On and On we go

Every month as I write an article about the state of the nation the same issues arise time and again, as nothing seems to change, except to get worse. It is difficult to tie these together in a linked manner, as so many aspects of our life now are involved. The best I can do is deal with them under a series of headings.

The demise of the Tories

The Conservative party has thrown away the enviable position it held after the last general election, and now faces a massive defeat at the next. They have ignored the opinions of those who supported them, and surrendered to the fashionable views promoted by the noisy denizens of urban enclaves, such as the rich suburbs of North London.

As far as those in the South are concerned the government has betrayed them on so many issues: high taxes, rampant bureaucracy, increasing levels of crime, and anti motorist measures such as ULEZ and LTNs, while utterly failing to do anything about the dreadful state of the roads, NHS waiting lists, and the provision of affordable housing for the younger generation.

The voters in the North who lent their vote to the Conservatives last time are furious as they have seen the gains to be made from Brexit largely ignored, the levels of legal, and illegal immigration, reaching absurdly high levels, and the promises of levelling up not fulfilled.

Both sets of supporters are united by their anger at the ridiculous project to reach net zero, when this country's emissions are now among the lowest in the world, despair that our defences are crumbling, as Mr Putin eyes his next victims, and that the woke run riot, without any effort to counter their absurd demands, on, inter alia, sexual politics, and free speech.

A large part of the parliamentary party is now composed of social democratic careerists, rather than conservatives, who have more in common with their supposed opponents on the opposition benches than they do with their own supporters. If for once the electorate chooses to vote for those who stand for what the former believe in, rather than just against those who do not, then Reform could replace the Conservatives as the party of the centre right.

Intellectuals are basically traitors

Every day we see a new imbecility from the virtue signalling woke, whether it be public institutions producing policies which disrespect our values, comedy clubs which tell patrons to "check their white privilege at the door", or Church of England ministers extolling the virtues of being anti white, and anti men. My mother, went through two world wars, intense rationing, and, when my father lost his job due to ill health in the 1960s, struggled to raise two teenage sons on the pittance allowed by the state. I think she would find accusations of white privilege absurd, and insulting.

Of course the main source of all this nonsense is the intellectual elite, who have always hated their own country, and possessed only contempt for the working class. Before the war most were either sympathetic to Hitler, or Stalin. One only has to look at Diana Mosley, who was a British aristocrat, fascist, writer and editor, and the wife of Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists, while left wing icon George Bernard Shaw's admiration for the tyrant Stalin lasted, undimmed, until his death. The University of Cambridge harboured a nest of traitors, while in 1933 the Oxford Union passed a motion. "This House will under no circumstances fight for its King and Country", fortunately later ignored.

In those days sensible politicians ignored intellectuals, with Attlee saying "never listen to them, they are always wrong", while George Orwell, who knew them all too well said  "The common people still vaguely subscribe to that doctrine of intellectual liberty and act on it, as it is the liberals who fear liberty, and the intellectuals who want to do dirt on the intellect."

Unfortunately these people now dominate public life, and have extended the objects of their hate to include our closest allies, in particular the USA, and Israel, while, as always, they are antisemites. Unless ordinary decent people fight back these arrogant, vociferous, bigots will succeed in totally undermining our society.

J K Rowling and the trans

In her courageous stance against those who claim that biological sex is mutable J K Rowling points to the fact that the this insane ideology is a betrayal of the ideals of the Scottish enlightenment. For centuries political thought in the West has been largely based upon that late seventeenth century philosophical, intellectual and cultural movement which, stressed reason, logic, criticism, and freedom of thought over dogma, blind faith, and superstition. It was in sharp contrast to the age of the Puritans, who, driven by religious belief, were totally dogmatic, humourless, judgemental, and fully prepared to persecute anyone who dared to question their beliefs, something that is horrifying similar to the situation today.

