The Fifth Columnists

The details which have been emerging as to the way in which the May administration approached Brexit makes clear how we have been betrayed, just as the people of Madrid were during the Spanish Civil War, by a fifth column of those whose allegiance is to those other than their own people.

These Quislings would have found a suitable home in the French Vichy regime, but it is a disgrace that, in a peacetime democracy, so many in official positions, were, and are, prepared to put the interests of a foreign regime ahead of those of their own citizens.

May, and her cronies, approached the entire negotiations as an exercise in appeasement. She allowed this country to be treated as if it had been defeated in war, rather than one which was responsible, along with our valiant allies in the USA and the USSR, for saving the members of what is now the EU from the Nazis. The repellant terms the British government were prepared to accept would have made our proud country nothing more than a conquered province of a foreign empire, allowing the appointees of Brussels to control our internal affairs, and even to break up our union if they so chose.

The demand that Britain pay 39 billion pounds for the privilege of holding trade talks was meekly accepted, despite the fact that there was absolutely no way for the EU to enforce such a contemptuous claim. Clearly May forgot that, as Rudyard Kipling's poem famously said "once you have paid him the Danegeld, You never get rid of the Dane". The British side actually requested a two year transitional period, during which we would would obey every diktat emanating from Brussels, while possessing no vote or veto to counter them.

The May government approached Brussels on their knees, from the outset ruling out any idea that we might just walk away as a last resort. They grovelled before Juncker and his accomplices, being prepared to accept the so called Irish backstop, a transparent device intended to prevent a meaningful Brexit, not the pretended guarantee of the interests of Eire. The Irish will soon discover that the EU could not care less about them, they were just convenient patsies, to be used as the former sought to humble the UK.

If there is one positive result of this disgusting attempted surrender by those charged with defending this country it is that even those normally uninterested in politics have had their eyes opened to the real nature of the EU, a bullying, dictatorial organisation with imperial pretensions, run by arrogant, incompetent and unelected nonentities, whom no one with any sense would employ to run a fruit stall.

Unfortunately, even now that we have a government with a basically Eurorealist view, there is still a danger that there is a willingness to accept features of the accused Withdrawal Agreement instead of rejecting the whole thing, lock, stock and barrel. In particular the "Political Declaration", which accompanies the agreement, seeking, inter alia, to tie us to accepting the rulings of the European Court of Justice, be a member of a permanent customs union, thus preventing us from making any agreements with other nations outside the EU, and surrendering our fishing grounds to European trawlers. Nothing less than throwing out the entire package supposedly negotiated will suffice. The Withdrawal Agreement, the backstop, and the political declaration must be consigned to what Trotsky described as the dustin of history.

I am tired of hearing those who oppose withdrawal describing those such as myself as unintelligent, ignorant or racist, or perhaps all three. In reality it is they who are unintelligent in that they cannot, despite all the evidence, understand that the EU is fundamentally undemocratic, and that it seeks a single European state, ignorant in that most of them do not not know the actual facts about the EU, and racist in that they favour the Caucasian people of Europe to the different ethnic peoples who make up the Commonwealth. We have far more in common with those from the West Indies whose culture is largely Christian, and English speaking, with similar institutions to ours, than we do to humourless Germans, whose envy of nations such as Britain and France, and their willingness to submit to authority, however evil, led to so much destruction last century.

It is not surprising that so many MPs want to remain in the EU. It offers them an enhanced career structure, with the possibility of becoming an MEP, being grossly overpaid for pretending to represent the people in that fig-leaf for democracy, the European Parliament, while a lucky few may become European Commissioners, wielding power without accountability, and enjoying an obscene level of salary while doing so. Their self interest, and their desire to hobnob with their fellow politicians in the EU, trumps any consideration of the well being of those they represent. Philip Hammond, who has done all he can to overturn the results of the EU referendum, refers to "the unelected people who pull the strings of this government" when in fact it is the EU commissioners, and Brussels bureaucrats he so loves, who are unelected, arrogant and massively corrupt. It is no surprise that Theresa May's administration failed to deliver Brexit, as so many of the senior people involved were determined that it should not happen.

Now of course we have the spectacle of Ken Clarke being put forward as our very own Marshall Petain, to preside over a Vichy government of collaborators, who are determined to grovel before the dictators of Brussels.

Project Fear Mark II has been firing on all cylinders. It is suspected that one of the EU puppets, who was a minister in May's administration, is responsible for leaking a report containing warnings of a worst case scenario in the event of a No Deal Brexit. It is only prudent that, whatever the issue, all contingencies are considered, but, as has been pointed out, this alarmist document was produced when May was on her knees to Brussels, and does not reflect the current situation, although this does not stop the traitors of the BBC yelling about it from the rooftops. Those of us who were there, or know something about history, remember that Churchill made clear the consequences of defeat by the Germans, not to frighten the British people, but to inspire them. Perhaps the government should produce a paper which detailed the results of staying in the EU would bring, namely an end to democracy, permanent subjugation to a foreign regime, our youngsters called up and sent to fight Berlin's wars, plus endless membership of a declining and financially doomed protectionist bloc.

The Frenchman Pierre Laval , the Norwegian Quisling and the Austrian Seyss-Inquart are all remembered, and reviled, as individuals who sought to hand the governance of their nation to a foreign power. It is time we recognized that those supporting rule of the UK by the Brussels bureaucracy are acting in the same way, even though they are not facing a similar military threat.