When I think back to what this country was like when I was born I am incensed by what it is now becoming. Anyone of my age will remember that, although we were recovering from the mammoth exertions involved in winning the Second World War, the social fabric of the nation was strong. The world which programmes such as Dad's Army portrays was not a myth, as one born in the England of those days knew a life where, although many problems existed, we were blessed, compared to the nightmare of today. Yes, criminals existed, but so did deterrent sentences. We still had a way of life where we were not afraid to walk down the street, and where, for example, murderers would hang, so the carnage we now see on our streets, with countless youngsters being stabbed to death, was unimaginable.

We were not constantly assailed by lunatics who claim that men are women, we would not nagged by environmental fanatics, who would have us back in the caves if they could, obsessing about an unproved theory of global warming, or be expected to apologise for our history, when, despite occasional darker periods, is one of which we can be immensely proud. The bright torches of democracy, the rule of law, and of the Christian religion, were carried aloft by our forefathers, and exported to much of the world. It is only thanks to our industrial revolution, conceived, and developed, at a cost of much hardship to our predecessors, that eventually the lives of billions have been transformed, from the days when life was described by Thomas Hobbes, as nasty, brutish, and short, to the prosperous lifestyle now enjoyed by so many around the planet.

Although we were in a dire financial situation, after expending so much on defeating the fascists, our merchant Navy was still the largest in the world, while our aircraft industry, was among the most advanced. As far as the Armed Forces were concerned, the Navy, although much depleted was still significant, thanks to conscription, we still had a sizeable army, and the RAF possessed thousands of warplanes. Despite the changes soon to take place we still ruled the largest Empire that had every existed. We were founder members of the UN and NATO, and the fountainhead of the English language, and later the Commonwealth. Although we needed the strengths of our allies to defeat the Nazis the world owes us a great moral debt for holding them back until they could be annihilated.

I know that the woke, the left liberals, and those who know little of history will disagree with most, if not all, of what I have said, but actually I don't care, as they are the enemies of our way of life. We have yielded too much ground to these people since the war, and should have long ago defied them. However they have succeeded in undermining the nation, and indeed the West, and we now face a combination of evils which look likely to destroy us. These are the insanities of the woke, the utter failure of our political class to put the interests of our people before their own, the obsession with net zero, and the importation of vast numbers of people into our country, who do not, and will never, share our values.

When, in his magnum opus The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon examines the reasons why an entity which had lasted nearly a thousand years collapsed, he details a number of reasons, from the increasing attacks by barbarian tribes to the weakening effect of the spread of Christianity. However two of the most important were a gradual economic decline, and the effect of internal rifts, which undermined the Empire from within. Clearly, given the changed world in the aftermath of the war we could not expect to retain a colonial Empire, nor did we try, giving independence to nations across the world. In his great poem Recessional Kipling warned "Lo, all our pomp of yesterday Is one with Nineveh and Tyre", but it was not necessary to allow Britain to sink to the level it is today.

The manner in which gender, and sexual orientation, have become battlegrounds is due to the desire of the woke to involve as many minorities as possible in a coalition which hates everything this country stands for, and seeks to subject the majority to their rule by corrupting our language, and by suppressing free speech. Their virtue signalling is sickening, as they are anything but virtuous. The decadence which helped destroy Rome is reflected in these lunatics.

The loss of thousands of jobs at Port Talbot, and the further undermining of steel production in the UK are evidence of the massive damage being caused by the left liberal obsession with net zero. That we should be cutting our own throats in pursuit of reducing already minuscule CO2 emissions, necessitating the import of products we can make for ourselves, is totally insane.

political parties insist on further reductions, at a time when Russia, China and India are massively increasing their production of the same. Quite apart from the dreadful effects on our industrial base, the government now intends to destroy large areas of arable land by installing solar panels, manufactured in China, thus making us even more dependent on importing food.

As this madness continues the already parlous state of our Armed Forces will be exacerbated by the lack of any means of producing the hardware necessary to fight a conventional war, should we no longer be able to import such due to a world conflict. Our political class has been betraying the British people for decades but the net zero idiocy is the final straw.

The marches taking place every weekend show how virtually unrestricted immigration has created a massive fifth column in this country, who oppose our ally Israel, and shout in support of the barbarians. The Israeli government is not, as they claim, a terrorist entity, but the legitimate authority, elected by the people of the only democracy in the Middle East.

For millennia the Jewish people lived in a diaspora, and were persecuted, used as scapegoats, and killed in pograms for the crime of living in the countries of others. Finally the Germans committed the worse crime in human history and murdered 6 million Jews. After the Holocaust was stopped by the victory of the Allies the Jewish people created a homeland in the land where, as is known to anyone who reads the Bible, they had previously lived for centuries under their own leaders.

However even this was not good enough for those who hate Jews for no rational reason, so Israel has suffered endless attacks, the latest being the barbaric assault by Hamas. As Golda Meir said, "if the terrorists laid down their arms there would be no more war. If Israel laid down its arms, here would be no more Israel". Opponents of the Jews right to live in their own country would only be satisfied if they all committed suicide.

The London Evening Standard is, as one would expect in the city run by that moron Khan, very left wing and woke, but amazingly its executive editor recently wrote a very sound piece on the morons who now infest our streets. He points out that one claimed that people had taken to the streets week after week since 7th October, despite the fact that Israel did not enter Gaza until 28th October. When some were asked which sea was referred to in the chant "from the river to the sea" they said the Red Sea, and the Black Sea. Another claimed that Hamas were not in Gaza, and yet another that there weren't any Israeli hostages. The nadir was reached when one protestor, asked what the words on her placard meant, said "I don't know. Someone gave it to me".

Do not read this paragraph if you are of a sensitive disposition. The BBC, and middle class liberals, refuse to recognize the sort of people with whom Israel is dealing, but these are some of the atrocities committed against innocent Israeli citizens: pregnant women were disembowelled, and the foetus stabbed to death; females were shot in the vagina, crotch and the breast; a half naked women was found with a bullet in the back of her head, and a live grenade in her hand; babies and women were beheaded or buried alive; other women had nails hammered into their private parts. These are the sort of sub human barbarians the marchers support, either because they share their religious origins, or because they are white antisemites.

That my beloved country should have sunk so low makes me sick to my stomach, and the fault lies with decades of administrations run by gutless, selfish politicians. May they rot in hell.