The ascendency of reason is now under increasing threat as now we face vociferous groups which, while lacking religious motivations, are distorting society, particularly in the UK and USA, in a way that the witch finders of the seventeenth century would applaud. They admit of no possibility that they might be wrong, close down debate, and treat any opponents as heretics, to be punished by the loss of employment, reputation or worse. Aided by the cesspit of social media, which unjustly magnifies the extent to which their opinions are supported by ordinary citizens, they have succeeded, inter alia, in imposing their views on large swathes of the populace, using accusations of racism, homophobia, and transphobia, to silence those who dare to oppose the use of irreversible medical procedures on children, probably only just going through the usual confusions arising from the process of growing up, or who choose not to indulge the Thought Police seeking to limit their right to free speech.

In the darkest days of the last war Churchill spoke of moving to broad, sunlit uplands, and indeed compared to the dark night of Nazism the world did so. Now however we see in North Korea the nearest manifestation of Orwell's 1984 yet so far existing, in China a one party authoritarian state threatening peaceful neighbours, while oppressing millions such as the Tibetan people, in Iran a theocratic state whose leader defends the stoning to death of women, and in Russia an aggressor country led by a dictator who menaces the whole of Europe.

If we do not stand up to these domestic and foreign authoritarians then we shall descend into a new dark age, where speech, and even thought, will be subject to policing by the acolytes of the modern religion of woke, and of rule by immovable despotisms.

The disgusting bias of the BBC

It is obvious that the BBC has long been in the grip of the liberal elite, slavishly following the line that anyone who dares to disagree with the nostrums of the latter is either stupid, ignorant, or a fascist. The manner in which this supposed national broadcaster promotes only one side of the arguments on contentious issues such as net zero, illegal immigration, and the Middle East, makes a mockery of claims that it is impartial, while its laughable verify department merely confirms that any who differ from left liberal beliefs is to be vilified as being at best, wrong, at worst malign.

Those who recognize the reality are resigned to complaining without any effect, but now, in the run up to a general election, the bias of the BBC is a danger to our democracy, as its influence is out of all proportion to its deserts, yet it will undoubtedly sway votes by its deplorable coverage. This has been made manifest by the recent habit of presenters to refer to Reform UK as a ‘far right' party, with all the connotations of the latter being extremist, and a risk to democracy. In fact the party is giving a voice to millions who have been patronised, and ignored, by the three main parties, who have more in common with each other than they do with the electorate.

It is not extreme to hold the view that to pursue net zero policies which are undermining our economy, and threatening power blackouts, is wrong. There is nothing immoderate in believing that those who use illegal means of gaining entry to this country should be prevented from jumping the queue of those prepared to seek admittance by legal channels. To argue that antisemitism plays a major role in the attacks made upon Israel is not unreasonable, and to demand that something be done about the level of crime in this country is not the mark of an extremist.

To the BBC those who question its partiality must be far out on the right of the political spectrum, as clearly the former would not accept the idea that, despite evidence, they are discriminating against anyone. Indeed those on the Left seek to suppress opposing channels such as GB News, in order that only their distorted views should be heard via the BBC. If the general election is to be fought on a level playing field the BBC should be obliged to cease its favouritism for the policies espoused by the woke minority which dominates its output.

The betrayal of Israel

In Shakespeare's Tempest one of Caliban's drunken companions, Trinculo, says "The folly of this island. They say there's but five upon this isle. We are three of them. If th'other two be brained like us, the state totters". In the context of today, and encompassing the much more numerous members of the political elite, it is obvious that most are indeed so brained, eventually leading to the collapse of our own island, and our way of life.

The priorities of the vast majority of MPs, and peers, are first themselves, secondly their party, and lastly the nation. They subscribe to globalist beliefs, which reject the idea of national borders, while putting the interests of international organisations ahead of those of their own people. The result is that nothing the ordinary person cares about; problems with the fundamental fabric of the nation, roads becoming impassable due to potholes, rivers poisoned of by sewer discharges, and the NHS utterly failing to provide a service to millions on waiting lists, are corrected. Our infrastructure is on the point of collapse under the pressure of a virtually unlimited influx of arrivals from abroad, making such matters as providing enough housing impossible, yet these dolts do not care. Instead these virtue signalling liberals constantly seek to abide by the demands of supranational organisations such as the EU and the UN, or bow to the supposed great and the good, concerning what the latter deem to be international law.

