The obvious conclusion

Following the events of the Brussels summit the apologists for the EU, particularly the BBC, who constantly harp about Britain being isolated, know little of history else they would recall the 'splendid isolation' of the 19th Century and the fact that we stood alone in Europe in 1940 and yet prevailed.

No Eurorealist will be deceived by the Franco-German attempt to blame Britain for the fate that now awaits the Euro. The fools, who were too unintelligent to know what they were doing, and the knaves, who knew only too well, but did it anyway, that have constituted the majority of the political class in the UK and Europe for generations have, through their greed and stupidity, led their peoples into a trap.

We now face two probable futures, one in which the collapse of the single currency leads to havoc in the economies of half the world, the other to the domination of Europe by Germany, something they failed to gain by force of arms. Of course the attempt to impose Germanic standards on southern Europe is doomed to fail so the second choice will eventually lead to the same result as the first. When combined with the ready made scapegoats provided by the free movement of labour the ground will be ready for nationalist parties to take power across Europe and later to war. So much for the EU bringing peace and prosperity.

For us in the UK it is time to withdraw from the whole mess, pull up the drawbridge, look to our defences and prepare for the worst. Now that we have taken the first step we should pursue matters to their logical conclusion by withdrawing from the EU and joining the nearly 200 countries outside that organisation thus leaving Europe isolated. Any subsequent regulations emanating from Brussels can be ignored or, if necessary reciprocated.

Those who have brought us to this should be ejected from public life and reviled for what they have done to this and the other countries of Europe.