The Enemy Within

Although we are churchgoing Christians when on holiday my wife and I enjoy visiting places of worship of other faiths, such as temples, mosques and synagogues, as these are usually among the most attractive places to be found in cities.

On a cruise to the East Coast of the USA a few years ago we were talking to a senior member of a synagogue in one large town, and telling him about a recent trip to Budapest, where we toured that city's beautiful synagogue, and how it had been defiled by the Nazis, after which we discussed the Holocaust. I said that it was the worst crime against humanity ever recorded, but that now the Jewish people were free of anti semitism in his country and ours, although in the past England had been guilty of treating them very badly. It was clear that he doubted this contention, and recent events have proved him correct, much to the shame of the Western world.

History speaks for itself. The centuries of the persecution of the Jewish people across Europe is a blot on all our histories. In 1144, Jews in Norwich were accused of a ritual murder, and a rumour circulated that a Christian child had been kidnapped by Jews, tied to a cross and stabbed in the head to simulate Jesus' crown of thorns. While this account did not contain the accusation that the child's blood was drained, and was then ritually drunk at Passover, and so does not constitute the full blood libel, it is a story of the same type and is generally seen as the entry point into England of such accusations. The Torah forbids the eating and drinking of any form of blood, but it became the first recorded case in Europe's blood libel, and the accusation was enough to get Jewish leaders in the town executed.

The other main charge that early 11th-century Christians levelled at Jews was that of host desecration. Jews were variously accused of stabbing the host wafer with pins, stepping on it, stabbing it with a knife until the blood of Jesus flowed out and nailing it in a symbolic re-enactment of the crucifixion. Jews were also accused by their Christian neighbours of poisoning wells and spreading the plague. Each fresh claim gave rise to new massacres, and accusations of blood sacrifice continued in the 12th and 13th centuries. In 1247, Pope Innocent IV ordered a study into the charges brought against the Jews, and the investigation found no evidence to justify their persecution. The Jewish community was vindicated by four more Popes, but accusations, trials and executions continued to rise.

In 1290, the entire Jewish population of England was expelled from the country on the orders of Edward I. They were also expelled from France in 1306, and from the Holy Roman Empire and from Spain in 1492. Given his often somewhat grim reputation it is surprising to many that Jews returned to England in 1656, at the express invitation of Oliver Cromwell, and since then have formed a valued part of the British nation.

Even in the USA anti semitism is not unknown. According to a survey which was conducted by the Anti-Defamation League in 2019, it is rejected by a majority of Americans, with 79% of them lauding Jewish cultural contributions to the nation. However, the same poll found that 19% of Americans believed in the myth that Jews control Wall Street, and 31% agreed with the statement that Jewish employers go out of their way to hire other Jews.

Despite this mixed history nothing in our joint history compares in scale to the manner in which the Jewish people were treated by the Nazis, and one would have thought that no decent person would feel anything but revulsion and anger when contemplating the Holocaust. Many people are unable to actually comprehend the historical reality, as no decent person, raised in a liberal democracy such as the UK, can truly believe that, in living memory, a supposed civilised country was led by demons from hell. Can we, who live in an imperfect, but basically tolerant, society grasp what it must have been like to be innocent, yet to lose one's job and possessions, to be treated like dirt, and finally to be killed, no matter how good a life you tried to live?

Jewish people were expelled from society, persecuted, and finally murdered merely for the crime of being born. Millions went to the extermination camps, where mothers saw their children killed in front of them by pitiless barbarians. No mercy was shown to any, and they suffered death in all its gruesome forms, with gassing, hangings, crucifixions, starvation, burying alive in killing pits, and enduring medical experiments at the hands of the Nazis. Now we have seen some demonstrators, including children, on these so called pro Palestinians marches, waving banners, and chanting that Hitler was right, and that Jews should be in camps. These people shame themselves, and those, who in any way facilitate such actions, are beneath contempt. It is reported that some teachers are encouraging these youngsters, thus making clear just what sort of propagandists in schools are now poisoning the minds of the young. Such people should be dismissed, and prevented from ever again being employed within the profession. Antisemites must be prevented from creating widespread roots in the UK.

Although the BBC leads the field in displaying anti Israeli prejudice, such as putting forward the absurd view that the numerous automatic weapons found in the Al-Shifa hospital might belong to the hospital security department, many of the reporters from Sky News are also singing from the same hymn sheet. While it has been a pleasure to see straight talking Israeli spokesmen confound those who attack Israel, one of the former was recently reduced to a temporary stunned silence by the utter stupidity of a question which stated that, as 150 Palestinians were to be released in exchange for 50 Israelis, did this not mean that Israel regarded the lives of the former as being less valuable. When he recovered his composure the Israeli pointed out what was obvious to anyone with half a brain, that Hamas insisted on this ratio, indeed at first demanded more, and that to insist on the implementation of a one for one exchange, as Israel would prefer, would mean no swap at all.

The broadcast media consistently discounts any statements by the IDF, claiming that they are unverified, but blatantly accepts assertions by the terrorists, from accusations of Israel bombing a hospital, later proved to be untrue, to denials by Hamas of hospitals being used as military command sites. The latter has been shown to be correct, yet still such reporters will not accept the evidence of their own eyes. One senior BBC reporter later admitted that he had been wrong about such claims, but then said "I don't regret a thing". The bias, and arrogance, of these people is almost beyond belief. It is a disgrace that this relentless pro Hamas propaganda pumped out by biased reporters is fuelling anti semitic demonstrations in Western cities, and is influencing politicians to demand a ceasefire which would leave Israel at the mercy of future outrages.

When looking at the instigators of this hatred it is obvious that the worst, or at least the most numerous, are not the usual suspects from the extreme right, deplorable though they are, but of those from the ranks of the woke left, and it is these lunatics who represent the real enemy within Western democracies. It is from this part of the political landscape that so many evil groups have arisen, seeking the destruction of a civilised way of life in the name of some distorted ideology, which is always based on nonsense, but which causes untold misery before, so far at least, being defeated. There are the nihilists, of which the Nazis were the most successful, the anarchists who caused so much destruction in the early 20th Century, the various supposedly religiously based organisations who still kill innocents, and of course the communists, dedicated to an absurd economic ideology which, when it failed to work in countries they managed to take over, killed millions rather than admit that they were wrong.

The woke are the enemy within who must be defeated if the Western democracies are to survive, but they have a grip on our educational institutions, much of the media, including the BBC, and have spread their tentacles everywhere, even into commercial businesses which should have no truck with their insanities. Unless they are taken on, and defeated, it will not only be the Jewish people who will pay the price.