The Morons and Traitors of Woke

I am sure that those intelligent enough to read The Realist will share my views of the woke, and of their vociferous mouthpieces on social media. These people have already more or less destroyed Canadian society, thanks to their idiot of a prime minister, Justin Trudeau; have torn the USA apart, with the active assistance of the most left wing Democratic party in history; have infiltrated Australian politics to the benefit of anti monarchists; and, as we are all only too well aware, are busy undermining our education system, while distorting our history. It seems that the Anglo Saxon nations have decided to commit cultural suicide.

Those denigrating our past constantly attack the legacy of Empire, with a particular emphasis on slavery, the latter being something that no reasonable person regards as anything other than a complete evil. However they ignore entirely the fact that it was the British navy, at a cost of many ships and men, which drove the slavers from the seas, as for these people to acknowledge that we repented of, and atoned for, past sins, does not fit their narrative of Britain as an uniquely guilty nation.

The woke carefully avoid the fact that it is only thanks to the British that the world did not descend into a nightmare where the fascists, and in particular the Nazis, succeeded in replacing Christian civilisation with their perverted creed. While the victims of slavery are now long gone, there are still many living victims of Nazism who survived, only thanks to the victory in 1945. Of course to accept that the world owes a tremendous debt to this country would certainly not fit with the woke's hatred of everything we have done, or the values for which we stand.

That ultimate cynic Stalin said that while one man's death was a tragedy, the death of millions was a statistic, and the scale, and horror, of the Holocaust was such that the average person, while being aware of it, do not really think about just went on. Although I have of course read, and watched, much about this terrible crime against humanity, I have recently seen a newly released TV series which once again brings home the reality, while reading an excellent book on just how the British military and people triumphed in the great wars of the twentieth century, and I feel that as much publicity should be given to these facts as we endure from the woke about events of centuries ago.

The American filmmaker Ken Burns has produced many excellent documentaries on subjects as diverse as the American Civil War, Prohibition, Vietnam, and individuals such as Benjamin Franklin, Hemingway and Muhammad Ali. Once of his latest releases is entitled 'The US and the Holocaust', and looks at the destruction of European Jewry from the perspective of how much, or indeed how little, the Western powers did to help those fleeing the Nazis. I did not fully appreciate until watching this series just how many innocents died before the gas chambers came into full use, and how grudging was the reaction by so many in the West when asked to take in these refugees from Hitler's insanity.

As always I am suffused with pity for the victims, and a contempt for the perpetrators. That the latter could cold bloodily murder men, women and children for belonging to racial groups that they considered sub human is almost beyond comprehension, and indeed show that it was the executioners themselves who deserved such a description. One can only regard with detestation those who tried to excuse the cruelty and utter lack of compassion for those they killed by claiming that they were only obeying orders.

When, following Operation Barbarossa, the Einsatzgruppen SS units killed thousands at such places as Babi Yar, these monsters often actually escorted the victims to the edge of the pits, even talking to them, before callously shooting them, while mothers carrying babies were forced to hold them in such a way that they could both be killed with one bullet. Later, the horrors of the extermination camps defy description, although one that particularly sticks in my mind is how, when the Germans at Auschwitz ran short of gas, they actually threw living babies and small children straight into the furnaces. I cannot understand how anyone who examines the evidence today can deny that this disgusting crime against humanity ever took place, and those that do are themselves beneath contempt.

The early episode concerns the period before the killing began, when the Jewish people were subjected to persecution in their daily lives. Can one imagine how it must be to be fired from one's employment. to be forced to hand over one's business without compensation to a Nazi, for the children to be humiliated in front of their classmates, to be banned from public transport, or swimming pools and libraries, for the supposed crime of being Jewish? The majority of Jewish people are law abiding, hardworking, often more intelligent than the norm, and patriotic, yet they were treated worse than one might treat a dog because of the ingrained anti Semitism which has existed in European nations since time immemorial. The Nazis carried this foul practice to its ultimate conclusion, but history shows that it has disfigured societies, including our own over centuries. When Jewish individuals and organisations sought to obtain visas from nations such as the USA and the UK, they often met a brick wall, with limitations placed on a desperate people, and quotas applied which prevented more than a few escaping.

The documentary, largely concerned with the reactions in the USA, shows how politicians actively worked against allowing the victims of this persecution to reach safety, the US Congress being particularly obstructive. Individuals in the State Department (and also in the British Foreign Office), clearly animated by an anti Jewish prejudice, worked hard to prevent refugees being accepted, thus dooming so many to death.  Evil organisations like the German American Bund, composed of ethnic Germans living in the US, promoted a pro-Nazi, antisemitic, and US isolationist agenda, while Mosley's fascists in the UK held rallies aimed at the Jewish people. Special mention is made of Charles Lindbergh,  the aviator, who campaigned for the German regime until Pearl Harbour, although he later fought against the Axis.

