The speed at which the world is becoming unravelled is frightening, with wars, rumours of wars, the advance of dangerous technologies, and the destruction of the basis of our civil society by the woke threatening our very existence.

Suella and so called Conservative MPs

Despite opinion polls showing that the British public is firmly behind Suella Braverman concerning her comments, both on illegal immigration, and pro Palestinian marches, that gutless machine politician Sunak has sacked her. This is the last straw for anyone who believes in this country, and its values. The Conservative party is now nothing more than a collection of Social Democrats, lacking the courage to stand up for the British people, and it will go down to a massive defeat at the next general election.

Those marching in support of Hamas are actually supporting the disembowelling of pregnant women, and the murder of their foetuses, the burning alive of babies, and the merciless machine gunning of unarmed teenagers at a music festival. Far from being peace marchers they are marchers for evil.

The extent of the corruption of the police force by the hard left is illustrated by an article by Alison Pearson of the Daily Telegraph, which reports that, while the police were happy to 'take the knee' with the Marxists of Black Live Matter, they refused to have their photograph taken with Alison, and a group of mild mannered patriots, in Parliament Square, while also most constables were not wearing poppies.

Suella should lead a breakaway from the utterly useless Conservatives, and together with those across the political spectrum who support her policies, she could finish this bunch of self interested failures.

Woke Watch

The imbecilities perpetrated by the woke are now so numerous that there is insufficient space to mention them all here. These are some, reported in just a few days, which illustrate what we are expected to tolerate:

A so called advisor to a women's charity is revealed to be a 'trans', who is prepared to accept the danger of death to real women at the hands of his fellows, rather than rein in the insanity of this pernicious ideology.

Some lawyers have declared that, under proposed legislation, parents who refuse to use preferred pronouns with their offspring would be deemed to be guilty of child abuse.

Marks and Spencer has taken the knee to morons on social media who attacked the new Christmas advert on the ground that it represented an affront to Palestinians by burning paper in the colours of the latter's flag. A truly gutless response from a company which has Jewish roots.

Former judges are among others who state that the Crown Prosecution Service has been captured by Stonewall, the homosexual propagandists.

The NatWest has dared to offer advice to its customers about their life styles, based upon their spending. This bank, of which a large part is owned by the taxpayers, continues down the path of woke insanity.

The DIY firm Wickes attempted to close down a website critical of its absurd stand on woke issues, while telling critics that they were bigots, who should shop elsewhere. They needn't worry, as we had already found their service to be substandard, and wouldn't now touch them with a bargepole.

Just Stop Oil protesters have stormed the National Gallery, using hammers to smash a painting depicting the Suffragette movement. Not content with this these self absorbed morons also disrespected the Cenotaph in Whitehall.

A cenotaph in Rochdale had its poppies removed, and replaced with Palestinian flags, as tensions grew over pro-Palestine protests on Remembrance Day.

A video on the web shows a pupil in class, who has correctly denied the reality of a fellow pupil self identifying as a cat, being called despicable, and told to go to another school by the bigoted moron masquerading as a teacher. It is a scandal that taxpayers money is spent on such pathetic apologies for teachers, who should be instantly sacked, and barred from ever again inflicting their insane ideology on innocent youngsters.

Higher Education is a joke

Those of us who remember the 1960s will recall the furore in 1968 when student protests looked set to overturn established governments, although in the end nothing came of it. However we, particularly in the UK and the USA, now face a much greater menace emanating from our so called institutions of higher education, which threatens our democracies.

In both countries student bodies are trying to limit free speech with the imposition of allowing such nonsenses as safe spaces, trigger warnings and no platforming to limit debate, deny the opportunity for those who do not subscribe the narrow set of left liberal, and often Marxist, opinions held by the high priests of political correctness, to present their views, and attempt to change to the names of colleges, and agree to the removal of statues, linked to those historical personalities of university life who had connections to matters of which they disapprove. To these affronts to liberty they are now adding an increasingly woke ideology, and a mindless support of the thugs of Hamas, revealing an anti semitism which one would have thought knowledge of the horrors of the holocaust would have eliminated.

VImperial College, London, has urged students to take action, and have hard conversations with friends and family who deny white privilege in diversity training. As one from a working class family who saw the struggles my parents went through to raise us I would tell any such arrogant morons to, in the words of Tony Hancock, get knotted.

