The continued betrayal of Britain by the BBC

Eurorealists are well aware that the BBC has long been dominated by left liberals, whose bias is reflected in the coverage given to numerous issues from that of the EU, through climate change to anything concerned with those controversial social changes beloved by the politically correct, but for the most part loathed by ordinary people. Even as I write the BBC is doing all it can to promote the frankly laughable report by the charlatans of the IPCC who continue to promulgate their absurd theories, despite the fact that the empirical evidence continues to grow that none of the apocalyptic predictions produced by their computer models are valid.

The justifiable fury felt that those running this organisation should so blatantly ignore their duty to be unbiased in their reporting has been aggravated by the manner in which these incompetent bigots have been paying each other vast golden hellos, goodbyes, bonuses and pay, to the point where the legality of some of these payments has been questioned. It seems that it is not enough that we must endure distortions of the truth on a daily basis, we must pay through the nose for the pleasure of doing so.

However one recent episode has brought into focus the utterly pernicious effect the capture of the BBC by the liberal left has had on this country over the past few decades, namely the coverage given to the passing of David Frost, whom the BBC seem to regard as some sort of secular saint. As one who regularly watched his satire programs in the 1960s I am aware that at the time there were easy, and indeed deserving, targets for Frost and his group of iconoclasts, in particular among the most prominent politicians of the time, and that a less deferential attitude in many walks of life is not necessarily a bad thing. However, as is so often the case, matters were taken to extremes and we now live with the results. All respect for any sort of authority was undermined, simple patriotism became equated with unpleasant nationalism and such things as duty, honour and loyalty were held up to undeserved ridicule. The idea that one should take responsibility for one's actions was replaced by the modern attitude that so called rights were more important. Perhaps one of the most destructive results was the undermining of religious belief as this has led, quite apart from the effect on normal behaviour, to the sort of moral attitudes among managements who act merely in their own interest, taking vast bonuses while presiding over organisations where the ordinary workers see pay and conditions decline, or among politicians who place their own interests above those of the country or their own constituents. Corruption has become commonplace and the idea that the protection of our democracy from alien domination is laudable, and indeed should be unquestioned, is now despised by so many of those who have been elected to parliament in recent years.

One of the results of the wholesale undermining of all the old standards, whatever their value, was that pompous liberals such as Roy Jenkins came to prominence and instituted the social changes which have had so many unintended, and generally undesirable, consequences. One of the worst has been the rise of those who treat anyone who feels honest pleasure and pride in being British as some sort of reactionary pseudo fascist. The liberals hate their own country, can be relied upon to support anyone who opposes its interests and naturally want to see it reduced to nothing more than a province of a single European state. They constantly demand reductions in our armed forces and would betray Gibraltar or the Falklands in an instant. They are a small minority but their influence is vast, largely due to the fact that our national broadcaster is dominated by them.

These are the results of the activities of those such as Frost and his like minded allies in the BBC over decades and it is now difficult to see how matters can be reversed without a root and branch reform of an organisation whose loyalties clearly lie outside these islands. Unfortunately this is unlikely to happen, at least in the short term, and one trembles to think of the biased manner which the referendum on EU membership will be treated, should it ever be granted. It will be truly ironic if the organisation which did so much to boost morale in the dark days of World War II should be the instrument of the final downfall of this nation in the 21st Century.