sort of superstitious fools, have adopted a whole new belief system, one which enables them to feel morally superior to the ordinary person, namely the promotion of environmentalism beyond any bounds of common-sense. They claim that they are idealists, and that their statements are scientifically valid, yet in reality the latter have absolutely no basis in fact. Yes, the planet is doomed to die by fire, but not because of the activities of a small biped over a few hundred years. Stars of the Sun's spectral class gradually become hotter over millennia, and the habitable zone within which the Earth orbits will move outwards in the solar system, destroying the biosphere within which we live. Ironically the Sun will first overwhelm those mechanisms which regulate the composition of our atmosphere, and remove all the carbon dioxide the environmentalists hate, and upon which plant life depends. However this will not happen for about 500 million years, so mankind is unlikely to be around when it does.

In fact the Earth has been going through a very cold period for the past few million years, and the whole of Man's recorded history lies within an interglacial of the current Ice Age, an interglacial which is due to end soon. If glaciers were sentient we could say that they are lying in wait before once again resuming their march from the poles. The environmentalists talk of what would be very minor increases in temperatures, something which should be welcomed, not feared, as life flourishes in warmer climates and, in particular, plant life benefits both from increased warmth, and from a higher level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The high priests of this secular religion remind me of those mediaeval fundamentalist Christians who wore hair shirts, and indulged in self flagellation, but unfortunately the backs to be beaten will be ours, as we shiver in unheated homes, and watch our industries fail, rather than use the fuels available to us. The former are in an unholy alliance with scientists seeking grants for supporting the fashionable view, commentators wanting a sensationalist story to sell newspapers, and those idiots who indulge in nonsense such as hopping down the road with a bunch of bananas tied to their head in order to ‘draw attention to global warming’, as if we hadn't heard their ridiculous arguments time without number.

Turning to Brexit, but first to the matter, secondary for us, of President Trump. I have just returned from the USA where, contrary to the impression given by much of the British media, many Americans are very happy with President Trump, as he speaks in support of his country, and for its ordinary citizens. He is hated by the Democrats for speaking the truth about their betrayal of the nation, and for placing the wishes of the common man, and woman, before the inhabitants of the Washington beltway. More power to his elbow. The rent-a-mob in the UK is clearly represented by an idiot who, when interviewed by the anti Trump BBC, said that he and his fellow dupes demonstrating against the President's visit were 'the most intelligent people in the country'. This sums up the arrogance and the ignorance of these people. Today's Left has only a passing acquaintance with  democracy and free speech, preferring instead to reject the wishes of the majority in favour of their own definition of the interests of minorities, of whom they are the self-appointed champions; in the most offensive manner they also silence the majority view on grounds of offensiveness, rather than engaging in rational argument to gain their point.

On Brexit itself we can all see how Neville Chamberlain has been reincarnated in a skirt, how Halifax is now Chancellor of the Exchequer, and how the Tory party is once again placing party before country. I shall leave berating the major betrayers to that part of the press which is doing its best to tell the truth, but I wish to highlight the sort of gullible fool who is doing the EU's job for them. At the rally organised in Central London, by those who reject a democratic decision, one man said that he had moved to the Netherlands in 2016, had a French wife, two children with dual nationality, lives in Holland, and was there to show what a European looks like. What on earth has this got to do with the undermining of the democracy which we have spent centuries building? If he wants to be Dutch then so be it, but leave England alone! That pompous prat Tony Robinson, famous for playing an ignorant moron, a part clearly made for him, said that he had 'a deep and abiding love for my country' and that Brexiteers were 'peddling the fantasy of a UK that never existed except perhaps in the imaginations of their nannies and parlour maids'. This man thinks he is a Labour supporter, when the great Labour cities of the North voted by large margins to leave the EU! He clearly has no idea what he is talking about! Working class people hate the EU.

On that platform for morons, Twitter, the Remainers who hate their own country have gone into overdrive in their attacks on the relative success of the England football team saying, inter alia, 'reaching the final, or God forbid winning, would merely fuel the racist, xenophobic instincts of Brexit'; 'if England win the World Cup they will be insufferable, stop England somebody'; 'I absolutely hate this. If England win the World Cup the smug Brexiteers will be going on about it for years'. What I find insufferable is that these traitorous vipers live in the finest country in the world, yet attack us from within. Scum!

The ordinary people of this country work hard, have a patriotic, not nationalistic, love of their country, value our democracy, expect the politicians to implement the policies for which they vote, and possess the sort of common-sense which Hamlet expresses when he says that 'I can tell a hawk from a handsaw', or Beatrice when she avers that 'I have a good eye, uncle. I can see a church by daylight', Yet they face an army of pseudo fascists and morons who would destroy it all from the moral high ground they so fondly imagine they inhabit.

I don't know what is going to happen. It may be that the corruption of our educational system, added to the unbelievable bias displayed by the BBC has so distorted the views of youngsters that they will support rule by unelected bureaucrats. If so they will find themselves in the same position as the proles of 1984, treated with contempt, and reduced to a servitude they don't even understand. Pray God that it doesn't come to that. As Churchill said in 1940 we face a crisis unparalleled in our history. Will we survive it, or be led by the march of the morons into the pit?