On the wider stage the deplorable intervention by some members of the legal profession concerning the war in Gaza is heavily biased against Israel, largely ignoring the crimes of Hamas. Other lawyers point out that the UK is not obliged to take, and should not take, any of the specific measures recommended, such as demanding an immediate and permanent ceasefire, which would undermine current negotiations between Israel, and Arab states, and the possibility of a temporary ceasefire, resuming funding to UNRWA, while ignoring the current investigations into that body's alleged complicity in terrorism, imposing sanctions on individuals and entities in Israel, without justification, and without any evidence of serious misconduct by them, or suspending sales of weapons to Israel, without evidence of systematic violation by Israel of international law.

As always one can depend upon the liberal elite to take the side of the enemies of the West abroad, and to fail the people at home. Despite their claims to knowing best they are truly simpletons, who should be ignored, and removed from the positions of influence they do not deserve, else our state will indeed totter.


Lee Anderson MP said no more than millions in this country believe to be true, yet he was suspended by the Tories for his comments on Islamic militants,. Sensibly he defected to Reform UK, which is now the only democratic, centre right party in this country.

The mayor of London claims that to criticise these people is racist, yet pro Palestinian activists projected vile slogans onto the Elizabeth Tower, while the police failed to do anything, and during the constant marches supporting Hamas many protestors wore face masks when told not to, again with the police doing nothing. The use of a swastika on their banners is an outrage, yet idiotic policemen can't understand why anyone should be angered.

MPs have to give up their constituency due to threats, some teachers are in hiding because they have tried to discuss Islam with their classes, and one child received death threats for accidentally scuffing a Koran in a schoolboy tussle. Worst of all our Jewish compatriots are being intimidated merely for because of their race, which is truly racist.

The Hamas invasion was done in the name of Islam, Isis murdered in the name of Islam, while the marches are carried out in the name of Islam. The police are terrified of being accused of being Islamophobic, and the politicians are racking their brains to find excuses for them. Like all totalitarians once given an inch they will always, always, take a mile, and never be appeased, to the detriment of the rest of the population.

The problem is that although many of us are shouting the truth from the rooftops the politicians, and the media, led by the BBC, are playing down the threats to our democracy. The ordinary people must stand up to be counted.

It is those who demand, often using the threat of violence, who are 'driving a wedge'. If they don't get their way they riot, or intimidate anyone who opposed their demands.

What the ignorant leftists, who always support any ethnic minority, come what may, don't seem to realise is that, should these people ever succeed in winning control they would do the following: ban abortion, suppress homosexuals, including their friends the 'trans', make women second class citizens, destroy free speech, and prosecute our Jewish compatriots. Is that what they want?

The insanity of net zero

Of all the damaging campaigns afflicting us perhaps the worst is the obsession of the chattering classes with net zero emissions. Most of the other absurdities of the woke could be easily reversed by any sensible government, as Acts of Parliament can be repealed, and fanatics removed from influential positions, but reversing the physical effects of pursuing policies based on a theory of climate change would require a great deal of time and money.

Even if one were to accept that so called greenhouse gases are the prime driver of global climate change, which is by no means certain, despite the assertions of those such as the BBC that the science is settled, this country is responsible for only about one per cent of emissions. Statistical surveys shows that China produces 30.7%, India 7.6%, and Russia 4% , while even countries such as Iran, Indonesia and Turkey pump out more than the UK. The most prolific are not making any attempt to reduce these figures, indeed are still building fossil fuel power stations at an accelerated rate.

New official statistics confirm UK has cut emissions by 50% between 1990 and 2022, and the UK is the first major economy to halve its emissions, while also growing its economy by 79%, yet this is not enough for the zealots of Just Stop Oil, who continue to block roads, attack works of art, and generally cause trouble, but not of course for those countries which are the major emitters. The latter organisation is now co-operating with the marchers supporting Hamas, thus proving that they are nothing more than another far left faction.

We are sacrificing our industrial base, and putting future energy supplies at great risk, thanks to politicians of all the main parties seeking to virtue signal by demanding further reduction of our production of such gases. No doubt when the inevitable power cuts take place, hospitals cannot function, old people die in unheated homes, and wealth creating industries collapse, the vociferous activists now shouting for zero carbon will blame everyone except themselves.

