Other dangers

Although we are obviously focused on the coronavirus crisis we must not lose sight of the way in which our opponents are seeking to use the distraction it provides to gain advantages over us. There is an unholy alliance between hard core Remainers, seeking to delay, and in their minds, eventually overturn any sort of meaningful Brexit, extreme environmentalists, who seem to think that the effects of the virus prove that we should all be walking to work, while living in caves, and the usual rent a mob of extreme leftists, who seize any opportunity to push their insane agendas. Looming over all is the spectacle of a revanchist China, attempting to take back all those areas which it claims as historic territory, including parts of other sovereign nations, such as Indian provinces, and parts of Indochina, while also seeking to extend its control over large parts of the third world by use of economic means.

Taking the Brexit issue first, Michel Barnier and his cronies are aiming to delay any trade agreement in the hope that the government will extend the period allowed for talks in order that we will be tied into their restrictive systems for much longer, giving them the opportunity to continue plundering our fish stocks, and permitting European judges to interfere with our sovereign rights. So far the UK government has treated them with the contempt they deserve, and I trust that this will continue to be the case, as to retreat over fishing rights would be to betray those working in one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, to extend the negotiating period into 2021 would render us liable for the massive demands for payments the Brussels bureaucrats are proposing for the future, and to leave the members of their very own Juke Box Jury, masquerading as the European Court of Justice, interfering in our affairs, making it impossible for us to conclude trade deals with other nations around the world. All this would make Brexit nothing more than a hollow shell. Already the Europhiles in the Tory party are muttering about Boris, with those such as Matthew Parris writing articles speculating that he might be replaced. If he were then one could be sure that either a blatant Europhile, or the sort of gutless, so called one nation Conservatives, would replace him, leading to a Cabinet full of such people, and the destruction of Brexit.

Turning to the coronavirus crisis itself the attacks made on Boris are ridiculous, given the terrible situation with which he was faced once the disease became widespread. Anyone would think, reading rags like The Guardian and The Independent, or paying any attention to the BBC, that Boris was delighting in going round care homes with a machine gun, taking time out to decimate ethnic minorities, while the hypocrisy of the left liberal elite in attacking Dominic Cummings is breathtaking. At the same time as trying to claim the moral high ground Labour spokespeople defend Steven Kinnock, who also travelled hundreds of miles during lockdown to visit his family, while the Scottish first minister at first tried to retain her associate who had visited her second home, a true breach of the regulations. The reality is that these people hate Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson for their major roles in achieving Brexit, the first real defeat the chattering classes have suffered for decades. A baying herd of journalists choose to inflate the matter into 'Barnard Castle Gate' in order to undermine the PM, and the government, while ignoring the real issues such as Chinese culpability for the coronavirus crisis. In this they have as their cheerleader the BBC, whose bias is obvious, the expression on the face of their presenters at the time of the referendum result, and the outcome of the general election, making clear where their loyalties lie, their totally slanted reporting being a disgrace from a supposedly neutral national broadcaster.

The true driving force behind this is the continuing attempt by the metropolitan establishment to undermine, and if possible reverse Brexit, and has nothing to do with the facts of the case. Cummings is a true iconoclast who, apart from wishing to free the UK from the dead hand of the Brussels bureaucrats, also wants to remove the stifling incompetence of our own own apparatchiks, who have presided over so many failures to properly exploit the creativity of the British people, allowing others to develop ideas, and inventions, first conceived in the UK. He has the potential to help ensure that our economic future can be bright, if his ambitions for the country are not undermined by those preferring to look backward. It is unsurprising that the ranks of bureaucrats who prefer complacency, and a quiet life, wish to see him gone. It is also worth noting that both legal authorities, and the police force responsible for Durham, have concluded that Mr Cummings was not guilty of any illegal act.

I have never used Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media site due to the large numbers of unintelligent, and ignorant morons who infest them, reducing any attempt at holding a reasonable discussion impossible. However I do occasionally post on the BBC forum, receiving constant insults for my trouble, as these idiots seem to think that anyone who does not subscribe to their insane view of the world is a Nazi, a racist, stupid, or whatever other insult they think passes for a contribution to debate. I also find it necessary to write endless letters to my local press to counter those from the same sort of people. For instance one sought to blame Brexit for our current problems, apparently not realising that the members of the EU have unsurprisingly shown themselves to be concerned for their own people, not the interests of a putative European superstate. Fortunately the editors of these columns try to be even handed, so I have had the opportunity to boost the blood pressure of these imbeciles on almost a weekly basis. What is obvious is that those who support the theories of the Left espoused by the intelligentsia, not the working class, are trying to use the coronavirus emergency to advance policies which have been rejected time and again by the electorate.

