Political correctness and weaponising language

We often hear complaints about what is described as political correctness gone mad, and in most cases they are absolutely valid. However what has been an irritation is rapidly becoming a means of coercion and political control, limiting free speech and bringing the law into areas where it has no place, always on the side of the liberal elites in the UK and the USA, one major feature being a massive distortion of language.

The greatest political thinker of the 20th Century Eric Blair, writing under the pen name of George Orwell, knew the power that corrupt language can have, as so many of his essays show, culminating of course in his great novels, Animal Farm and 1984. Goebbels, the personification of Nazi evil, also demonstrated that propaganda based on repetitive lies, and emotive phrases, could deceive a population into supporting the most absurd concepts, provided that one had the power of an authoritarian state available to suppress any opposing views. His constant description of Jewish people as 'vermin' inculcated a dehumanising image, which the brainwashed citizens of Nazi Germany saw as justification for extermination. Earlier in Hitler's rise to power the repeated accusation that the German armies in World War I had been 'stabbed in the back', when in fact Ludendorff and Hindenburg told the civil authorities that they must surrender, fuelled the resentments which undermined the Weimar republic.

Now we see everywhere the liberal left, enthusiastically promoted by the BBC, using labels which they intend to denigrate all who disagree with them. One egregious example is the categorisation of 'far right' or 'populist' directed at parties or individuals who dare point out the failures of so many of the elites' beliefs. Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, and Minister of the Interior, is constantly attacked in this way, although he is merely attempting to save his country from suffering the fate meted out by the EU to Greece. To be a populist is to reflect the wishes of the population, yet this is treated as a cardinal sin by those arrogant enough to believe that they know better.

Many groups whose agendas are anathema to all believers in democracy are routinely described by the BBC and its friends as 'far right', even though their policies actually contain far more features of the left. The murderers belonging to Daesh, or ISIL, the theocrats of Iran, even ridiculously the communist dictators of North Korea, are characterised as belonging to the right, not because they do, but because it is grist to the mill of those who are trying to associate anyone on the right of the political spectrum with evil.

An even greater target is of course President Trump. To listen to the BBC, American Democrats and many British politicians one would think he had come to power in a coup, and that he was some sort of crazed right wing fascist, instead of the democratically elected leader of the free world. In the USA there is what is described as the 'alt-right', or alternative right, a loosely connected and somewhat ill-defined grouping of white supremacists and white nationalists, anti-semites, neo-Nazis, neo-fascists, neo-Confederates, Holocaust deniers, conspiracy theorists and other fringe hate groups. Despite the fact that President Trump is the leader of the mainstream Republican party the liberals constantly use the term 'alt-right' in conjunction with his policies, in an obvious attempt to tar him with an extremist brush.

The hypocrisy of these people can also be seen in their treatment of those with a religious belief. While Christians who object to murdering babies in the womb, or the advocation of euthanasia for the old, are accused of belonging to the 'Christian right', those of other religions, who follow practices which oppress women, or demonise homosexuals, are given a free pass, as one must not question 'cultural beliefs'. This latter argument is even used to attack the innocent practice of wearing halloween masks, as this is deemed 'cultural appropriation'. What insane nonsense.

Of course those of us who have been fighting to regain our country's independence from the European Union have been subjected to hysterical attacks, using unjustified and emotional words, from the supporters of Brussels. Brexit is constantly described as a 'leap in the dark', instead of the stride into better times which it is, while the prospect of a no deal is referred to as 'crashing out' over a 'cliff edge', rather than the honouring of the referendum result which it represents. Those seeking a second referendum, when the first has not been implemented, have coined the ridiculous term a "People's Vote", when in fact this is a true oxymoron, the reality being that it would be a "Loser's Vote". Who do these people think voted in June 2016 - penguins?

One term which the liberal left have used time without number over many decades is to declare themselves 'progressive', with the connotation that their opponents are standing in the way of progress, while they themselves are seeking change to improve society. Of course this implies that their policies are in fact benign, when they are often malign in their effects. They were necessary in the past when reactionary governments dominated, but now any change in the liberal direction is regarded as progress, even when it results in, inter alia, crime rates increasing because of the liberalisation of penal policies, community cohesion being lost due to the failure to regulate immigration, and the stability of the family unit being destroyed by those who deride any sort of moral principle in the name of so called progress.

Another area where language is being corrupted is in our universities where moronic snowflakes (we can employ labels as well, although this one is fully justified), are using so called safe spaces, trigger warnings and no platforming to prevent discussion taking place on any issue about which they have decided there is only one valid viewpoint. They take offence at any expression of opinion with which they disagree and claim that, as a consequence, the people involved should be silenced. As the main point of a university education, at least in the Arts and Humanities, is to expand the mind, and develop the ability to debate, clearly these students are wasting their, and our money, by being there. The morons who promote campaigns such as 'Rhodes must fall', or even worse the stupid girl who wanted to paint over a memorial to male students who died in the Great War, should be removed from the universities forthwith, but of course we know that won't happen while the idiots who dominate our society remain in power.

Quite apart from the bastardisation of the language, the tide of political correctness flows onward, undermining our society from within. Relationships between the sexes are being poisoned by those who are determined to treat males as predators, and females as helpless victims. No reasonable person would defend any man who genuinely attempts to force a woman into granting sexual favours, but we have now reached the ridiculous situation where a young lad, biologically programmed to find the female of his species attractive, is pilloried if he dares to even make an approach to a girl. This has resulted in the undermining of the basic principle of innocent until proven guilty, as accusations are taken to be proof, rather than something requiring evidence. The 'Me Too' movement undoubtedly includes many whom have suffered from unwanted advances, but it is also a vehicle for unfounded, and perhaps politically motivated claims, which have no basis in fact.

The furore which has arisen over transgender issues is out of all proportion to the numbers involved, and has given rise to the absurd situation where a long serving female Guide leader is dismissed for objecting to allowing boys who 'self identify' as girls to share tents with the latter, or, far worse, a 'transitioning' male criminal being sent to a female prison where he then sexually assaulted two inmates.

One of the worst effects has been on the police, where not only have manpower cuts made it next to impossible for them to do their job, but the priorities they are given have reflected political correctness, not enforcing the law. We are told that we may not expect help in the case of most burglaries, and now that they will not seek to apprehend those who drive off from petrol stations without paying, but nevertheless sufficient resources exist to pursue those who post messages on the Internet with which the liberals disagree, or persecute innocent citizens such as Cliff Richard on the word of a fantasist. While ordinary coppers run towards danger the upper echelons are likely, as at the time of the Westminster attack, to be locking themselves into their cars. It is the latter who are turning the police into a Thought Police at the behest of the political elite, and destroying the trust among the general public which it has taken decades, if not centuries, to build.

We must be mad to put up with all this nonsense from these lunatics and it is time that the ordinary people stood up to them, told them where to get off, and ended this politically correct nightmare which is engulfing us. The ignorant bigots who infest social media are beyond reasoned debate, and the best way to deal with them is to laugh at them, and to stop using Twitter etc., leaving them to rant to each other. The mainstream media should stop constantly referring to 'Twitter storms' etc. and concentrate on their task of reporting the news, not the ravings of unbalanced users of social media.

Too many of our so called elected representatives are prepared to support this claptrap, so we should elect those who do not.