A rational policy of allowing scientific advances to generate better means of power generation over a reasonable time could avoid all these dangers, but setting ludicrously short targets for achieving low carbon production proves once again that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The Morons of social media

The persecution endured by the Princess of Wales at the hands of social media trolls shows clearly that it is essential that the latter are reined in, as their combination of speculation, conspiracy theories, ignorance, and downright lies, are a blot on our nation. I knew a decent man, falsely accused, who was hounded to his early death by these parasites, and anyone who dares to oppose their twisted views of the world are subjected to a level of abuse that the perpetrators would not dare to direct at them in person. J K Rowling is a woman of intelligence, and spirit, who treats those attacking her with the contempt they deserve, but she should not be left to fight them alone.

I have never used Twitter, Facebook, or any other similar applications, but am quite prepared to comment on matters of interest via the normal communication channels available in the past, such as letters to the media, as I am aware that those are avenues that are subject to the laws of the land, and that one is not permitted to hide behind pseudonyms, as is the case online. As a supporter of free speech I accept that people have the right to express their opinions, but there are measures which must be taken if decency is to be observed on social media.

Nobody should be permitted to use these platforms unless they comment under their real name, and those monitoring the posts must also be aware of the former's addresses, to prevent anonymous trolls escaping the consequences of illegal actions. The laws of libel must be applied, as they are to newspapers, and personal correspondence, so that unfounded accusations directed at innocent people result in prosecution. Of course anyone inciting violence should also be punished according to the law on such matters.

Our forefathers were well aware that shame is a real deterrent, and, where trolls are found to have abused, or made unsubstantiated allegations against others, their details should be made public. The depth of ignorance about facts, historical or otherwise, displayed by these half educated numbskulls, says much about the deficiencies of our education system.


What is all this continual nonsense from the woke at university about 'feeling unsafe', and 'safe spaces'. From the moment we are conceived we are not safe, as the unexpected can destroy us at any moment, whether it be intervention by an abortionist, war, accident, disease or plain old murder. These people sound like maiden aunts sitting on the sofa trembling because they saw, as in Cold Comfort Farm, 'something nasty in the woodshed'. How do they think this country, or indeed any country, would survive if its people behaved like totally wimps. These snowflakes should be sent down as unfit to receive a university education, but, as it is Cambridge, they are more likely to be appeased. As Del Boy would say "what a pack of plonkers".

Decency comes from within

The declining quality of life in this country can be partially attributed to the selfishness displayed by an increasing number of people, who seem to have no concept of duty, or of adhering to our system of law, but prefer to demand the right to get their own way, regardless of the welfare of others. Many now feel that, if they wish to do something they will, even if it breaks the law, varying from those who use electric scooters and bikes where they are not permitted, through cyclists who arrogantly ride through red lights, cycle on pavements, or ignore one way signs, motorists who ignore speed limits, and parking restrictions, to those who dump immense amounts of rubbish in the countryside.

More serious criminals now treat the justice system with contempt, as they know that, with a police service more concerned with investigating people's opinions than catching offenders, a court system which hands out pathetically weak sentences, and a government that refuses to even build enough prisons, they have a good chance of avoiding any sort of meaningful punishment. Despite having access via GCHQ to one of the most advanced cyber agencies in the world the government does little to pursue conscienceless fraudsters who prey on the most vulnerable in our society.

Virtue signalling political activists excuse blatant breaches of public order, whether it be many arriving illegally on our coasts, those intimidating law abiding citizens with aggressive demonstrations, or activists disrupting people's lives in the name of climate change theories, claiming that their cause is so sacred it justifies whatever they chose to do.

Of course a determined government could make a significant difference by clamping down on the individuals responsible, but it once was that conscience, and a sense of obligation to others, was the most effective means of ensuring an orderly society, responsibility arising from within. However the decline in religious belief, coupled with a ‘me first' perspective, makes it very unlikely that this attitude can ever be resurrected.


There is so much more one could say about Britain today, but I do not wish to try reader's patience any further this month