The BBC - A disgrace to the nation

I have written before about the bias and stupidity to be found in the British media but increasingly that displayed by the BBC eclipses the worst efforts of the print media. All Eurorealists will be aware of the careful analysis made by Lord Pearson of the way in which the BBC fails in its duty of impartiality, and also of the way the arrogant, overpaid bureaucrats who run that organisation patronise those who complain, while making no effort to answer the charges truthfully. However it is not merely on the matter of the EU that our so called national broadcaster blatantly supports one side of an argument, as it can always be found on the side of the politically correct chattering classes whatever the issue involved.

For example, the questions as to whether consistent global warming is taking place and, if it is, whether is has anything to do human activity are obviously two of the most important facing us today but, according to the BBC, these matters are settled and anyone who disagrees with the line they constantly peddle are either fools or knaves. This attitude can be seen in the way the BBC asserts that the vast majority of climate change scientists are agreed that humanity is to blame for the heating the world yet, as been shown, many of those described in this manner are not experts in climate at all, while a great number who are actually qualified in the field, but who reject the claims of the warmists, are totally ignored.

On a completely different matter, the question of religion, the BBC has once again proved itself biased and guilty of promoting its own agenda. While it is true that church attendance has fallen in recent years, it is also true that the values which underpin our society are Christian, and that the presence of some minority faiths does not alter the fact that the overwhelming majority of British people still consider themselves to be Christian. For the BBC the existence of other groups, however few in number, justifies calling Britain a multi-faith society, and allows them to marginalise Christianity wherever they can. Their head of religious broadcasting has declared that Christianity should not be given preference and, when confronted by objections, says "We'll listen to what they say but we're clear that we know what we're doing and we'll stick to that". What arrogance. Of course when all the major religions agree on certain moral values then one can also rely on the BBC to take the other side, whether it be abortion, marriage or the role of religion in society.

When reporting upon any conflict involving British or Western forces the BBC also does its best to undermine morale and cast doubts on the rightness of the cause. If such an attitude had existed during the Second World War it could have cost us victory. In reality that was the time when the BBC was at its best, speaking for the nation.

On this and other issues, including the EU, the BBC ensures that the public is presented with slanted views wherever they turn. Although occasionally they have allowed Nigel Farage to appear on Question Time, the vast majority of the panellists can always be relied upon to take the line espoused by the politically correct, giving the viewers the impression that those such as Nigel are in a tiny minority when in fact the opposite is true.

One of the regular contributors to the five minute slot on Radio 4 every Sunday morning, in which commentators give a personal opinion on current affairs, was Frederick Forsyth but the BBC were unable to stomach the truth about the EU and put an end to his talks, while one of the worst programmes is Radio 4's Broadcasting House which makes a habit of sneering at anyone who disagrees with the accepted wisdom, and ensures that most of so called celebrities who review the papers can be relied upon to take the same attitude. In addition their supposed amusing pieces frequently deride those who advocate patriotic or moral positions.

Even in little things the BBC delights in taking the politically correct line, whether it be insisting on Centigrade instead of Fahrenheit in its weather forecasts or the use of the metric system on all occasions, even though the latter means little to most of the British people.

The fact that we are informed that the BBC places advertisements for staff only in newspapers such as the Guardian and the Independent goes a long way to explaining why it takes the positions it does but it is clear that, should we ever succeed in electing a Eurorealist government a house cleaning of that organisation must be among its most important priorities. It has been undermining this country for far too long.