The Insanity of Woke

Given their behaviour one must wonder if the liberal elites which dominate public life in the US and UK are really oblivious to the fact that they are metaphorically digging their own graves.

In America Donald Trump did not arise from nowhere, but came to power because he was perceived to be speaking up for those who once had been the natural constituency of the Democrats, but whom they have abandoned in their pursuit of fashionable middle class causes. Trump appealed to the blue collar workers who have seen their opportunities for employment decline, and their wages decrease, and the inhabitants of the rust belt who have watched their traditional industries die, while the country imported more and more from China. He reached out to the working class who also saw their communities overwhelmed by large numbers of South Americans entering the USA illegally, undercutting workers' incomes, and often changing the nature of their communities.

The future of democracy is at risk, and not because the behaviour of those who stormed the Capitol was reprehensible, as was the apparent prompting given by President Trump. This event was the result both of the unbridled opportunities extremists have been afforded by the existence of social media, and an underlying malaise which is compromising the survival of Western democracies. In the past few years we have seen multiple examples of egregious assaults upon democratic decisions, which have been due to actions taken by those now hypocritically expressing outrage about the storming of the Capitol. It should also be remembered that the violence in Washington followed on from that seen during the demonstrations by the anti Semitic Black Lives Matter movement, which seeks to impose the views of a minority without any democratic process taking place. Obviously to the latter Jewish lives don't matter.

When Trump won in 2016, the Democrats immediately tried to delegitimise his victory in the electoral college, because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, despite the fact that this had been the agreed method of electing a President since the Republic was formed, while these same people also made totally unsubstantiated claims about foreign interference affecting the vote. Their attempts to impeach President Trump twice is an indicator of how far they will go to overcome defeat. This latter accusation was also made when the nationalists failed to convince the Scottish people to vote for independence in 2014, and was again employed when the Europhiles turned out to be in a minority in the UK in the June 2016 referendum.

Of course that vote resulted in the worst example of this refusal to accept a democratic decision yet seen, when the political establishment, and its supporters in the media, such as the BBC, declined to accept that they had been fairly defeated. For years we endured flagrant attempts to overturn the will of the people, with a Commons Speaker who blatantly assisted the Europhiles, and a campaign to hold a second referendum before the result of the first had been implemented. The insults directed at Leavers were disgusting, and made clear that the pro EU case was largely based on class prejudice. The 2019 general election showed that the British people were serious in their desire to leave the EU, but once again they were subjected to a barrage of false claims, rather than an acceptance by the Europhiles that they were in a minority. These attacks upon democracy have been fuelled by the manner in which social media has been used to promulgate nonsensical assertions, and the ability of irrational mobs on these platforms to silence all but the most determined, who face abuse emanating from morons who think that those who shout the loudest should prevail. There is a good case for banning these aberrant modern day soapboxes altogether, as they are now sewers which the worst ignoramuses are using to destroy rational debate. If the losers refuse to accept the result of democratic votes democracy cannot survive, as every election or referendum will see efforts to use illegitimate means to reverse the decisions taken.

Since Biden won he has shown that he has no understanding of the reasons for the nearly seventy five million voters supporting Trump doing so, preferring instead to 'take a knee' to those who pursue nonsense such as 'trans' rights, while signing up to international organisations run by the climate change obsessives, and the Chinese dominated World Health Organisation. When one watches BBC reports from the USA one would be forgiven for believing that Caucasians were a small minority, when in fact they are by far the majority, African Americans constituting only 14 per cent and Hispanics about 16 per cent of the total population. Of course it should not matter what race one belongs to, but, when the liberals demand quota systems, these facts should be remembered, as often the smaller groups are already adequately represented, if ethnic origin is to be the yardstick.

On top of all this the march of the 'woke' lunatics continues, the insane desire of the Washington Beltway insiders, and, unfortunately for us, those in the Westminster bubble, to appease fanatical minorities distorting everything. What these morons should remember however is that if you constantly demonise white people, men, and heterosexuals, while denigrating the nation's culture, and the history of which most people are proud, you will eventually provoke a reaction which will sweep away all that you think you are gaining. Those they attack are not a minority they can discriminate against with impunity but the vast majority, who, if pushed too far, will turn on their tormentors. Trump may be gone for the moment, but the reasons he succeeded are not, and to ignore that is to invite an even more vigorous response in the future.

A list of the latest absurdities from the politically correct reinforces the point: a female doctor entered a staff room saying "Good morning ladies, can I get anyone a cup of tea?", but one of those present, obviously a woke moron, reported her to that non profession HR for using the term 'lady' as a hate crime, and she was given a warning; the BBC put a warning before an episode of the much loved series "Dad's Army" because a character called the French ‘frogs’, although I doubt the French care, anymore than we do when they call us ‘rosbifs’; an imbecilic Congressman in the US ended the opening prayer "Amen and Awomen", clearly not knowing that Amen means "so be it"; the University of Michigan declared the word "picnic’ to be offensive; the film "Grease" has been banned from TV for homophobia and slut-shaming; Radox removes "For Men" on its products; the National Trust encouraged know nothing children to lecture adults about history. The following children's films have also been subject to restrictions by the lunatics: Peter Pan; Dumbo; Swiss Family Robinson; Aladdin; The Aristocats; Lady and the Tramp.

