The Conquest of England

It is very difficult to comment on current political developments on a monthly basis, given that the situation changes from day to day, as the mendacious morons of Westminster twist and turn in their effort to frustrate the will of the people. However it is clear that this is now more than just a question of Brexit, but rather the larger question of whether this country is still a democracy. Does sovereignty rest with the people, or is control of this nation solely in the hands of the majority of traitorous MPs, who are determined to pull down the temple of our democracy, rather than give up their places on the EU gravy train?

It is reported that, during the recent elections in Turkey, when the results showed that the opposition had won in Istanbul, the government put up posters thanking the people for giving the latter victory, while now they are demanding that the vote be rerun, due to it becoming clear that they lost. In the past we in the UK would have shrugged our shoulders, and said it showed how little such countries understood democracy. Now of course the joke is on us, as our cowardly self serving, treasonous political class, presented with a referendum result they opposed, has conspired to overturn it by stealth. They have behaved like Orwell's Inner Party, treating the past as mutable, and resorting to outright lies in order to get their way. This disgusting behaviour is not limited to the UK, as the Democrats in the US legislature, having failed to undermine President Trump by false accusations of collusion with Russia, are now attacking him over his personal tax affairs. Anything but admit that Hillary Clinton was a useless standard bearer for the arrogant liberal elite, and was rightly rejected by the American people.

Prior to writing this, as a candidate in the local elections, I attended a meeting at our local council offices, where we were given explicit instructions about everything, from postal and proxy votes, to how to conduct ourselves at the count, and warned of the punishments awaiting those who in anyway corrupted the democratic process. I could not help thinking what a hollow sham it all was, given that if the results did not suit the cosy consensus of the political class, they would find some way of ignoring them.

So angry are people about the betrayal of Brexit that some forecast that it will lead to extra-parliamentary protest, even violence, but such actions will make no difference. Britain in 2019 is not the France of 1789, or the Russia of 1917 and, while their material position remains tolerable, the average person will not go to the barricades in defence of intangible issues such as accountability and democracy. The political establishment has nothing but contempt for the views of the electorate and now, by their blatant self serving actions, the House of Commons has all but destroyed democracy in this country.

Those of us who have fought for the cause of British independence for decades always knew that the only way to win was to replace the careerists in the Commons with MPs who really believed in democracy, but unfortunately in general elections the voters always return to their tribal loyalties. The leaders, and many supporters, of the Conservatives always put party before country, while Labour has long ago abandoned its working class roots, and is now dominated by middle class professionals, who care nothing for the travails of the ordinary people, who are the real victims of the former's love affair with the EU. The EU is set to move further and further to the right, so that dictatorial, racist rule will become the future within its bounds. Many of those who today oppose Brexit, thinking themselves so morally superior to those who wish to honour the result of the referendum, will live to regret that they have tied this country to such a despicable organisation.

We should remember that, in rejecting the UK's application to join the European project General de Gaulle said that Britain is insular, maritime, linked through its trade, markets and food supply to very diverse, and often very distant countries, that it's activities are essentially industrial and commercial, and only sightly agricultural, and that it has very marked and original customs and traditions. In short, the nature, structure and economic context of England differ profoundly from those of the other States of the Continent. As so often before the great man was right, yet the teenage scribblers who constitute the majority of the media probably hardly know who he was.

These ignoramuses choses to portray supporters of the Leave campaign as being on the right of the political spectrum, but nothing could be further than the truth. While many conservative voters do oppose EU membership, for those of us from the working class it is clear that this is basically a class issue. There is no doubt that the contempt which the middle class metropolitan elite have shown for the opinions of the ordinary workers, who are suffering most from the economic effects of being in the EU, would be regarded as totally unacceptable if it had been targeted at a minority group. This is made worse by the fact that the manner with which Remain supporters express far greater concern for the predominately Caucasian population of Europe than they show for those coming from the Commonwealth, who are obviously more likely to be of a different ethnic background. The reality is that a great deal of the support for EU membership draws upon class and race prejudice, and those who think themselves liberal by opposing Brexit are in fact the true prejudiced right-wingers.

That the working class recognizes that it has been betrayed is clearly illustrated by the activities of workers in some northern towns. In Warrington activists were recently out in their town for the ninth weekend in a row in their latest ‘Walk for Democracy’. A member of the group, said "The anger in Northern towns like ours, and nearby Wigan and Leigh, is intense, because we Northern voters feel that we're being treated as too thick for our votes to count". The group is not compromised of traditional political activists, but ordinary locals angry with the current situation. One, speaking for the group, said "It is important for Warringtonians to show we are willing to stand up for democracy. We believe that Westminster has betrayed the greatest democratic vote in UK history. For many of us this is bigger than Brexit now - it's about democracy itself. MPs must never think that they are a privileged class who can rule over us without democratic accountability. Being elected to Parliament does not give you a free pass to rip up your party manifesto. With the strong possibility of European Elections or a General Election we are preparing to campaign to ensure that candidates who are genuinely pro-Brexit win seats representing Warrington." Their sister group, WiganBorough 4 Brexit, also held a protest in Leigh at the weekend.

The extent of the stupidity and ignorance we are up against is illustrated by some experiences I and colleagues had while leafleting the council ward in which I am standing. One lady said that she was a Conservative voter, but as a strong supporter of the Leave campaign, she would vote Green instead. On being told that the Green party supported Remain, she expressed great surprise, as she did when told that Tory MP for the area was also a Remainer. As these facts are freely available via the local press, in our leaflets, or on the Internet, one wonders what more can be done to enlighten such people. Another lady said that she was a card carrying member of the Labour party, and therefore a Remain supporter. When it was pointed out that leading Labour figures, including Jeremy Corbyn, had opposed the UK involving itself with the European project for decades her response was “Shut up“. This moronic response, I believe, sums up the utter doltishness of the Remain supporters.

Although it is understandable, loyal Brexiteers should not despair that this betrayal by the pro EU Commons will stand forever. No parliament can bind its successors so, if sufficient patriotic MPs were to be elected in future, the UK can denounce any agreement signed by those such as Mrs May and just leave immediately. The hope now is for the people to forget tribal loyalties, and to vote for those men and women who actually believe in this country, and can be trusted to keep their word, unlike the majority of our so called representatives.

The famous speech of John of Gaunt in Richard II could have been written for these times. I will not quote it all, but his conclusion applies directly to today “With inky blots and rotten parchment bonds: That England, that was wont to conquer others, Hath made a shameful conquest of itself". If the traitors get their way and we effectively remain subservient to Brussels then, when complaints are made in the media, or in person, our answer should be “I told you so”. If the person then admits to having supported Remain one should add “You have made your bed, so lie in it”. Of course by then one would struggle to find anyone willing to admit that they had indeed voted Remain.

Eventually the EU will implode, destroyed by the collapse of the Euro, or the reaction of those member states who possess a greater pride in their country than has been shown by our useless politicians. For us now the future is to be a vassal state, and to have lost the respect of the world which our predecessors earned by standing up to tyranny. I hope that one day those responsible will be held accountable.