The Final Betrayal

I write this on the 15th March, the Ides of March, but this time it is not Caesar who is being assassinated, but British democracy, and ultimately the British nation. The events of this week have confirmed what many of us knew to be true for decades. The political establishment has nothing but contempt for the views of the electorate and now, by their blatant self serving actions, the House of Commons has destroyed any trust the people still retained in democratic politics.

The parliamentarians, largely drawn from the same social class, with a majority attending the same two elite universities, worship at the altar of what has become the secular religion of the EU, and they have successfully prevented this country regaining its independence in order to satisfy their arrogant colleagues in Brussels, and to ensure that they will continue to ride the EU gravy train, unhindered by any consideration of what is best for the people they claim to represent. For what they have done they will be remembered as among the greatest villains in our long island history.

Those parliamentarians who oppose Brexit love to quote Edmund Burke to justify their claim that, as representatives, not delegates, they have the right to oppose the clearly expressed desires of their constituents. However Burke did not conceive of a situation where elected MPs would owe their allegiance to a foreign entity, not to their own country, so his strictures are not relevant. If manifesto promises are not to be taken seriously why do we pretend that they are the basis on which people should vote. The EU is set to move further and further to the right, so that authoritarian, racist rule will become the future within its bounds. Many of those who today oppose Brexit, thinking themselves so morally superior to those who wish to honour the result of the referendum, will live to regret that they have tied this country to such a despicable organisation.

Our so called negotiators, led by a woman who is not fit to be an MP, let alone a Prime Minister, have knelt before the arrogant bureaucrats of the EU, sacrificing our country, just like the cowards who appeased Hitler.

One only has to listen to the words of our enemies to know how triumphant they are, as they watch the nation which saved most of them from the Nazis, grovel before them. The former European Council president Herman Van Rompey said of the British negotiators that they "had their backs against the wall, the abyss in front of their eyes and a knife at their throat. We are nearly there." The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, claimed that the "majority" of Brits want to remain in the European Union - and that Brexit should serve as a "deterrent" to other countries considering an EU exit.

George Soros, man who made an immense amount of money at the time that useless PM, John Major, was trying to keep the UK within the ERM, asserts that the British people are "becoming aware of the dire consequences of Brexit" and events could lead to "a groundswell of support for a referendum or, even better, for revoking Britain's Article 50 notification". He also talks of "the sleeping pro-European majority". Clearly he knows nothing of the opinions of those who live outside the Westminster and London bubbles. One of the worst of our enemies is Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament's representative in the negotiations, and one who openly advocates a federal Europe, claiming that Brexiteers 'face the guillotine'. What a cretin. The Dutch Prime Minister has launched an extraordinary attack on Britain, claiming that we are already weakening, and are a waning country, too small to appear on the world stage on our own, becoming an economy of intermediate size. This moron clearly forgets that we have the fifth largest economy in the world, we are the fountainhead of the world language, the Anglosphere and the Commonwealth, while belonging to the intelligence alliance 'Five Eyes'.We are also one of the five permanent members of the UN security council, and one of the only six nations in the world to possess thermonuclear weapons. His country would not even exist if the Americans, British and Canadians had not liberated it in 1945.

That the EU is rotten to the core is proved by the fact that it does not even obey its own constitution. The independent European Ombudsman has found that the appointment of Martin Selmayr to the role of Secretary-General of the EU Commission "did not follow EU law". Selmayr, who was previously Jean-Claude Juncker's Chief of Staff, is now the EU Commission's top civil servant, and the arrogant bureaucrats of the latter do not intend to take any action about this blatant breach of the rules.

As far as the home grown Europhiles are concernedIt is unlikely that many of us have seen such a pathetic display of childish behaviour since we were at school, as that they have shown. They are like the hero of Just William's nemesis Violet Elizabeth Bott, who threatened that "I'll scream and scream until I'm sick" if she didn't get her way. They can't stand discovering that their politically correct, unpatriotic, pseudo liberal beliefs have finally been exposed for what they are, and that the British people have had enough of them.

The lady who runs the largest dating agency in the country reports that the biggest deal breaker for her clients are the Remain supporters who would not even consider meeting anyone who voted Leave, while a recent poll showed that some thirty seven percent of Remainers would object strongly if a loved one married a Leaver.