In the final analysis the responsibility for this terrible crime against humanity lies with the Germans, but we and the Americans cannot evade the truth that we did not do enough to help these innocents when we could have done so. Eventually we expended hundreds of thousands of lives to rid the world of the Nazis, but this documentary is a salutary reminder that it is not enough to deplore something, one must act. Of course that we did, and won, does not figure in the assessment of our history as promoted by today's woke morons.

This book 'Conquer We Must' by Robin Prior is a military history of Britain from 1914 to 1945, covering what Winston Churchill described as a new Thirty Years War, and takes it title from his speech delivered on the 19th of May 1940, which included these words: "Behind us gather a group of shattered states and bludgeoned races upon whom the long night of barbarism will descend, unbroken even by a star of hope, unless we conquer, as conquer we must; as conquer we shall".

It details the many failings of the British military during both World Wars, as well as the reprehensible abdication of responsibility during the appeasement years, yet in the end it is a history of what was a necessary triumph, if democracy and civilisation were to be saved. Despite the number of nations fighting on the Allied side in the two great wars, it was Britain alone who fought against the forces of darkness from beginning to end, and had we lost either then certainly Europe, and in the second war, the world, would have seen the end of what we still hope is the journey towards the light. It is not too much to say that, while a victory for the Kaiser would have seen the Continent return to rule by a feudal monarchy, victory for the Nazi demons would have meant the end of Christian civilisation.

The First World War saw repeated failures by a General Staff still fighting as if this was one of the colonial wars of Empire, rather than the first truly industrialised war. In the age of the machine gun, and later the tank, senior officers persisted in regarding the calvary as a valid method of attack, despite the fact that such tactics should have been regarded as finished after Churchill's charge at Omdurman. At sea the only fleet action, the Battle of Jutland, although resulting in the German High Seas fleet never venturing out of port again, could hardly be regarded as a triumph, given that we lost more ships and men than them, while the war in the air did not become as significant as it was to become in the second war. While the caricature of Haig and other staff officers in Richard Attenborough's film Oh! What a Lovely War was somewhat unfair, it was nevertheless true that the former's insistence of setting unrealistic targets led to an enormous number of needless deaths.

However, in 1918 the British Expeditionary Force finally thoroughly defeated the Germans. Together with our valiant allies the French, who lost so many brave men at Verdun, and elsewhere, we won on the battlefield, something which the Nazis denied with their 'stab in the back' myth. Clearly, we should have gone on to occupy Germany, which would have prevented Hitler's later lies being believed.

At the Armistice in 1918 we had the largest navy, the largest air force, and the most efficient army in the world. Yet twenty years later, following what Churchill described as the 'years the locusts ate', we faced the terrible power of Nazi Germany with a tiny army, an ageing, although still the largest, navy, and an air force with tremendous potential, but outnumbered by the Luftwaffe. The political class, infested with numerous appeasers, and illusions about Hitler as a bulwark against Bolshevism, took us to the brink of a defeat, which would have meant the end of our nation. Even now we owe apologies to Czechoslovakia, which was betrayed by that bumbling idiot Chamberlain, and which suffered decades of totalitarian occupation as a result.

Thanks to Churchill, and the steadfast courage of the British people, we won through, but once again we endured a series of reversals, and defeats, as chronicled in this book. The debacle of Norway, the evacuation at Dunkirk, the fall of Tobruk, and of Singapore, made victory seem unattainable, yet after El Alamein, and with the entry of the Soviet Union, and the US on our side, we won through. We could not have done so without these mighty allies, but they could not have won had we gone down in 1940, as American aid to Russia would not have been possible without the British Isles in allied hands, the relentless bombing of Germany industry would not have hampered Hitler as he invaded the Soviet Union, and the Americans would have faced a navy derived from the German, Italian, French, Japanese and British fleets. Given the almost unlimited potential of America she would probably have survived, but would have then had to live in a world dominated by fascists.

Someone from Mars, reading this book, and who knew nothing of history, would have assumed until they reached the end that Britain could not have won either war, yet we did. In truth the hero of the story is Churchill, despite the Dardanelles, and the occasional times when he was more wrong than right. Nevertheless, his exhortation "Conquer We Must"  came true, and the greatest evil ever to have afflicted mankind was driven back, something which those ignorant morons of today's social media should remember, rather than obsessing about events from centuries ago.

One of the most worrying truths to arise is that, despite the horrors which anti Semitism has frequently unleashed upon the world, the far left, and the far right still espouse such foul views. We may expect this from the remnants of the old fascist parties but recently, when the Labour party leader disciplined one of his MPs for her shocking attack on Israel as a fascist state, he was criticised by the extreme left pressure group 'Momentum'. Despite the Left's claims to be anti racist they exclude the persecution of the Jewish people from such strictures, as they continue to regard Jewish people as class enemies. It is well known that politics are circular, and that the extremists of both ends of the spectrum meet as allies.

The lessons to be drawn from the above are many. Clearly we should never let our guard down, and ensure that we maintain a military posture which will deter aggressors, but decent people must fight back against the hypocritical, ignorant and traitorous cretins of woke, who spread their lies everywhere.