Recently my wife and I went to see the new "Dad's Army" film and found it enjoyable, although it is no match for the original series. However it does invoke some of that feeling of unity and purpose which was so much a part of British spirit during the Second World War and which inspired the idealism of the early post war years. In particular the final scene where the platoon march at the head of the parade through the town, with union jacks flying and people cheering was very moving.

A few days later, on my wife's birthday we went for a drive around some of the country villages in the part of Kent in which we live, visiting a number of churches on the way. To read the gravestones of those who fell in the two world wars, and to study the plaques dedicated to the families whose young sons died on the Somme, at Dunkirk, or on any one of the many battlefields, on land, or at sea, brings home just how much has been sacrificed so that the people of this country might live in freedom.

Therefore it is sickening to think that, within a few months, it is quite possible that the British electorate may be fooled, or even worse, frightened, into voting to stay in the undemocratic, sclerotic and doomed European project. To do so because one has been led to believe, by the lies of politicians, the BBC and the so called progressive media that membership is good for the country is one thing, but to vote for nanny for the fear of anything worse is plainly cowardly and dishonours the memory of those who gave their lives to protect this country.

Nevertheless, despite rigged letters from those such as retired heads of the Armed Forces, concocted round robins from the fat cats of business and dire warnings from the government's cronies abroad, it now seems quite possible that the referendum will deliver a majority for leaving. Therefore it is necessary to examine the ways in which the Europhiles will attempt to frustrate the declared will of the British people.

There were rumours that the Euro fanatics in the government at the time of the 1975 referendum actually falsified the results when, against the advice of the House of Lords, they decided that the ballot papers in 50,000 Ballot boxes from all over the country should be counted at one big national venue, Earls Court, the journeys involved giving obvious scope for tampering, while there was an accusation that everyone on an electoral register who had not voted was counted with the IN total and ballot papers stuffed into opened boxes which were then re-sealed. If the current government refuse to have the count organised by an independent organisation there is no guarantee that the result will be valid.

The establishment could just decide to ignore the result. They would no doubt attempt to justify this if, for example, we won with 52% of a 60% turnout, claiming that it was not a sufficient endorsement of such a major change. However one hopes that even these bare faced liars would not get away with that, given that there are a number of heavyweight politicians on our side who would not take such a disgusting betrayal of democracy lightly, although the elites might calculate that the British people, unlike the French, would not rise up and take them to the nearest lamppost. We must not forget that, in order for the UK to leave, the European Communities Act must be repealed by parliament. This means that the Commons and the Lords, both dominated by those who wish to remain in the EU, would have to vote against the wishes of the self interested majority of each house. If they refused to do so it is difficult to see how they can be compelled to do so, given their enduring contempt for the views of ordinary people. Of course they might call a general election, knowing that the issue would be swamped by other matters and that neither of the main parties would put British withdrawal as part of their manifestos.

In the event that they are obliged to implement British exit we have already seen straws in the wind illustrating how they will drag their feet. Cameron and his tame civil servants have warned that it would take ten years to conduct negotiations. This is total nonsense. It would be the work of a few days to repeal the European Communities Act, thus restoring supremacy to Westminster, to reassert our fishing limits, stop money being sent to Brussels and to withdraw the redundant MEPs. Other matters would take longer but nothing like the time claimed by Europhiles.

It would of course be possible for the negotiators on the British side, who will be appointed by a Europhile government, to concede so many things that we would still find ourselves effectively trapped within the EU and all the benefits which we know are attainable would be sacrificed in order to further the interests of the political and commercial elites. Only the involvement at every stage of those dedicated to British independence would prevent this kind of betrayal.

Given the desperate desire of the majority of the most senior politicians, bureaucrats, bankers and businessmen to protect their own self interest at the expense of the nation we may expect that the fight for freedom will continue for long after the 23rd June. If they were able to procrastinate and obstruct the implementation of the will of the people it would be an absolute betrayal. To sabotage our democracy in such a way would be the act of traitors.