Patriots may become a minority

When in 1940 Churchill spoke of our greatest hour even the great man could not have known have right he was. Although victory in 1945 was a tremendous event British power had been eclipsed by America and Russia,and the inevitable dissolution of the colonial empires which followed obviously saw an end to the Empire.

Nevertheless the constant decline in our place in the world which we have seen since, briefly interrupted by such episodes as the Falklands War, was not inevitable and could yet be reversed if only we were able to replace the political class responsible by those who truly believe in this country and its values.

We all know that public expenditure must be reduced but the news that the Coalition government is preparing to make severe cuts to our Armed Forces once again follows a path which the politicians have trodden over the last fifty years. They are prepared to pay any amount to retain their place on the Brussels gravy train, to spend untold billions on the feckless or on fashionable causes such as wind turbines but they will not fund the ships, planes and men necessary to protect our people.

It is not only in the field of defence that political actions have contributed to our diminution. It is a disgrace that the nation which was once the workshop of the world now relies on others for cars, planes, trains etc. while our hopes for prosperity rest with the spivs of the City. Idiotic, so called egalitarian, ideas have wrecked the education system and gutless social policies left decent people at the mercy of thugs and fraudsters. Above all our independence as a nation is almost extinguished by the politicians' love affair with the EU.

These are things which governments of the past would never have contemplated and are a direct result of being ruled by the sort of selfish clones we now see in charge of all our main parties. They are largely Oxbridge graduates with Arts degrees who have never worked in the real world, rising through the parasitic professions such as public relations before taking their place as professional politicians.

The country is in desperate need of a government composed of people who reject the shallow, self interested values of those currently infesting Westminster. They must be patriotic not nationalist, tolerant but firm, realistic not idiotically idealistic, prepared to put the good of Britain before individual interests. Time is running out as the corrosive effects of a poor education, an infantile mass media, and the growth of a dependent underclass means that those who still believe in the ideals of this country will soon become a minority.