The destruction of a great nation

Last year my wife and I went down to Southampton to be present as the QE2 set sail for the last time from her home port and, as I watched her move slowly down the Solent, I felt a great sadness. This was not for the ship which, however much we may humanise such icons, is really only an inanimate object, but rather for the British people. I felt the same when Concorde ceased to fly, when I heard that the last British car maker was going and when the great railway yards were to close, trains in future to be imported from abroad.

We are told that the reason that the erstwhile workshop of the world, the home of the industrial revolution, is unable to build ships, planes and trains is that we cannot compete with the wage levels of countries such as Korea, and must be content with being a service economy, yet the new Queen Mary 2 was built in France, the Queens Victoria and Elizabeth come from Italian shipyards, the Japanese now make many of the products for which we were once famous, despite possessing less natural resources than do we, and the Germans apparently can do what we cannot. I find it sickening that we are told to believe that the British people are incapable of matching the industrial achievements of these nations, when we have contributed so much to the development of the modern world.

The truth is that the industrious and intelligent people of this country have been betrayed by an utterly incompetent political class, who have never cared about the good of the nation, so long as their own interests are protected. Everywhere we look the policies of the so called great and the good, of all the main political parties, have undermined our educational system, our industrial strength, our system of justice and, above all, our democracy. Thanks to them the representative system we spent so many centuries evolving and which so many died to protect has been handed away to a pseudo fascist regime in Brussels, which now makes the majority of the laws we are supposed to obey and whom we cannot control, the European parliament being merely a fig-leaf intended to conceal the fact that the King has no clothes.

We now live in a country which is sinking under the weight of the underclass created by useless educational and social policies, where decent people are at the mercy of vicious criminals who know that the liberal establishment will protect the latter in preference to their victims, where worthwhile and creative jobs are replaced by mindless repetitive tasks in such places as call centres and where no avenue exists for turning out those responsible for the chaos. Those things of which we were once so proud, such as the BBC, are now shadows of their former selves, rotted from within by the machinations of the fashionable liberal elite. The national church is now led, with one or two exceptions, by those who are afraid to declare an unambiguous belief in God. The brave souls who fished our waters for some many centuries have been betrayed by the politicians, who sacrificed them so that the gravy train of Brussels might roll on.

I realise that the sorrow I felt last week in Southampton is for the people of a great nation which has been all but destroyed, particularly for those whose efforts throughout history created our freedom and democracy and those who died in great wars to preserve it. Soon we shall see the people of this country fingerprinted like criminals, forced to carry ID cards, powerless to escape from the dictatorship of the Brussels bureaucrats and enduring ever falling standards of living.

The parliamentarians who now disgrace the Houses of Parliament are like those whom Cromwell evicted when they betrayed the cause of freedom after the execution of Charles I. In the past such incompetent and venal leaders would have been disposed of by an angry populace but apathy and ignorance now make this seem a distant prospect. Even though so many complain about post office closures, dysfunctional railways, restricted waste collections and many other issues which directly affect their lives they refuse to accept the connection with the directives flooding out of Brussels. It seems we have much farther to fall before the mass of the people will be willing to draw the obvious conclusions.