As I have said in past articles we are under threat from China, not the Chinese people, but the Chinese Communist Party. We have already become very well aware of their culpability over the virus, but they have now compounded their deplorable behaviour by applying tariffs to Australian products because the latter dared to sponsor an inquiry as to the source of the pestilence, while announcing, should China develop a vaccine, it would be denied to the West. It is also clear that the CCP clearly intends to break its promises over Hong Kong, crushing democracy in that city, while it is increasingly threatening Taiwan with military force. These facts provide a reason for the West to completely change its attitude towards China. President Trump has shown resolution in confronting the CCP, and it is surely time that we in the UK joined our allies in the USA, and in Australasia, in drawing a line in the sand.

Our local MP, Tom Tugendhat, is a Europhile, against whom I stood at the last general election. Nevertheless he is one of those rightly now raising his voice against China, using his position as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, advocating a global China strategy to confront the biggest challenge to the liberal world since the end of the Cold War. He points out that, from Australia to Zambia, Chinese officials and their connected companies are using every lever they can to gain control. Beijing is trying to build dependence, and obedience, into the global system, replacing the network of treaties and laws that have enabled mostly peaceful trade and competition for decades. Britain is at the heart of the existing model, as our economy is built on it, and if we're going to defend it, and other nations' liberties, we're going to need to do more than issue a few passports to residents of Hong Kong.

Mr Tugendhat is proposing a number of measures that we can do to defend our interests, starting with a need for an open system of education that encourages freedom of thought, as it is clear that some of our universities are being subjected to financial pressure to conform to China's wishes. We must also protect our firms from being asset stripped by Chinese government backed takeovers, which are seeing the erosion of markets, while we must diversify our trade to ensure that our supplies come from more than one country, reducing dependence on systems that use them for political leverage. Another aim should be to neutralise the Belt and Road Initiative, as currently Beijing's loans deliver UN votes, or silence over abuses, before other countries are converted into property. Using our existing investments, and granting access to global markets based on the rule of law, would relieve dependence on single creditors, and tie nations into principles that naturally resist the authoritarian attempts of others. Finally the UK should take a lead in protecting electronic independence. Changing the decision on Huawei is only the first step. We need to develop our own systems to help others grow and innovate online.

Anyone interested in reading Mr Tugendhat's article in full should go here.

One last phenomenon which needs addressing is the manner in which the organised left is once again agitating under the cover of the current crisis. No decent person can be anything but appalled by the death of George Floyd at the hands of a brutal policeman, but to riot, destroying and looting businesses in poor areas, thus punishing those who are often themselves victims of discrimination, is no way to achieve justice. Those who seek to spread the same kind of behaviour to the UK are clearly hoping to undermine our society as it is reeling from the effects of the virus. Peaceful protest is of course acceptable, but not violence, particularly when the fault does not lie with our own authorities. The photographs of so called protestors urinating on the statue of Churchill, and the reports of the defacing of both that statue, and the one of Lincoln, plus the setting fire to the flags on the Cenotaph are totally sickening, and show just how moronic these people are. Churchill defeated the most racist regime the world has ever seen, while Lincoln led the Union side which ended slavery, at the cost of over 600,000 American lives, yet these products of our useless education system seem completely unaware of these facts. We are told that these people are driven by anger but I, while utterly condemning the killing of George Floyd, am also angry, as I am sure the majority of decent British people are, at the contempt with which those who fought for justice and democracy are treated by these imbeciles. BBC presenters disgraced themselves once again by seeking to justify such vandalism, even when it was pointed out that, in a democracy, change is effected by law, not violence. How would these left liberals react if a group of white racists took it upon themselves to throw the bust of Nelson Mandela into the Thames? He was a great man, but there will always be those who would be happy to attack even the best of men. If statues of historical figures are to be destroyed will the next step be to burn their books, such as Churchill's 'History of the English Speaking Peoples'.Unfortunately it is pointless trying to argue with those who place their supposed moral indignation above any concept of the rule of law.

We must remain vigilant to ensure that the coronavirus crisis does not provide a cover for enemies to undermine us