The Curious Incident

Those familiar with the Holmes canon will remember 'the curious incident of the dog in the night time' in the story of Silver Blaze, when Holmes points out the importance of the fact that the watchdog did nothing when the crime was committed. Those of us who have fought for many years against the handing over of our democracy to the bureaucrats of Brussels are entitled to ask why the third estate, the self styled guardians of our freedom, have done so little to protest during the years that this slow motion coup d'etat has taken place.

There is no one answer but several, which, added together, have ensured that the media have totally failed in their duty to hold the arrogant political class to account. Anyone who reads 'Street of Shame' in Private Eye will know that so many journalists are not idealistic heroes in the mould of Woodward and Bernstein but are either venal or stupid, or possibly both, while those who direct the affairs of the press are driven by self interest and profit and will not take a stand against the accepted political wisdom of the day. Most of the so called tabloid press are not worthy of the name of newspapers, being more like comics for the prurient, while any of them will distort the truth, or pursue vindictive vendettas when it suits them. Recent example of these are the complete misrepresentation of what Lady MacCartney said concerning a vegan diet and the constant pillorying of the McCanns over the loss of their child. Although Nigel Lawson is no hero of Eurorealists he was right when he attacked the 'teenage scribblers' of the press.

I remember that, at the time of the 1975 referendum, the only national paper to advocate a No vote was the Daily Express, a paper that is now a sad shadow of its former self. However, although a number of papers do take a limited Eurosceptic stance, none will print the real truth about the EU or openly call for UK withdrawal. The depth of their ignorance concerning the facts is a disgrace and ensures that any claim they may make to being the watchdog of democracy is laughable.

Unfortunately the position of the electronic media is if anything worse. In his memoirs Churchill recalls how in 1940 the BBC rejected a German call for 'peace' before the government had a chance to do so, but who can doubt that the modern BBC would have been doing all it could to undermine the war effort. That a national institution can have sunk so far from its glory days of the Second World War is a tragedy. We all know that those who determine its editorial positions cannot even conceive that any rational person might be opposed to membership of the EU, a consequence of the fact that it only recruits such staff from the politically correct chattering classes. Despite detailed evidence of pro EU bias produced by those such as Lord Pearson the smug Europhiles who run the organisation continue to pretend that they present issues in a balanced and non political way. As far as the other channels are concerned they just follow the fashionable line in politics while concentrating on producing the deplorable rubbish described as reality TV.

If Britain does eventually fall to the fascists of the EU it will be in no small measure due to the failures of the media, who looked the other way while our democracy was destroyed.