If you are easily offended by heartfelt anger, plainly expressed, please do not read this article.

One of the characters in Rowan Atkinson's comedy series The Thin Blue Line, shown in the 1990s, was Detective Inspector Derek Grim. Portrayed as rather a buffoon, he would go into rants about those he regarded as weak kneed liberals, describing them generally as airy-fairy, nancy-pancy, wishy-washy, Channel 4 watching, Guardian reading, hoity-toity, lardy-dardy sun dried tomato eating, lardy-da's. It was very funny, even for those of us who largely agreed with him, although now we would substitute the BBC for Channel 4, or perhaps just add them.

At the risk of emulating DI Grim I regard the Remainers, who have so dishonoured Parliament, as arrogant, selfish, moronic, traitorous, mendacious, hypocritical, dishonest, deceitful, dissembling, insincere, disingenuous, double-dealing, two-faced, duplicitous, perfidious scum. There are many more words one could use, but I think the picture is clear. My wife, who is a passionate Brexiteer, while waiting for me in Sainsbury's, chatted with a perfectly respectable chap, whom no one would think of as an extremist, but who was so angered by the newspaper headlines that he was advocating using a machine gun on the traitors. That quite ordinary, decent people are now beyond furious illustrates just how far the Remainers have gone in betraying not merely our democracy, but also those who gave their lives in past conflicts in order that we should live in an independent, sovereign and free country.

It has often been said that hypocrisy is the English disease, and although we are not alone in this, there is a degree of truth in the accusation. However one would be obliged to search extensively to find more egregious examples than we have seen from the Remainers, as they scream hysterically over their failure so far to overturn the referendum result. Molière's Tartuffe, one of the most famous hypocrites in fiction, did at least, in his innermost being, know that he was in reality a fraud, but the more deranged of those EU supporters shouting about democracy do not seem to possess even a modicum of self knowledge. What I find most terrifying is that these people are displaying every attribute of doublethink, defined by Orwell as the holding of contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, and yet not comprehending that they are so doing. Orwell describes them as speaking from the belly, their minds not involved at all.

The rank hypocrisy demonstrated by those Remainers conspiring to prevent a true Brexit in calling the government's action in suspending parliament undemocratic is beyond belief. These people have spent three years trying to negate the greatest democratic decision taken in these islands, and now they try to present themselves as the guardians of democracy. They slavishly support the EU, an organisation which is profoundly undemocratic, and which has used dictatorial methods to reduce Greece to a vassal state, to inflict a EU apparatchik as the ruler of Italy, and to plunge the southern European members, particularly Spain, into an economic crisis which has sacrificed the employment prospects of a whole generation of young people. They seek to bully Switzerland into submission, and routinely ignore public opinion, forcing the Irish, Dutch, and even the French, to repeat referendums which went against the desires of the high priests of the European project. The EU is now to be headed by a corrupt German minister, a failed Belgian PM, a Spanish politician famous for repression in Catalonia, a French finance minister convicted of negligence in respect of hundreds of millions of taxpayers money, all of them unelected and unaccountable. They are autocrats, not democrats.

The departure of the Speaker, that smug pipsqueak Bercow, who long ago joined the BBC in laughing at the idea that it was his duty to be unbiased, is a relief, but the scenes of congratulation in the House were sickening, and why do even Brexiteers choose to applaud this vile man. To portray the so called moderate Tory MPs as martyrs to democracy is absurd. In reality, as they are attempting to transfer the governance of this nation to an organisation based in a foreign country, they are acting in the same way as those who ran the Vichy regime in wartime France, and betraying democracy itself. Britain and her true allies still possess the power to face down our opponents, but the Remainers are like termites, gnawing away at the foundations of our country, and, if not removed, will bring us down. They are the enemy within. Those of them who describe Brexit as a 'Right-Wing obsession' merely expose their ignorance. Participation in the European project has been opposed at all stages by leading Labour figures, such as Clement Attlee, Hugh Gaitskill, Peter Shore, Douglas Jay, Michael Foot, Tony Benn and, of course, Jeremy Corbyn. If anything it is a cause which belongs to the Left, not the Right, but of course facts are of no interest to the apologists for Brussels.

The mass of ordinary, decent people must wake up to the fact that effectively we are at war, not in a military sense, but with the pernicious agenda espoused by the liberal left, which is destroying our country. These people use offensive stereotypes to demonise others. If you are a man you must be a misogynist, while if heterosexual clearly a potential paedophile, if white obviously a racist, if religious, particularly Christian, a bigot and fanatic. The influence of these people has led to the corruption of the education system by their view that everyone must have rewards, and the insulting idea that bright working class children need special treatment.

They have undermined law and order by their ridiculous ideas on penal policy, leading to large numbers of innocent people being murdered on the streets of London, and elsewhere. Their support for the unproven theory of global warming has reduced one of the most robust systems in the world for energy production and distribution to one which is on a knife edge. They have only hatred for their own country and its allies, while licking the boots of our enemies, and their contempt for the democratic wishes of the majority of the British people explains their love of the undemocratic EU.