Have there ever been such immature, puerile and totally infantile attitudes, except among the most fatuous of children? These people are like the kid in the playground playing football who, when his side was losing, declared that he was taking his ball home. They are truly inadequate individuals, and the worst of it is that, unlike the time when the Roundheads and the Cavaliers fought the Civil War, or when Protestants and Catholics divided Europe, these modern morons have no understanding of the issues, basing their views on false ideas of the realities of the European Union. Some have declared that, should the will of the people actually be implemented, they will not be able to work or live in Europe, or even to visit as a tourist. What ignorant stupidity!

The former Managing Director of supermarket chain Lidl has openly confessed that membership of the EU has had a detrimental effect on British workers, admitting that mass migration has helped keep wages low proving, for, as many on the pro-Brexit side have endlessly pointed out, EU open borders undermine the wages of British workers. Ronny Gottschlich told the BBC's Wake Up to Money that the grocery retail sector currently depends on a foreign workforce, and that if numbers were cut this would ultimately lead to higher wages. He warned that if there were fewer EU workers "your cheap labour falls away", meaning an increase in wage costs, whilst also triggering food inflation, and more limited access to migrant labour would mean companies would need to offer a "higher wage" to attract employees from Britain to work in stores. Of course this ignores the fact that leaving the EU tariffs behind will cause a drop in food prices, while making clear that the employment prospects, or the standard of living of our people is of no concern to selfish companies.

Taking a different tack the pressure group Migration watch states that Brexit will lead to rise in the number of immigrants into the UK, something which would only happen if our failed politicians were too weak to enforce our border controls, which of course they would be.

Brexit has been used as an excuse for every problem encountered by businesses, totally discounting every other factor. For instance the caterers at a local club are trying to justify increasing the cost of meals, because "Brexit will mean higher food prices". Of course, should a clean Brexit have been implemented, and the UK freed from the EU's protectionist tariffs, the opposite would have happened, but let's not allow facts to trump myth. Every time a company runs into trouble, even when the CEO's do not claim that Brexit is to blame, the nodding donkeys of the Remain side immediately claim the opposite. We have seen this with Honda, Flybmi and others. Ian Howells, the senior Vice-President of Honda Europe, has been clear that the closure of the Swindon works was due to global changes in demand, and the move to electrification, yet the BBC commentators nevertheless cannot resist dragging in the 'B' word.

At the same time all the positive news about the economy has been deliberately ignored by the pro EU media, whose constant chant is "Brexit bad, EU good", whatever the reality. UK employment figures have hit a new high, yet would idiots like Labour MP David Lammy ever admit it. New figures from Innovate Finance show that 2018 saw the largest ever amount of FinTech investment in the UK, hitting 3.3 billion dollars for the year, an increase of 18%. As Innovate themselves say "The United Kingdom's FinTech sector kept its position as a world leader, ranking third globally in terms of venture capital invested behind China and the US". This welcome news comes off the back of data that showed that London beats all European competition when it comes to attracting technical talent, with new investment coming. Apple are to open a new London HQ in Battersea in 2020 and Google's new HQ in King's Cross will house up to 4,500 staff.

Britain ran a budget surplus of 14.9 billion pounds in January, the highest since records began in 1993, yet the media is increasingly in denial about the incredibly strong performance of Britain's economy. The January 2019 surplus is 5.6 billion pounds greater than that in January 2018, and the economy is undoubtedly outperforming the expectations of economists who supported Remain. In addition public borrowing in the current financial year (April 2018 to January 2019) was 21.2 billion pounds which is 18.5 billion pounds less than the same period during the previous year.

Of course none of this matters now that the metropolitan elite have effectively overturned the result of the referendum. This parliament is probably the most disgusting and corrupt since Cromwell dismissed the Rump in 1653, yet there is no mechanism by which they can be forced to respect the wishes of the people, and we know that at the next general election the voters will continue to vote tribally, thus ensuring that the same Remainer majority exists in the Commons.

All my life we thought that we lived in an imperfect, but nevertheless essentially democratic country. Now we can see that it was all a lie. The future is dark indeed.