The London School of Economics replaced the names of the Lent and Easter terms with non Christian names, while the Israeli ambassador was forced to flee their campus after being hounded by pro Palestinian students who refused to let her speak.

Alumni of University College London have written to the provost to demand action be taken against student societies responsible for a vile torrent of anti semitism.

Clearly our supposedly centres of higher education are not fit for purpose, and should be closed down.

Of course these youngsters have been brainwashed in schools to believe in all this rubbish, but much of the blame for its spread much be attributed to the lecturers, and university bureaucrats, who do not merely tolerate their views, but actually encourage them. Oxford academics have debated a motion calling for "intifada until victory", while Cambridge is seeking to follow Dr Goebbels in banning books. In America many alumni from Ivy League colleges are withdrawing financial support, due to the insanity now prevailing in their alma maters.

It is time for a root and branch reform of higher education. There should be a ruthless pruning of useless degree courses, the jumped up polytechnics who call themselves universities should be returned to the task of providing technical education under their old names, entry requirements made much more onerous, woke staff sacked, and students brought to heel. These privileged individuals should not be allowed to dictate the terms upon which they are educated. Student unions should be abolished, while any attacks on free speech should result in immediate expulsion.

Of course none of this will happen as the establishment is dominated by the products of these institutions, and will not allow any sort of common-sense to be applied. The products of this corrupt system, particularly from Oxbridge, will proceed to join the political and bureaucratic elites, and then further undermine our democracy.

Israel must be supported

The corruption of our education system by the virtue signalling left has convinced youngsters that Israel is some sort of totalitarian state, intent on oppressing non Jews, when the truth is that twenty per cent of the population is Arab, nearly all of whom are Muslims, and that many of the latter hold senior positions in the government and supreme court. Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East, yet the ignoramuses who demand its destruction prefer the despotic regimes which surround it.

Those yelling their support for Hamas, many of whom are from the hard left, and organisations which like to pretend that they are so 'progressive', are in fact not only applauding the murder of babies, but are aligning themselves with an organisation which is racist, sexist and homophobic, and whose leaders have frequently rejected offers of peace, and the creation of a separate Palestinian state, so intent are they on killing Jewish people. Indeed their founding charter calls for the annihilation of Jews. Despite its problems the UK is still a civilised state, and British people either do not know, or cannot really believe, the nature of the psychopathic sadists who act in a way that animals never would.

The absolute absurdity of such organisations as Queers for Palestine, when Islamic states jail, or even execute sexual minorities, and the stupidity of women supporting governments who treat them as second class citizens, is obvious to all but the morons involved.

How many more provocations are decent people to endure before firm action is taken. Quite apart from Hamas supporters parading in our streets we now find tube trains invaded, and that travellers must put up with propaganda being shouted into their faces, while our cultural icons, and values are treated with contempt.

Many are of course correct in mourning civilian deaths in the Middle East, but this will always be a feature of war, and unless a nation is prepared to just lay down in front of those who would destroy it, always will be. Millions of innocents died in the Second World War, but would humanity be better off if the Nazis had not been forcibly opposed, and allowed to triumph? Pacifism requires good people taking no action in the face of rampant evil, and itself results in the deaths of millions. As Edmund Burke said in 1770 "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle".

However demands for a ceasefire in Gaza owe more to hatred of Israel, than to any concern for civilians. The BBC has reported that members of its staff were in tears, and suffering distress, over the coverage of the Middle East war by the organisation. However, this was not because, as anybody with a brain knows, the BBC is totally biased against Israel, but upon a ludicrous claim that it is supposedly anti Palestinian.

That this should be the case shows just how far our national broadcaster has fallen since the days when it practised a genuine neutrality. Clearly the staff involved are not fit to be employed by what claims to be an unbiased commentator, yet the likelihood is that they will receive support, rather than condemnation from senior management. The BBC has become nothing but a propagandist for anti Western causes, and requires root and branch reform.

The BBC attempts to portray the Gaza Strip as comparable to Czechoslovakia under Heydrich and the SS, when the truth is diametrically the opposite.

Israel withdrew from the area in 2005, leaving an enclave with a viable infrastructure, and the potential to become prosperous, thanks to the willingness of Arab nations to invest, and with offers of economic help from Jerusalem. Hamas seized control, with only one policy, to destroy Israel, and has shamefully neglected the people of Gaza, even destroying vital parts of the infrastructure to create offensive weapons.