In addition to all this lunacy Merchant Taylors' School in Hertfordshire removed Clive of India's name from a school's house despite him having been a pupil there, provoking a response from historian Professor Robert Tombs about the "craven and mindless attitude being taken towards the British Empire by many public institutions", while a former pupil Lord Robathan said that it was "cancelled by pathetic and pusillanimous revisionists".

The government is to be applauded for taking on the enemies of free speech in the universities, but one hopes that they realise just how much they are taking on, as those behind this have been burrowing away in the educational system for years.

Oxford All Souls college renamed Codrington Library because Christopher Codrington once owned sugar plantations.

An academic panel at a Cambridge Churchill college claimed Winston Churchill was a white supremacist leading an empire "worse than the Nazis", and that he was immersed in a "white supremacist philosophy" of which he was the "perfect embodiment". The group chairman college fellow Professor Priyamvada Gopala, was exposed as biased in 2020 for claiming on social media that "white lives don't matter… as white lives". Supposedly the Empire Churchill led against Nazi Germany in the Second World War was morally poorer than the Third Reich, and the view that a virtuous Britain defeated the genocidal state was deemed a "problematic narrative". A Professor Kehinde Andrews, author of The Psychosis of Whiteness, said Churchill was: "The perfect embodiment of white supremacy", adding: "The British Empire far worse than the Nazis and lasted far longer. That's just a fact. But if you state something like that it's like heresy." It obviously doesn't occur to this bigot that, if we were so like the Nazis we would have allied ourselves with them, and probably conquered the world together, albeit it would have been an unthinkable betrayal of all we stood for. Panellists agreed that discussing Churchill was an emotive subject because he had become beyond reproach, something which belied a historical problem of "lionising dead white men", according to Prof Andrews. Fellow panellist Dr Onyeka Nubia noted that Churchill's History of the English Speaking Peoples "made use of the language of white supremacy" through the veiled terms "English Speaking Peoples" and "Anglo-Saxon". Well what are we then, Martians? Dr Madhusree Mukerjee argued that "militarism is the core of the British identity,”, and statues celebrating this should be taken down, adding: "It was the Soviets who defeated the Nazis and the Americans who defeated the Japanese”, ignoring the fact that, had we not held the line in 1940, the fascists would almost certainly have defeated the Russians, then turned, with much increased power on the Americans. An historian Dr Zareer Masani wrote to Cambridge College before the event warning that its panel lacked historical expertise, and aimed only to vilify Churchill, but the college's pathetic defence was that this was a panel discussion, not a debate, and was intended as one in a series of events on the leader's legacy. Cambridge University was a hotbed of traitors in the 1930s, and clearly it is still a sewer, happy to assist in the denigration of the greatest ever Briton. This university needs a cleansing of its Augean stables, except it would be protected by all those highly placed graduates who are so proud of attending such a foul institution.

Management at Leicester University circulated an email to its English department notifying them of changes to courses to focus on ‘race, ethnicity, sexuality and diversity’, stating its intention to drop Chaucer's  "The Canterbury Tales" and the Old English epic poem "Beowulf" two of the most important works in English literature, replacing them with a 'decolonised' curriculum. This would also mean the dropping of the chivalric romance "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" and Sir Thomas Malory's "Mort D'Arthur", John Milton's "Paradise Lost", and John Donne's metaphysical poetry. The university stated that "The aim of our proposals is to offer a suite of undergraduate degrees that provide modules which students expect of an English degree." One hardly knows how to respond to such insanity beyond pointing out that students are there to learn the unexpected, not to dictate the curriculum.

Leeds university is 'investigating' a professor who claims that the Israeli Embassy runs a "Nazi-Zionist Alliance". Of course, had it been a professor who dared to say that 'trans' men should not be allowed to compete against women then he would have been out on his ear quicker that you could say 'wokists are imbeciles'.

This proves that we would be far better off if a large number of our universities were to be closed, as they are now just laughing stocks, and a sounding board for extremists, who hate this country and its people. We need those such as medical and science graduates, but we certainly do not need to waste youngsters' time and money being supposedly educated in the arts, when all they will receive is left wing propaganda. Student unions who seek to perpetuate these lies should be disbanded, as youngsters are there to learn, not to agitate for our enemies.

In golf's Tournament of Champions 2021 Justin Thomas called himself a name after missing a putt, resulting in his sponsor Ralph Lauren dropping him after making an ‘unacceptable’ homophobic slur. As one might expect the language fascists bullied him into expressing contrition, and the PGA Tour said in a statement: “As he expressed after his round, we agree that Justin's comment was unacceptable.” So now, anyone who has missed a short putt, or hit themselves on the thumb with a hammer, must police their natural reactions, or fear the perpetually offended will have a fit of the vapours.

One rather pleasing development is that the fanatics are getting into knots as they try to satisfy everyone. The militant feminists and the ‘trans’ activists now row with each other regularly, while idiots at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, reviewing displays of police riot gear, because ‘they may upset BAME visitors’, now find themselves accused of racism because they are thereby assuming that BAME citizens would be the ones expected to be criminals.

In conclusion, when the pendulum swings, as it will, those who think themselves so worthy as they persecute their fellow citizens, and undermine free speech, are in for a rather nasty surprise.