The End is Nigh

Well Boris has won the first round, but now he, like his, and my, hero, Churchill, faces a battle upon which depends the future of the nation. Although he is not taking over at the height of a desperate military struggle he now faces a France, which has never forgiven us for saving them in the Second World War, a Germany which hates us for twice stopping them conquering Europe, irreconcilable Remainers, such as that loathsome woman Gina Miller, and that loathsome man Alan Duncan, who seek to override the democratic wishes of the British people, the BBC, which propagates lies in an attempt to derail Brexit, and, of course, the full might of the British establishment, which, as the Brexit crisis reaching its climax is showing its true arrogant face, presenting a united front as it tries to prevent the will of the majority of the British people being implemented.

We last saw such unanimity among the so called great and the good (great fools and good for nothing) when they all but destroyed this country in the 1930s, as, had it not been for a maverick politician, largely rejected by his own party, we would have concluded a shameful, and undoubtedly temporary, peace agreement with the devils of Nazism, leading eventually to subjugation. As it was, despite Churchill, the spirit of the British people, and the still enormous power of the British Navy, we very nearly succumbed, thanks to the criminal negligence of the appeasers in allowing the Germans to rearm without an effective response, whether to stop them earlier, or to rebuild our defences in time.

Now we have seen the various knights of the establishment weighing in with their efforts to stop Brexit. The deplorable comments made by the UK ambassador to the USA, a man who is known as a Europhile, a quality he shares with the vast majority of his colleagues in the Foreign Office, and the diplomatic service, have damaged our relationship with the most pro British American President to have held the office in decades. Unsurprisingly the other various 'Sirs' who dominate that branch of the Civil Service supported him, while the Remainers sought to blame Boris Johnson for the ambassador's resignation, ignoring the insults Sir Kim addressed to President Trump's administration. The police have also shown their true colours by threatening newspapers with charges if they dare to publish similar articles, a clear attack on free speech.

The ex-MI6 chief Sir John Sawers has contributed his twopence worth by warning that insiders in Whitehall have voiced concern to him over Brexit, and the Tory leadership election, and stating that holding the referendum was a mistake. Typical arrogance of an establishment figure, who is clearly contemptuous of the ordinary people, and hates a democratic decision taken against the wishes of his privileged class. This is obviously also true of Sir John Major, who is threatening to use the courts to block a No Deal Brexit.

The establishment has done immense damage to our country since the war. In the early 1950s Britain had one of the leading car manufacturing sectors in the world, our aircraft industry was second to none, and we were well placed to take part in the space race, as a trip to the museum at the Needles IOW will testify. All this was thrown away by politicians who never looked beyond the short term, thought only of immediate costs, not long term gains and who, worst of all, had nothing but contempt for their own country. A perfect example is the way in which so much of the rail network was cut, for what the axeman, Beeching, said was a net saving of 18 million pounds per year. Since those days we have seen many attempts to restore lines, and the environmentalists now wish that such cuts had never been made. Those like that toff Harold Macmillan, realising that their class of of over privileged patricians were no longer in a position to run the country, concluded that, instead of allowing those they regarded as oiks to take control, they would hand the governance of the nation to the supranational state being constructed in Europe.

I don't know how often the facts about the EU require restating, but clearly they are never going to be accepted by the BBC and the other fanatical supporters of the EU. To reiterate: our largest trading partner is not the EU; only 43% of our trade goes to the continent; we endure a very significant loss on trade with the EU, yet make a profit on trade with the rest of the world; only about 10% of British economic activity relates to trade with the EU; a No Deal Brexit would result, inter alia, in a drop in the cost of food, clothes and footwear; the rest of the world is growing in economic strength, while the EU declines every year; the EU is a bureaucratic dictatorship, not a democracy.

If Brexit is to be the success it can be it is only necessary that the true abilities of the British people are allowed to flourish, and that the spirit which has animated this country so often in the past is once again released. However it is the likelihood of this latter which is now perhaps the most open to question. It was said in the 1950s, truthfully in my view, that although no country could withstand a mass nuclear attack, the only two European nations which were otherwise unconquerable were Russia and the UK, the former because of its vast size, large population, and above all the courageous spirit of its people, and the latter because the existence of the Channel, the strength of the Royal Navy and Air Force, and the indomitable determination of its people would defeat any invasion.

This fact of history can be seen from the way in which Drake defeated the Spanish armada, Nelson destroyed Napoleon's maritime forces, the Grand Fleet prevented the High Seas fleet from taking any effective action against Britain, and of course the manner in which the RAF, and the Navy saved us from Hitler. We all know the more glamorous stories of the Second War, involving heroes such as Douglas Bader, and Guy Gibson, but that valiant quality was everywhere. To give just one example the British minesweepers, without whom the Atlantic conveys would never have made port, lost over three hundred ships, and nearly five thousand men, during the course of the war, those involved inspired by a belief in their country, and in the cause for which they were fighting.

Of course our enemies know that to undermine that quintessentially British resolve would render us vulnerable, and what we now see among the youth of the nation is indeed worrying. It seems that for many the only important things in their lives are to obsess over their mobile phones, and social media status, giving the impression that they think that they could just vote down a new Hitler, in one of their silly reality TV polls. Why this matters so much is that we are told that support for the EU is strongest among the young, largely because they have succumbed to the lying propaganda put out by the BBC, and the pro EU bias shown by schools and universities in any consideration of the issue. This is not the fault of the students, but of the undermining of our culture by those who hate everything for which we have always stood. Some believe that this ‘Cultural Marxism' is organised and directed. They may be right, but I have never subscribed to conspiracy theories, particularly when it would involve, in a world where it appears no one can keep a secret for more than a couple of days, a large number of conspirators working together for decades. We must hope that rather it is the result of a fashionable trend, which can be reversed as easily as it first arose.

The determined Remainers, who infest the House of Commons, and are seeking to stop Brexit by any means, refuse to recognize the fact that the changing of the guard in Brussels makes clear the direction the EU will follow, as if there was ever any doubt. First we have the appointment of Ursula von der Leyen, a German, and a fanatical federalist, as head of the Commission. Did millions of British soldiers and civilians die in two World Wars, in order that the effective governance of our country should be handed over to the Germans? In addition the laughable decision to put Christine Lagarde in charge of the European Central Bank ensures that she will make certain that every financial decision will be taken in furtherance of the cause of protecting the Euro, just as she did when head of the IMF, despite the fact that the latter is supposed to be a global, not a European institution.

I do not know if Boris can, or will want to, change the mood of the nation to reject these insane ideas, and take us fully out of the EU but, if he does not, then he, the Conservative party, and the nation face a dangerous future, or indeed no future at all.