The responsibility for the parlous state of those in Gaza lies with the leadership of Hamas, who preferred to send terrorists into Israel, knowing that no nation could not react to their barbarity, while intending to once again rely on useful idiots to ignore facts in favour of anti semitic hatred. In this they have not been disappointed, as the usual suspects are demanding a ceasefire, ignoring the absolute need for Israel to prevent a recurrence of the slaughters of the 7th of October.

so those marching in sympathy with them are supporting a second Holocaust being visited upon the Jewish people.

To his credit Sir Keir Starmer has stood firm in opposing a ceasefire, but the strength of anti semitism within Labour should be a reminder to the voters about what happened to a moderate leader in 1981. Andrew McIntosh led the London Labour group to victory in the GLC elections, yet within a few days he was overthrown by the Left under Ken Livingstone. Such a fate could befall Sir Keir, the nation then coming under the control of the Corbynites. The number of those resigning from the shadow front bench over the call for a ceasefire illustrates how weak is his position.

It is a disgrace that, while the BBC aligns itself with demonstrators who chant about killing every Jew, the ordinary taxpayer is obliged by law to pay a fee which enables anti Jewish propaganda to continue to be broadcast. If the organisation were forced to fund itself, in the same way commercial companies must, then it would soon find that aping the views only of the Corbynites of Islington would not be sufficient.

The Conservatives wring their hands, but do nothing effective to stop these outrages taking place in our cities, while the parties of opposition are ridden with those whose anti semitism is becoming more evident every day. It is a disgrace, and blackens the reputation of the UK among those who still believe in freedom.


Unsurprisingly many are concerned about the rise of AI, as intelligence without emotion means no empathy, and therefore a sociopathic nature, which, as we know to our cost, is extremely dangerous in humans. Wars fought using such entities would be merciless.

Despite all the various issues about which we comment, and argue, I am concerned that they may, in the final analysis be, in the words of Shakespeare's Macbeth, no more than sound and fury signifying nothing, as there is, as described in the book of Kings, a cloud as small as a man's hand rising, and it may soon envelop humanity. Almost unnoticed by the majority of people until now we could be facing an existential crisis which will put an end to our species.

On this planet it is clear that evolution in organic intelligence, other than in Man, has stopped, as we would not allow another species to replace us at the top of the evolutionary ladder, but we are busily creating electronic entities which may very well do so. If an entity is developed which is more intelligent than us then, by definition, it will be able to do the same, and subsequent evolutions will follow not be a gradual diagonal line on a graph, but will be vertical, resulting in something we will not understand, nor control.

This can only be stopped by every nation refusing to take AI any further, a vain hope, as each will not be prepared to risk another continuing, anymore than nuclear proliferation has been prevented by fine words. Our only hope will be that there is something unique about the human brain, which cannot be duplicated by computers, but this seems a forlorn one.

Incidentally this could explain why, if they really exist, UFOs have shown no interest in contacting us, as they may come from planets which are now dominated by AIs, and they are waiting for Earth to join them. Given the limitations of light speed only a machine could survive journeys of centuries.

Although I worked in IT for forty years it is over a decade since I retired, and I thought that I might be being too pessimistic. However I was recently speaking to a chap in his thirties, who runs his own software company, and he is, if anything, more fearful, anticipating that it may only be five to ten years before we are in grave danger.

None of this may prove true, but the fact that serious people are attending international conferences to debate the matter means that the risks may be more than the sort of nightmares that come to us in the dark hours before dawn.


Unless we overthrow the lunatics of the 'progressive' left, and quickly, we face the end of our democracy.

In view of the fact that the Conservatives have proved themselves useless, that their opponents are even worse, that the education system has been captured by the woke, that large businesses are more intent on virtue signalling than making profits, that the broadcast media, except GB News, is totally biased in favour of the lunatics, that bureaucracies are now infested with them, and that the police, at least at the senior levels, is also corrupted by the woke, there is only one organisation with the power, and the means to intervene.

That it will do so is unlikely, but a letter in the Telegraph suggested that the Army is used to stop the marches by Hamas supporters, so perhaps, as things get worse and worse, that might be a straw in the wind. AS another correspondent said, our enemies are sowing the wind, and let us hope that they will reap the whirlwind.