They receive constant support from the BBC, whose scandalous bias on such matters as climate change, and Brexit are obvious for all to see, while their shock troops are the morons on social media, whose only concept of debate is that it consists of lying, and abusing one's opponents. George Orwell knew the mindset of these people all too well and, although the details are different, the social paradigm of his novel 1984 comes closer every day, as the increasing power of what is a Thought Police grows constantly.

One idiot, writing to our local paper, claimed that the majority in the 2016 referendum was tiny, total nonsense, as it actually exceeded the combined populations of Sheffield, Leeds and Newcastle, while he contended that it was flawed, again nonsense, it being a straightforward binary decision. What he really meant is that he cannot stand the fact that his side lost.

Even more risible was his contention that the circumstances are now different, as the fundamental position is, and will always be the same. There are underlying differences in philosophical attitude between the Europeans and the British, which can never be bridged. In their view everything is forbidden, unless it is permitted by law, whereas in Britain everything is permitted, unless it is forbidden by law. We believe in innocent until proven guilty, but the EU's Corpus Juris asserts guilt unless innocence is proved, thus placing the burden on the accused, not the state.

The EU operates on a top down principle, while we believe that power should reside in the common people, so, where we desire rule by democracy, those in charge of the EU see themselves as some sort of latter philosopher kings, as envisaged by Plato, wielding authority without accountability. As is common with the kind of supposedly utopian schemes adopted on the Continent the assumption is that the theory predominates, and the real world must adjust to that, inevitably causing strife when reality refuses to conform, whereas we prefer a pragmatic and empirical approach, finding what works, and using that as the basis of our actions.

That great man General de Gaulle recognized these basic differences between Britain and Europe, and it is a tragedy that it has taken decades for the truth of his statements to become clear, for otherwise we could all have avoided the many years of misunderstanding which have resulted from our joining an organisation which represents the antithesis of what we truly are.

It seems that Boris is determined to honour the referendum result, but if, as reported, he is merely seeking modifications to the Irish backstop then, once again, the leadership of the Conservative party will have betrayed the people of this country over the EU. To be prepared to accept changes to the former, but leaving the rest of the Withdrawal Agreement in place, would be a betrayal of the referendum result, as the whole thing must be rejected, lock, stock and barrel. In particular the "Political Declaration", seeks, inter alia, to tie us to accepting the rulings of the European Court of Justice, to being a member of a permanent customs union, thus preventing us from making any agreements with other nations outside the EU, and surrendering our fishing grounds to European trawlers. Nothing less than throwing out the entire package supposedly negotiated will suffice. Boris will have failed if he agrees to such a climbdown.

Should, after all the rhetoric and promises, Brexit be betrayed, then the only avenue left would be to vote for the Brexit party. However, given the tribal loyalty of so many Conservative voters, the result would almost certainly be to sufficiently divide the vote of those who support our country, and its democracy, that the Remainer parties would win. In that event we face a future either as citizens of an impoverished Marxist state, or one completely under the thumb of the arrogant, corrupt and incompetent apparatchiks of Brussels.

The spectacle of those who were elected to the Commons on a manifesto promising to honour the referendum result, now showing themselves in their true colours as fanatical supporters of the EU, is truly nauseating. The scenes in Parliament on the evening of the 9th September were worthy of a pack of infant children. These cretinous imbeciles are unfit to be called representatives, and that they refer to each other as honourable is laughable. They are not merely betraying the trust of the millions who voted to Leave, but are also revealing their utter contempt for their own constituents, whose vote for them was obtained under a false premise. The country must ensure that such people are never again allowed to be elected as representatives of the people.

Events in parliament make clear that this country is no longer a democracy, as the majority of MPs now represent only themselves, not their constituents. Those who have blatantly reneged upon the promises they gave in their party manifestos to obtain election have no more right to determine policy than any other individual citizen. Accordingly no laws passed by them possess democratic legitimacy, while any emanating from a Brussels regime rejected by the British people are equally invalid. We therefore have no moral obligation to obey such laws, and any democrat on a jury faced with charges relating to them should vote for acquittal. Civil disobedience, as espoused by Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Junior, has a proud history, and is now the only way, given the deliberate blocking of a general election by the Remainers, in which the people can hope to prevail over the establishment. These arrogant pigs are spitting in the face of the people.

The decision by a group of politicised, Remain supporting, judges makes clear that the establishment has closed ranks, in a conspiracy with MPs who represent only themselves, in order to frustrate the explicit wishes of the British people. Unless the obvious prejudice of the legal profession can be overcome we now face a future either as a Marxist state, or as province of an authoritarian European Empire. These people are a disgrace, and put an end to the fiction that the judiciary are impartial. They are as biased as the BBC, and we have no reason to regard them as other than a self interested group who prefer rule by a foreign power to rule by the sovereign people.

If in the end we lose to the traitors I hope that those Remainers who undermined our democracy will be eventually plagued by the realisation that there was one brief moment when a bright future beckoned, but their selfishness and stupidity destroyed it.